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    ActCAD 2016 Version 1.1671 Released

    We are glad to inform that ActCAD 2016 Software new version 1.1671 released today. Below are the versions avaialble in this release:

    • ActCAD 2016 Professional 64 bit
    • ActCAD 2016 Professional 32 bit
    • ActCAD 2016 Standard 64 bit
    • ActCAD 2016 Standard 32 bit

    Below are the major list of fixes compared to previous version:

    • All software libraries updated from 1.1661 to 1.1671
    • Improved Speed and Performance based on new Teigha Libraries
    • Improved Graphic Interface
    • Added Image Menu
    • Added Xref and Block Editor Menu
    • Added new toolbars like Order, View, Layout etc.
    • Added Properties Pallette at startup
    • Problem fixed on DWG double click to open file in ActCAD
    • Problem fixed on DXF double click to open file in ActCAD
    • Totally new libraries for ActCAD Converter for DWG and DXF files
    • Included .Net framework 4.5 in installer itself
    • License Transfer Tool modified for one click deactivation
    • Implemented new codes for License activation
    • License Transfer Tool moved from Express Menu to ActCAD Programs Menu
    • Few improvements to internal commands

    The latest installers for all four versions can be downloaded from our Downloads Page. Contact us today for any further details about ActCAD.