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Block libraries in included in actcad 2018 versions

Block Libraries Included In ActCAD 2018 Versions

ActCAD announces the release of new 2018 versions below versions based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.3a Technology:

  • ActCAD 2018 Professional - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2018 Professional - 32bit
  • ActCAD 2018 Standard - 64bit
  • ActCAD 2018 Standard - 32bit

The major addtion in this release is inclusion of ActCAD Block Libraries in all four variants. ActCAD Block Libraries have onver 5000 block symbols which can readily used in drawings without any extra effort. Below are the advantages of ActCAD Block Libraries:

  • Over 5000 in-built symbols in various domains
  • Add your own drawing files to Block Libraries for reuse. No need to reload each time, just one pasting of drawing files.
  • User-friendly interface and do everything with mouse clicks
  • Very clear preview images for direct insertion
  • Ability to apply scale in X & Y directions
  • Ability to apply rotation angle
  • Run the program in batch mode to insert multiple symbols into active drawing
  • Easy browsing of Folders, Drawing Files and Block Symbols
  • Supports 64bit and multi-threading for faster operation
  • Highlights currently selected category/folder and drawing file
  • No separate installation and activation required
  • Available in both ActCAD Professional & ActCAD Standard Versions

New ActCAD 2018 versions are now available for download in our Downloads page.