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Actcad 2018 [intellicad 8.3a] new versions 8.3.630 released

ActCAD 2018 [IntelliCAD 8.3a] New Versions 8.3.630 Released

ActCAD announces the release of new 2018 versions [8.3.630] for below versions based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.3a Technology:

  • ActCAD 2018 Professional - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2018 Professional - 32bit
  • ActCAD 2018 Standard - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2018 Standard - 32bit

There are more than 300 improvements and fixes in this release compared to our previous ActCAD 2018 versions. It includes performance improvements, fixes for natively working with .dgn files, printing fixes, editing fixes and many more. Also included are enhancements to the new in-place multiline text editor that was released last year, including paragraph alignment, symbols, alt-codes, stacked text, numbered lists, and unnumbered lists.

Below are detailed enhancements or fixes in this major release:


  • Significant performance improvements for snapping to PDF underlays (complete code refactoring in this area).
  • Fixed performance issue for window selection.
  • Fixed performance issue when drawing lines with multi-threaded turned on.
  • Fixed scenario where performance was degraded during selection and snapping.

Working with files

  • Exporting to a .pdf file was fixed for exporting drawings that contain extremely large images.
  • For versions of IntelliCAD that support opening and saving .dgn files natively, several issues were fixed, a few new markup features were implemented to support .dgn files such as the -STYLE and 3DFACE commands, and the LWDISPLAY, TEXTSTYLE, and VIEWSIZE system variables now work with .dgn files.

Editing entities

  • Several fixes for editing entities when using the Properties pane.
  • Several fixes for editing entities when using grips, including moving grips when ORTHO turned on, for polylines, and for multiline text.
  • Fixed the ERASE command for blocks on frozen layers and layers that are turned off.


  • Fixed ability to convert a field to text.
  • Fixed display of text with UFDOT.SHX font.
  • Fixed issue when using the STYLE command with incorrect values for vertical text.
  • Several fixes for working with multiline text, including working with paragraph alignment, symbols, alt-codes, stacked text, numbered lists, and unnumbered lists.


  • Fixed printing of certain Chinese text.
  • Fixed print orientation when printing to HP DesignJet 430.
  • More resolutions are now available when publishing to Web JPG PC3.
  • Fixed number of copies setting when using the Publish command.


  • The NetLoad command was renamed to NetLoadVSTA, and the NetLoadClassic command was renamed to NetLoad.
  • .NET API improvements.

More fixes

  • Several fixes for the Pyramid command.
  • Fixed justification of data extracted using the ATTEXT command.
  • Reworked dialogs to improve crash handling.
  • Fixed scenarios where the user interface was not scaling properly according to screen size.
  • Fixed chain filleting of solids.
  • Several fixes for working with hatches in the Hatch dialog box.
  • Fixed the Render commands when using the \'Maintain Aspect Ratio\' option and also fixed rendering materials attached to faces of meshes.

The new software versions are available in our Downloads section. Feel free to contact us on "info@actcad.com" for more details.