ActCAD 2018 New Versions 8.4.210 Released

ActCAD announces the release of new ActCAD 2018 versions (8.4.210) for below mentioned versions:

    ActCAD 2018 Professional - 64bit
    ActCAD 2018 Professional - 32bit
    ActCAD 2018 Standard - 64bit
    ActCAD 2018 Standard - 64bit

This is a major release in this version upgrading the core engine from ITC 8.3a to latest 8.4. Below is a detailed list of new features and important fixes:

  • All new CUSTOMIZE Dialog box with many powerful features for UI customization.

  • Improved entity snap performance in drawings with underlays.

  • Improved redraw performance when creating and updating entities in a drawing that has a large number of existing entities.

  • Introduced Drawing Customer Properties Features to view, edit and create new custom properties in .dwg files.

  • Running ActCAD on a 4K monitor and switching between monitors with high resolutions is greatly improved.

  • Improved Break Line Command.

  • All New Quick Leader Command.

  • All New Multi-line Leader Command.

  • All New Burst Command

  • All New Multiline Styles command to create and modify multiline styles

  • All New Select Similar Command. The entities with properties that match are then added to the selection set.

  • The new Explode Attributes command un groups blocks, creating separate entities for each element and converting attributes to text.

  • The new Get Selection command selects all entities in a drawing that match both the layer of an entity you select and the type of an entity you select.

  • The in-place Multiline Text editor now supports line spacing, lists, and paragraph justification.

  • Use the new Explode Text command to break multiline text and single-line text into polylines.

  • The new Auto Number command adds numbering to text, multiline text, multi-leaders, or block attributes.

  • New Filter option for the -LAYER command.


  • Several fixes for opening and saving specific drawing files.

  • WMFOUT fixed for solid hatches.

  • Fixed issue with text styles that used substituted fonts.

  • Several fixes for stacked text.

  • Fixed print stamp issue when entities are assigned a non-default color.

  • DCL: Fix for dlg_set_tile() / dlg_get_tile().

  • IRX: Improved few methods and functions

  • Several fixes for working with the in-place multiline text editor, including: lost italic setting, underline and overline, SHX fonts, and more.

  • Fixed Increment/Decrement button when defining blocks.

  • Fixed issue with the OLEHIDE system variable.

  • Several fixes for working with hatches, including an Add option fix and preserving color when editing.

  • Several fixes for the Find command.

  • Snapping while grip editing 3d polylines now respects OSNAPZ.

  • Fixed crash issue when using CUTCLIP with a rectangle.

  • Fixed viewport display of entities with transparency.

  • Fixed issue with joining lines and polylines.

  • Fixed several issues with trimming and extending lines.

  • Fixed specific crash issue when working with angular dimensions.

  • Fixed issues related to working with entities in NWUCS.

  • Regeneration issue with PDF underlays during zoom/pan has been fixed.

New versions of ActCAD 2018 are available for download in our Downloads section. Existing 2018 users can update to latest versions by clicking on Help->Check For Updates (or by using CHECKFORUPDATES command).

Feel free to contact us if you need any further information about our products and services.