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Actcad 2017 new version 8.2.1017 released

ActCAD 2017 New Version 8.2.1017 Released

ActCAD announces the release of new version 8.2.1017 for below products based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.2a engine:

This is a general maintenance and bug fixes release, the detailed Release Notes are mentioned below:

Added : Several new resolutions to JPG and PNG Image printers.
Fixed : Teigha 4.1 Version updated from 3995 to 4038
Fixed : Crash issues with Toolbars and MTEXT Editor
Fixed : Leader text disappears after edit
Fixed : Add a bit field to QAFLAGS to send screenshots with crash & feedback reports
Fixed : When grip move a 3d polyline vertex, don\'t set Z to zero
Fixed : Impossible to work with this drawing
Fixed : The data extracted by the ATTEXT command are not correctly justified in SDF format
Fixed : Crash on few GRIPs Editing
Fixed : PEDIT -> JOIN removes polylines
Fixed : Text is not edited if TEXTEDITMODE=4
Fixed : An univocal name has to be assigned to the unnamed block
Fixed : Failure on some automated test script
Fixed : [MTEXT] Background color set to drawing is displayed incorrectly
Fixed : IRX applications appear to be wrapped in a transaction that disables function keys and display

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