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    ActCAD 2017 New Maintanance Patch 8.2.955 Updated

    ActCAD announces the updation of ActCAD 2017 Builds for below versions based on IntelliCAD 8.2a.955 version:

    This is a general maintenance patch update on ActCAD 2017 base release. Below are the important fixes in this revision:

    Fixed  - Text with lineweight has bad color boundary
    Fixed  - Wrong warning message if edit an entity\'s print style
    Fixed  - There is no command line version of MENUUNLOAD command
    Fixed  - Menu lisp files only load when menu is first loaded, not on subsequent IntelliCAD sessions
    Fixed  - Can\'t load custom right-click pop-up menu in the MNU file
    Fixed  - Ability to update CUI for missing elements only
    Fixed  - Accelerator do not work after CUI update

    The new versions are available in our Builds Dept at this link.