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ActCAD 2022 Standard

License TypePrice (USD)Link
ActCAD 2022 Standard (Key Based License)199Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Standard (Network Floating License)249Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Standard (Live License)259Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Standard (USB Dongle License)299Buy Now
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ActCAD 2022 Professional

License TypePrice (USD)Link
ActCAD 2022 Professional (Key Based License)299Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Professional (Network Floating License)329Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Professional (Live License)349Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Professional (USB Dongle License)399Buy Now
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ActCAD 2022 Prime

License TypePrice (USD)Link
ActCAD 2022 Prime (Key Based License)349Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Prime (Network Floating License)399Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Prime (Live License)419Buy Now
ActCAD 2022 Prime (USB Dongle License)449Buy Now
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* We are proud to add Uganda as 90th Country in client base list. Thank you Emmanuel Abwaza for choosing ActCAD 2022 Standard software for your projects. (Dt.: 27-May-2022)

* The Ministry of Women and Gender Equality of Chile has selected ActCAD Prime for their projects. We are grateful to them for choosing ActCAD. (Dt.: 09-May-2022)

* Delmont, a 135 years old "The Original Plant-based food company" in the USA chooses ActCAD Professional software for their Engineering Projects. (Dt.: 12-Apr-2022)