ActCAD 2017 Pro and Std New Versions 8.2.774.0 Released

ActCAD Engineering Solutions announces the release of ActCAD 2017 version 8.2.774.0 today for following variants:

Below are the important release notes for this version compared to base release:

Added : Import Point Cloud Data from CSV/text files
Added : BREAKLINE Command
Added : ChangeValues program to increment or decrement text values in a drawing
Added : New options on right click context dialog
Fixed : Dimensions and Text Toolbars for vertical docking
Fixed : .Net Framework 4.5 skip install if already exists
Fixed : Improved Licensing & Activation Mechanisms
Fixed : [Crash] trying to open certain types of drawings
Fixed : [VPMAX/VPMIN] MVIEW scale and view location is corrupted by VPMAX/VPMIN
Fixed : [PRINT] Wipeout and raster image border is printed regardless of WIPEOUTFRAME / IMAGEFRAME value if PRINTEXTOUT is off
Fixed : Problems with viewing PDF underlay
Fixed : Text is missed in print result and print preview (depending on print area size)
Fixed : Grip editing is disabled for locked viewports
Fixed : Cannot snap to zero-length polyline
Fixed : Viewport content is scaled down in print result
Fixed : SSGET filter works wrong for some characters
Fixed : Improved Installer programs
Fixed : Menus have some unexpected symbols in front of "ActCAD"
Fixed : Improved Check for Updates command
Fixed : Icons with black background in toolbars
Fixed : Improved Flash Screen Images and text
Fixed : Improved menu items

The new versions are available for downloads on our Downloads page. We have also released update patches for existing 2017 users for automatic live update over internet.