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Actcad new licensing mechanism

ActCAD New Licensing Mechanism

ActCAD announces the release of new Licensing Mechanism developed in house to provide better features to its customers.

In this new mechanism we have added below provisions:

  1. ONLINE/LIVE Activation for TRIAL
  2. ONLINE/LIVE Activation for LICENSE KEY
  3. OFFLINE/E-mail Activation for TRIAL
  4. OFFLINE/E-mail Activation for License Key
  5. Direct Link to buy key online.

ActCAD furhter enhanced its License Deactivation tool for easy transfer of license from one computer to another.

The new license mechanism is applicable to below products:

  1. ActCAD 2015 Standard
  2. ActCAD 2015 Professional
  3. ActCAD 2016 Standard 32bit
  4. ActCAD 2016 Standard 64bit
  5. ActCAD 2016 Professional 32bit
  6. ActCAD 2016 Professional 64bit