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    ActCAD Launches Dr.KLN-Drawing Files Converter

    ActCAD announces the release of its new product "Dr.KLN Drawing Files Converter" today. This converter facilitate the conversion of Portable Document Format (pdf) files and Post Script (ps) files to various other formats. Please see below table for various conversion options available in this program:

    Input Formats Output Formats
    Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    Post Script File (.ps)
    Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf)
    Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
    Computer Graphics Meta File (.cgm)
    HP Graphics Language (.hpgl)
    Printed Circuit Board File (.pcb)
    Print/Plot Control Language (.pcl)
    Power Point Presentation (.pptx)
    Windows Meta File (.wmf)
    Enhanced Windows Meta File (.emf)
    Text (.txt)
    Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    Post Script File (.ps)

    There are many settings available on the Converter but we recommend to use the default settings to get best quality output. You can watch the demonstration video at below link: