ActCAD Software Sales FAQs

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Q. Are there any extra charges on mentioned prices?
Ans. No, there are no extra charges on list prices. What you see is what you pay.
Q. Is the license valid for one year or Life-time
Ans. All ActCAD licenses are valid for time. What you are paying here is for a life-time license.
Q. Are upgrades free?
Ans. Upgrades within the purchased version (say ActCAD 2018) are free. However, there is any upgrade fee for future versions like ActCAD 2019.
Q. Is every year upgrade/renewal mandatory?
Ans. No, you decide when to upgrade your license. There is no time limitation. You can also continue with purchased version without any future upgrade as long as your hardware and OS support your purchased ActCAD License
Q. Is technical support provide if I won't renew my license?
Ans. Yes, ActCAD offers free technical support on all its licenses for life-time.
Q. Can I shift my License from one computer to another?
Ans. Yes, you can use License Transfer command to deactivate license in existing computer. Internet connection needed for license Activation and Deactivation.
Q. How many times I can transfer my license in one year?
Ans.There is no limit on number of license transfers between computers.
Q.What happens if my system crash suddenly with ActCAD License?
Ans. You need to contact us and we will manually shift your license key on our server.
Q. How do you provide technical support?
Ans. We offer free e-mail technical support, whenever you have some queries, just drop an email to us.
Q. How quickly I can get responses to my email requests?
Ans. We normally respond within few hours of your email request with appropriate answers. However, if there are any holidays or long weekends, there could be some delay of 2/3 days, but not more than that.
Q. Will I get solutions for all my queries?
Ans. We normally provide solutions to most of the user queries. However, in some cases there could be software bugs and it will take some time for us to resolve them. Customer will get notification as soon we fix the bug(s) in such cases.
Q. Do you offer Network Floating License?
Ans. ActCAD comes with Self-license. You can install ActCAD in any number of computers and shift the license from one computer to the other. LAN connection is not required but internet is required. No need to uninstall and reinstall ActCAD, just Activation & Deactivation.
Q. Can I use my ActCAD in any Country?
Ans. Yes, ActCAD comes with global licensing. You can use ActCAD license in any country and you can travel with it.
Q. How soon I can get my license(s) after purchase?
Ans. You will get ActCAD license details immediately after your purchase. However, there could be some delay in some special cases up to few hours.

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