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Actcad 2017 new versions 8.2.972 released

ActCAD 2017 New Versions 8.2.972 Released

ActCAD announces the release of new maintenance patch 8.2.964 for below versions based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.2a technology till date:

  • ActCAD 2017 Professional - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2017 Professional - 32bit
  • ActCAD 2017 Standard - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2017 Standard - 32bit

Below are detailed Release Notes for this Maintenance Release:

Fixed - Check For Updates Crash issue
Fixed - Certain issues related to Licensing
Fixed - TABLE command transparency problem
Fixed - [Crash] CRASH #2 10-20-16 CRASHED WHEN EDITTING TEXT
Fixed - Keyboard shortcuts become inactive
Fixed - [Crash] Using new text editor. 3rd crash in an hout
Fixed - Leader cannot be created
Fixed - Eliminate unnecessary full checkout in IntelliCAD build process
Fixed - not able to load attached icm format menu
Fixed - Graphics update is blocked
Fixed - [MTEXT] Mtext with width 0 behaves differently from ACAD

Existing ActCAD 2017 users can directly update to this patch by clicking on Help Menu -> Check for Updates.

The latest Full Versions of ActCAD 2017 can be downloaded from our Downloads Page.