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Actcad 2017 new versions 8.2.964 released

ActCAD 2017 New Versions 8.2.964 Released

ActCAD announces the release of new maintenance patch 8.2.964 for below versions based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.2a technology till date:

  • ActCAD 2017 Professional - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2017 Professional - 32bit
  • ActCAD 2017 Standard - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2017 Standard - 32bit

Below are detailed Release Notes for this Maintenance Release:

Added - All New Table Create Feature (TABLE Command)

Improved - CUI files
Improved - ActCAD Drawings Converter
Improved - Licensing Mechanism improvements after the expiry of Trial Version
Improved - Dr.KLN PDF to Drawings Converter with few improvements and bug fixes

Fixed - Layer transparency value does not affect entities representation
Fixed - Wipeout created in paper-space is invisible
Fixed - Grip in move mode stretches if snapped to entity
Fixed - MTEXT editor hangs in certain situations
Fixed - Some print stamp settings are not stored
Fixed - Cannot trim hatch using circle as cutting entity
Fixed - MENU open dialog default file type should be CUI
Fixed - MTEXT Replacing selected text removes one more character
Fixed - Crash on MTEXT Rich Text Edit
Fixed - Crash during call to RunCallBackForAll
Fixed - Bring back old text edit dialog
Fixed - Some print stamp settings are not stored
Fixed - PUBLISH document name does not contain layout name
Fixed - Annotative text style is not really annotative in some situations
Fixed - Annotation Scales List button not working in a viewport
Fixed - Text with lineweight has a bad color boundary
Fixed - Wrong warning message if edit an entity\'s print style
Fixed - There is no command line version of MENUUNLOAD command

Existing ActCAD 2017 users can directly update to this patch by clicking on Help Menu -> Check for Updates.

The latest Full Versions of ActCAD 2017 can be downloaded from our Builds Depot here.