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    ActCAD 2017 New Patch 8.2.1058 Released

    ActCAD announces the release of new version 8.2.1058 for below products based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.2a Engine:

        ActCAD 2017 Professional - 64bit
        ActCAD 2017 Professional - 32bit
        ActCAD 2017 Standard - 64bit
        ActCAD 2017 Standard - 32bit

    This is a general maintenance and bug fixes release, the detailed Release Notes are mentioned below:

    Added - Several new commands on Dimension Text

    Added - GROUPQK & UNGROUP commands

    Improved - Menus, Toolbars and Rightclick menus with more options

    Fixed - Issues with Check for updates

    Fixed - Table Edit of Formatted text

    Fixed - Editing of ARCTEXT parameters

    Fixed - Some entities doesn\'t move using MOVE comamnd
    Fixed - AUTOCOMPLETE is very slow if commands list is large
    Fixed - [Crash] Cannot draw a pline with blips, snaparg & ortho
    Fixed - Crash due to some external applications
    Fixed - DIMSTYLE: vertical text alignment rephrase
    Fixed - Opening DWG 2018 ActCAD notifies that it cannot open version 2013
    Fixed - DCL logging
    Fixed - [CUI] Reset user\'s aliases if the list is empty
    Fixed - Improved methods to backup and restore CUI file
    Fixed - [Crash] Crash when trying to create a new drawing wizard
    Fixed - Drawing load message has to be notified once per drawing
    Fixed - [HANGUP] 100% cpu hangup in command bar on entering comma (,) symbol.
    Fixed - No drag image during grip editing in a layout
    Fixed - [IRX] ExternalApplication on unload sends NULL app id
    Fixed - Some issues with GRIP points
    Fixed - [Crash] Zoom in few times with mouse

    Existing 2017 users can update to this latest version by using on CHECKFORUPDATES command. New users can download this latest version directly from our Downloads section.