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    ActCAD 2017 New Patch 8.2.1082 Released

    ActCAD announces the release the new maintenance release 8.2.1082 for below mentioned versions:

        ActCAD 2017 Professional - 64bit
        ActCAD 2017 Professional - 32bit
        ActCAD 2017 Standard - 64bit
        ActCAD 2017 Standard - 64bit

    This is a significant improvement release and below is a detailed list of enhancements:

    Revised ActCAD API to latest version
    Fixed Bug - Entmake 3dsolid not working
    Fixed Bug - Crash while exiting some overlapped entities
    Fixed Bug - Some entities disappear after zoom/pan with ZOOMDETAIL=50
    Fixed Bug - EXTEND doesn\'t work if there is an invalid entity in a selection set with a valid entity
    Fixed Bug - Crash on tilemode
    Fixed Bug - Freeze in selective regen on closing

    Existing ActCAD 2017 users can use CHECKFORUPDATES command to directly update to this version from any previous version. New users can download latest ActCAD 2017 software versions from our downloads depot.