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    A reliable genuine cad software at very affordable price

    ActCAD is a general purpose 2D drafting and 3D modeling CAD software based on IntelliCAD technology. It also uses ACIS kernel from Spatial Systems to enable 3D objects fully compatible with dwg native files created in other CAD software. The latest version of ActCAD is 2017 which is based on IntelliCAD 8.2a technology. It is available in Classic, Standard and Professional versions. All the variants are again available in both 64bit and 32bit versions.

    Below are major advantages of ActCAD Software:

    The main philosophy of ActCAD is to keep the technology very unique, original and genuine the copyrights and development efforts of other CAD software development companies. Make the professional grade CAD software available at very affordable price globally and offer perpetual licenses.

    The developers and support team at ActCAD constantly strive to enhance the features and performance of the software on contious basis. All support queries will be addressed the same or next working day with correct solutions.

    ActCAD is one of the very active member of IntelliCAD and closely work with development team to improve the software and bug fixes. The add-on featues keep us distinct from competition and any customer requested enhancements take reasonably short-time compared to industry standard.

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