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Actcad 2018 new version 84214 released

ActCAD 2018 New Version 84214 Released

ActCAD announces the release of new ActCAD 2018 version (84214) for below mentioned products:

    ActCAD 2018 Professional - 64bit
    ActCAD 2018 Professional - 32bit
    ActCAD 2018 Standard - 64bit
    ActCAD 2018 Standard - 64bit

Below is a detailed list of new features and important fixes:

  • Support for 2018 DWG & DXF Files
  • New ActCAD Converter with support for 2018 DWG & DXF
  • Added more than 555 new colors to ActCAD
  • Added UCS2 toolbar in UI
  • Improvements made to ActCAD Check For Updates system
  • Fixed : [DWG2018] Can not open a DXF file in Other CAD after converting it in ActCAD
  • Fixed : Autoload .NET plugins using registry
  • Fixed : [OtherCmd]After pressing Enter without entering a value, the BREAKLINE command unexpectedly terminated
  • Some improvements made to ActCAD Help

New versions of ActCAD 2018 are available for download in our Downloads section. Existing 2018 users can update to latest versions by clicking on Help->Check For Updates (or by using CHECKFORUPDATES command).

Feel free to contact us if you need any further information about our products and services.

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ActCAD brings Global Collaborated Technology Expertise to you at very affordable life-time price. ActCAD is powered by latest IntelliCAD 8.4a, Open Design Alliance Tiegha Libraries and ACIS technologies. ActCAD has many enhancements, features and commands on top of IntelliCAD core. The add-on features, express menu commands allow ActCAD to become more productive for day-to-day projects. ActCAD works very closely with IntelliCAD on Development and Quality Assurance. Thanks to our highly automated test and build systems to keep our costs minimal. IntelliCAD was started in 1999 and has over 1 million trusted users now using IntelliCAD world-wide. ActCAD is a commercial member with active role in Release Committee and Board of Directors of IntelliCAD.

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