IntelliCAD 5 Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD 5 was released on 10/24/2004.

New Features & Enhancements:

Navigate with the Model and Layout tabs

New tabs located at the bottom of the drawing area allow you to switch how you view your drawing.

Use the new Model tab to create your drawing. When you are ready to print, you can optionally use one or more Layout tabs to design how you want your drawing to look when it prints on paper.

While working on a Layout tab, you can still view and work with your drawing on the Model tab, but you can also add items for printing, such as a title block or legend, that do not appear on the Model tab. When you are ready to view and work with only the model again, simply click the Model tab.

Apply lineweights

The width of entities in your drawing can be controlled with the new lineweight feature. You can assign lineweights to entities and layers, and you can also specify whether they display or print.

Work with files

There are many new file formats supported for opening, saving, and exporting files.

You can now open these additional files:

In addition to recovering drawing files that you suspect are damaged, you can also audit files to check for errors.

You can also save to these additional file formats:

You can now export to these additional file formats:

Reorder entities

When multiple entities overlap, you can change the order in which they display. Choose Tools > Draw Order to move entities to the front, back, or on top or below of another entity.

Use updated toolbars

You can now choose dimension styles from the Dimensioning toolbar.

When you modify the properties of entities in your drawing, you can use the new Entity Properties toolbar for your editing needs. Use the toolbar to access these features:

Use keyboard and mouse shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard and mouse shortcuts:

After selecting entities, you can move the cursor over the entities and do any of the following:

Use new system variables


Important Bug Fixes:

IntelliCAD 5 includes various fixes, including the following: