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Actcad block libraries released

ActCAD Block Libraries Released

ActCAD announces the all new Block Libraries technology in ActCAD 2017 & ActCAD 2018 Versions. ActCAD now has over 5000 in-built Block symbols in various domains like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architecture, P&ID etc. Below are the highlights of ActCAD Block Libraries:

  • Over 5000 in-built symbols in various domains
  • Add your own drawing files to Block Libraries for reuse. No need to reload each time, just one pasting of drawing files.
  • User-friendly interface and do everything with mouse clicks
  • Very clear preview images for direct insertion
  • Ability to apply scale in X & Y directions
  • Ability to apply rotation angle
  • Run the program in batch mode to insert multiple symbols into active drawing
  • Easy browsing of Folders, Drawing Files and Block Symbols
  • Supports 64bit and multi-threading for faster operation
  • Highlights currently selected category/folder and drawing file
  • No separate installation and activation required
  • Available in both ActCAD Professional & ActCAD Standard Versions

Please watch below video for more details: