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ActCAD 2016 Software MP 1.1686 Released

We are glad to announce that we have released a new Maintenance Patch 1.1686 for ActCAD 2016 Software. Below is a detailed list of fixes/enhancements in this version:

  • INSERT dialog: Uniform scale checkbox unchecks on drawing selection
  • Resources are not detected properly for menus in MNU loaded by -MENULOAD
  • Crash : Crash on save
  • [Crash] Hit autohide the properties pane and crashed out of program
  • SCALELISTEDIT Reset doesn't work for attached drawing (Exception)
  • [Crash] Crash clicking Layers tab in IntelliCAD Explorer
  • DVIEW Twist command use wrong point as a pivot
  • Calling CMDBAR or COMMANDLINE when command line is hidden raises redundant error Message Box
  • Added WSAUTOSAVE registry sysvar (equal to 1 by default) - controls whether to save current cui profile to active workspace or not on changing current workspace.
  • Loading MenuGroups with conflicting POP numbers from MNU file by MENULOAD leads to disabling existing menu items
  • LUPREC shouldn't affect scale values in INSERT dialog
  • Grayscale RASTER IMAGE has black / white reversed (depending on background)
  • Associativity doesn't work properly when dragging MTEXT attached to LEADER
  • Lineweights look too thin in Lineweights combobox
  • PUBLISH to PDF: proper PDF file name
  • Edit Boundaries in VIEW dialog leads to locking IntelliCAD
  • Unable to change plot style table in properties pane
  • Forced .NET (CLR) intialization as workaround of crash with nvidia quadro graphics card
  • Original comment: Forced .NET (CLR) intialization as workaround of crash with nvidia quadro graphics card
  • Hyperlink functionality doesn't work for local images
  • [Crash] Properties Dialog crash: change text style
  • "Apply to Layout" & "Preview" printing with PC3 (DWF, DWFx, PNG, JPG) or activating Print to File
  • [Crash] Properties Dialog crash
  • Unable to change plot style table in properties pane
  • Minor resource string change
  • Hyperlink functionality doesnt work for local images
  • Cannot to edit dimension in attached drawing
  • Lineweights look too thin in Lineweights combobox
  • [ENTPROP] SELECT button doesn't bring focus to command line when SHORTCUTMENU=3
  • ICAD goes to deadlock when NOTIFYMANAGER = 0 and drawing with missed xrefs is being opened
  • COLOR dialog doesn't honor CECOLOR system variable properly
  • Multiple grips dragging works wrong for polylines
  • Cannot to modify polyline by grip dragging if more than one polyline is selected
  • [Crash] IcThreadManager DebugBreak crash
  • Orientation of leader should change if text is moved from right to left in relation to leader arrow
  • Bootstrapper fails if it is digitally signed
  • DXF version selection is needed in DXFOUT
  • Handle leaks
  • DIMLINEAR/DIMCONTINUE shows annotation with incorrect size during creation
  • TEXT command has wrong default rotation angle (TEXTANGLE) in rotated UCS
  • [Ribbon UI] [Crash] I was customizing a toolbar flyout
  • [Crash] Crash on exit
  • [PATCH]Support IMAGEFRAME 0,1,2 values
  • icad.cui has some problems with format of indents
  • [Ribbon UI] SysVar Expressions doesn't work for certain types of sysvars
  • Installer code refactoring and cleanup
  • missing drawing for script
  • PDFATTACH-ed PDF does not auto regen properly
  • VERY slow Pan and zoom
  • QSelect doesn't work in localized version
  • Grips STRETCH plus PERPENDICULAR snap works wrong
  • Page Setup Dialog crashes when trying to select printer for Layout
  • VERY slow Pan and zoom
  • Grips STRETCH plus PERPENDICULAR snap works wrong
  • The latest software version is available for download on Downloads page.