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Actcad 2016 version 8.1.1708 released

ActCAD 2016 Version 8.1.1708 Released

ActCAD has released the most latest versions based on ITC 8.1 technology as on today. These versions have have few fixes and enhancements compared to previous releases.

Below is a detailed list of enhancements:

  • License mechanism updated
  • New program added to synchronize system time
  • Changed references to be relative in an INSTALL directory structure.
  • Fixed few issues on DotNetClassic projects.
  • Fixed: Default file format in SaveAs dialog changed to .dxf in 8.1b
  • Fixed: Boolean and/or ribbon-only SysVar expressions don't work
  • Fixed: Grip edit of polyline is wrong
  • Fixed: OPTIONS, clipboard format, incorrect AutoCAD versions
  • Fixed: Grips work wrong for MOVE/Rotate etc
  • Fixed: [Crash] LAYER command
  • Fixed : Unable to open the attached DWG file (different behavior on DWG version)
  • Fixed: [Crash] Remove vertex from polyline grip menu, with a big zoom out
  • Fixed: Some dimensions are not created as annotative using annotative dim styles
  • Fixed: sds_draggen doesn't work properly if callback returns RTERROR
  • Fixed z depth precision for perspective projection.
  • Fixed: [ENTPROP] Changing scale of an image with entprop produces wrong result
  • Fixed: The selection set is reset if click Properties from the context menu

We recommend all our existing customers and trial users to update softare to this latest version to get best performance.