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ActCAD 2019 Released With Latest IntelliCAD Technology

ActCAD LLC, USA announces the release of all new ActCAD 2019 Software based on latest IntelliCAD 8.4b engine and Teigha 4.2 libraries. Below are the new versions available:

  • ActCAD 2019 Professional - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2019 Professional - 32bit

There are several improvements in this new release and the details are provided below:

  • Improved speed and performance
  • Completely revised Graphical Users Interface
  • Improved Licensing Mechanism with more flexibility
  • New Toolbars and menu items added
  • Many bugs and issues fixed
  • Improved PDF to DXF Conversion programs
  • Express 2 Menu added
  • Enhanced entity handling especially in large drawings
  • Introduced new German (DEU) Language Interface
  • Introduced new Simplified Chinese Language Interface
  • Improvements to Locked Layers and Layer management
  • Improvemetns to multi-line Text feature
  • Improved Gradient Hatch Preview
  • Improvements to custom hatch type loading
  • Fixed issues with hatch transparency
  • Improved hatch properties inheritence especially on colors
  • Introduced new System Variables CURSORMODE and ENHERRORHANDLING
  • Improved JOIN command
  • Improved FIELD command
  • Improved POLYLINE command to add new vertices
  • Fixed issues with OBJECTSCALE
  • Save as PDF option added to File menu

The latest versions are available for download from our download page.