Architectural Design Software

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Architectural Design Software

Architectural Design Software: CAD software emerged out to be a revolutionary change in the Engineering Industry. It has replaced ancient drafting and style strategies implementing CAD program to make their work more efficient and precise.

CAD has revolutionized the intricacies of the design, style and analysis processes for which it has become the most vital and important need to an industry with engineering specialties.

May it is an engineer, architects, engineering consultancies etc, CAD has built up an enormous platform. CAD software is now also available as per the assessment as it now comes for Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects etc.

By the availability of these variable packages of CAD Software, it became easier for the concerned persons to work and produce their work and projects with utmost efficiency. In this article, we would be focusing on Architects, and there needs for Architectural Design Software.

Planning & style:

Before CAD Software, architects would build plans using the standard pen and paper technique to draw their style plans. This was yet. A long and inaccurate method, and was very troublesome to portray buildings in their full 3 dimensions.
Several architects still opt to produce initial styles on paper before transferring them to CAD. This is often practiced due to software packages like Scan2CAD. Which converts scanned drawings to the CAD formats like DWG and DXF.
Raster to vector conversion is also available in some CAD Software like ActCAD. That analyses a scanned image and vectorizes to trace the lines and dimensions.
This raster to vector tool bundled in the application package comes out very handy to the users. Architects will produce sleeker and a lot of indepth plans due to the preciseness. Accuracy and 2D/3D capabilities offered by CAD. CAD additionally makes it simple to share and collaborate on styles, courtesy of widely accepted file sorts like DXF.
Writing. Drawing and storing became easier to the architects with the help of CAD Software as now they could revise style. they will copy any feature from one style to a different and reduced the effort of starting from scratch itself.

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Architectural Design:

Architecture design requires a lot more precision and detailing as it provides an initial platform of discussion before structure constructed. In recent times. It has grown to a much more extent as it has been providing effective and durable construction to the livelihood.

More the analysis done on the architectural design, more the durability of the structure increases. An architect has to follow certain guidelines and IS codes to come up with a well certified and established design.

In an architectural design software. Several Line-types with several Line-weights are available to the user pre-programmed. They also get a vivid range of colors and layers. So, that they can provide the drawing with more design and detailing.

So with the help of Architectural Design Software. They can prepare an architectural design minimizing the errors and with more precision.

Some architectural design software like ActCAD, AutoCAD etc. Comes with a design center or added block libraries where the architects find a wide range of before built blocks. That they can use to add it anywhere in the drawing as per their convenience.

ActCAD 2D & 3D CAD Software provides 550+ colors that entitle the user freedom to choose different colors for different specifications.

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Example of an architectural plan in CAD:

Architects use their second plans to make 3D styles. They will then visualize and simulate their entire project on real-world parameters. While not having to create any physical structures or models.

With CAD, architects are unit ready to read completely different aspects and views of their building from in one program. This enables them to find and fix issues quickly and expeditiously.

Many CAD systems became integrated with BIM(Building information modeling). Giving architects the complicated interface that they need.

Architects use this integrated software to figure out structural intricacies like gravity levels and check any weaknesses in the planning.

The new architecture design software available have marked a lot of cheap stability. That means that architects have the facility to bring their styles to life at a very cost- and time-effective method.

Top Reasons to check in an Architectural Design Software:

1.DWG File format support:

The Architecture design software must be able enough in accessing all the versions of DWG File format. Starting from the basic R2.0 to the latest DWG 2018.

The client to an architect comes down to several other departments to get its project approved. Or in the other way, the architects also do not have the same architecture design software. Available everywhere to access the same type of DWG File format to make there work completed within a stipulated time. So, if the architecture.

design software can produce, save and access these range of DWF File format versions. Then it adds to an extra comfort level both for the client as well as the architects and designers.

Not only the DWG File Format. If the software also provides access to other drawing file formats like DWF, DGN, DXF etc. Then the user does not have to get worried about the file format compatibility in its architectural design software.

ActCAD is a native DWG & DXF CAD software based on the latest IntelliCAD 8.4a CAD Engine (as on 12/10/2017), supports all formats of DWG file ranging from R2.5 to DWG 2018.


1.Understanding scale factors and units: 

Instead of drawing to a specific scale, you draw everything within the program life-sized. Although it’s an honest plan to keep your multiplier factor in mind once putting in place a drawing, you don’t get to set the dimensions till you print it.

As an example, after you draw a mechanical half forty(40) inches long with IntelliCAD, you draw it as forty(40) inches, instead of applying a multiplier factor as you draw

being stereotypical After you print your drawing, you can assign the dimensions. Scale, but, will have an effect on some parts of the text, arrows, or line types print or plot and even would show in the drawings.


Considering all these factors, the architectural design software should also provide a scaling feature along with a units converter so that the user does not have to keep in the mind the scaling factor and can scale the drawing and easily.
ActCAD has a user-friendly and simplified scale interface that allows the user to change and change the drawing units and dimensions without any hassle. It also has the simplified units converter which is fast, quick and accurate in converting the units as per the desired notation.

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3.Block Library(Design Center) in CAD:

Blocks measure the most parts you use to make models in CAD. The Block Library (Design Center) Module permits the user to gather in an associate organized method.

Select any of the desired CAD Block and insert any point and any location in drawing as per his convenience.

ActCAD has a pre-loaded 8000+ blocks provided to the user for is ease of use. He can find the appropriate block required segmented in various categories listed and can use it as per his need.

The block library comes to be one of the utmost important features in an Architectural Design Software as it simplifies the work and minimizes the time frame for completion of a particular work.

In ActCAD, the user can also import his/ her personalized blocks prepared to the library and can use it later for any other drawings as well.

Learning Curves


How to add a block in the architectural design software; ActCAD ?

  • Open ActCAD Block Library. (Add-ons –> ActCAD Block Library)

Design Tools

  • Select the desired Category for the block from the list available in ActCAD Block Library. (8000+ Blocks available all total classified in several categories.)

 Construction Documents

Browse through various categories and sub-categories for the desired block.

  • Select the required Sub-category and Double click on the block.
  • Insert the block at your desired location and click on the point.
  • After selection of the location. Input the desired values like scale factor, Y scale factor and rotation angle for a block.

Home Design

Select required location, scale factor and rotation angle to insert block.

  • Your block insertion is complete.
  • For adding a new personalized block to the library, select the ADD YOUR BLOCK option.

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  • Paste the file folder of your personalized block and yes the blocks are added to the library as well.


Considering the best architectural design software. It has to be designed to suit the best work environment like it has to provide good scale factor usage. Units dialogue box interface that is user-friendly as well as easy to use allowing the user to change. The desired unit type including architectural unit as per the need etc.

The architectural design software comes in best of use when it has an advance block library or design center that enable the user to finish his work without any hassle.

He can upload and add his own blocks and can use it anytime. So with the discussion with all the basic topics related to features in architectural design software, it found that ActCAD was the best as it included all the features and came out be an all-rounder CAD software.

It suits best to architects because of its enhanced block library and the simplified features that make the user feel comfortable while working on it.


ActCAD based on the latest 8.4a CAD Engine from IntelliCAD which delivers a good performance to the user. It uses the latest technologies from ODA and ACIS to become compatible with 3D modeling and editing as well.

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