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A Quick Guide to Choose Best CAD Software

What is the Best CAD Software?

What is the best CAD Software

Computer Aided Design or CAD Software is widely used in engineering-based industries like manufacturing and designing. In olden days sketchpad used for CAD designing.

It used in the 1960s later they found 2D and 3D designing for small-scale industries and as well as large scale industries.

What is the best CAD software

2D designing used to create technical designing primitives for industries. In earlier days design engineers had to learn more about designing 2D and 3D and also they are new for computer designing.

Even so, modifications and user interface the design became easier for engineers for computer designing. Thereafter the designing engineers started searching for best CAD software which is cost effective and user-friendly.

Engineers mostly prefer to best CAD software for user-friendly and good commands which are useful for designing their design in less time. Further, they also started implementing the 3D design for rendering and modeling designs.

Solid modeling which is very useful for 3D capabilities in CAD software. Comparing to past the CAD software made changes with advanced technology and familiar interface.

What is the best CAD Software
Sketchpad used in olden days for CAD Design

Companies, industries, and developers started using the best CAD software for designing 2D and 3D designs. Mostly the engineers used to prefer the best and familiar CAD software for drafting, rendering, and modeling.

Some of the best CAD software throughout the world is ActCAD, AutoCAD, ProgeCAD etc. these are some of the best CAD software mostly used by design engineers in present days.


After all that engineers are searching for best CAD software in the world then ActCAD software came into existence with a familiar interface, best 2D & 3D drafting,  more than 5000+ block libraries, rendering.

This is one of the best CAD software used by engineers in present days.

ActCAD is a member product for very well known IntelliCAD. IntelliCAD is a non-profit organization developing core CAD engine based on Open Design Alliance (ODA).

The name IntelliCAD originated from a software company that formed in the early 1990s in San Diego, CA, USA.

What is the best CAD software for engineers

What is the best CAD software
ActCAD Logo

IntelliCAD started in 1999 and has over 1 million trusted users. ActCAD is the best CAD software and it is a commercial member of IntelliCAD. It launches its best product versions ActCAD 2015 Professional and ActCAD 2015 Standard.

ActCAD 2015 professional is one of the best CAD software for 3D designing and modeling. ActCAD 2015 Standard is one of the best CAD software for using 2D modeling and drafting.

It is operating both from USA and India for giving the best CAD software and cost-effective software for end users.

Later on, that ActCAD started implementing new updates for the designers and released many versions with advanced features. Present ActCAD is running with an ActCAD 2018 Professional and ActCAD 2018 Standard software with IntelliCAD 8.4a engine.

Companies started to take code from IntelliCAD for their internal use and developed their software with a familiar interface for designers.

The commercial members of CAD software have to pay to IntelliCAD for the yearly membership fee and license royalties. IntelliCAD is not an open source organization.

ActCAD powered by IntelliCAD 8.4a engine for best and smooth performance. Why ActCAD became the best CAD software for engineers and for industries, due to its familiar interface, advanced features.

You can download ActCAD the best CAD software from this download link.

ActCAD having the 15 days fully functional trial version to evaluate and experiencing better performance comparing to others.

what is the best CAD software

What is the best CAD Software in features:

Best CAD software ActCAD having  advanced features like Dr.KLN PDF to DXF converter, ActCAD DWG/DXF/DGN converter, More than 5000 block libraries, Arc aligned text, Table creation& editing, Capture CAD points to CSV, Create P&ID label text, Units converter, Change number to text, Import point cloud data, One click hole table creation, Export table to CSV.

One of the best feature available in ActCAD software is ActCAD supports many file formats like DXF, DWG, DWF, DAE, DWT,  DGN, PDF, Word, Excel, BMP, JPEG, PNG etc.

ActCAD supports many file formats through import and export options. All DWG & DXF files from R2 to 2018 latest version supported.

What is the best CAD software that supports file formats:

what is the best CAD software

ActCAD support different file formats

ActCAD having the familiar interface for easy to learn and use. It incorporates commands and shortcuts for designers to use efficiently. The help option is useful to learn the things from ActCAD software.

What is the best CAD software that creates tables:

What is the best CAD software

         Create & Edit Tables in ActCAD

In ActCAD you can create and edit tables.  You can import an external CSV to table and export table data to CSV file. Can do insert, edit, Change, merge cells and delete the table. The user can change the background colors and controls added to lock and unlock the cells.

What is the best CAD software that having PDF entities:

What is the best CAD software

Open PDF Drawing and Entities

PDF Edit:

In ActCAD you can import pdf file to you cad software without losing your entities and original data. It converts the PDF file to DXF at the same location and with the original name.

Will open the file in ActCAD software and then you can edit and change. After that, you can save your files to different formats, because ActCAD supports all file formats.

In ActCAD there is a best 3D model based on the ACIS kernel for better compatibility and it also compatible with DWG and DXF file formats.

ActCAD is the best CAD software for interactive mode, it has a special tool to audit and fix the errors in your dwg or DXF files in batch mode. It is also an automatic process no need of doing it in manual operation.

It will automatically fix internal errors and save the drawing to an output folder.

ActCAD is the best CAD software for silent mode, in this, you can convert drawings in Batch mode. ActCAD converts DWG, DXF, DGN files from one format to another format.

This batch mode supports all file versions from R2 to 2018. Batch mode is the fast process than comparing to Audit mode and having many advanced features.

ActCAD having the unit’s converter to make conversions from all engineering units. While designing the file you can convert the units from Add-on menu.


The best CAD software having the Check Updates option in Add-on menu. ActCAD having the good technical team to develop the new updates for the end user.

You can download and install the new update from the add-on menu. ActCAD releases different updates within a short period. So the designers can get better and smooth performance for designing.

Ribbon Interface:

In ActCAD you are having the modern Ribbon Interface for finding the commands on ribbon with a mouse click rather than drop downs. We can semantically organize each command group. In ActCAD interface can easily modified by CUI file.

What is the best CAD software that having Explorer:

what is the best CAD software

ActCAD Explorer

It used to explore layers, dimension styles, text styles, blocks, line-types at one place. You can drag and drop those files from explorer to inserting new items, editing and deleting.

PDF Underlay:

ActCAD is the best CAD software for PDF underlay. In this, you can insert PDF files into the current drawing. You can select the file to inserted I drawing.

After inserting the pdf file you can change the x, y and z directions. Rotation is also possible for an inserted file. DGN underlay is another method to insert as underlays, all the options are like PDF underlay.

DWF Underlay:

DWF underlay is a design format which is easily communicated drawings with others, you can attach them to drawing using DWF underlay option. It will associate with same original files.


In ActCAD you customize your software by using AUTO-LISP, DCPL, .NET (VB/VC++), SDS & COM automation. A developer toolkit is available for download.

A complete developer help included in ActCAD for your reference and customization. You can upload you customized menus, CUI files, aliases, toolbars etc.  These settings will remain until you reset your profile settings.

Break line Command:

ActCAD having the Break line command with block support. You can give break line commands in your drawing with a standard symbol or any customized symbol. Control the length of the brake line when if it extended.

Solid Feature

ActCAD is the best CAD software in 3D designing. You are having a Poly solid feature. It creates continues the 3D poly solid line. You can select a design and sweep it along A LINE, ARC, CIRCLE or POLYLINE. Keep on selecting the points to continue 3D solid profile.

Color book

In ActCAD you can find almost 562 RGB colors defined it to apply for your design in a colorful manner. You can apply those colors to you lines, design, 3Dprofile, hatch, solid works etc. More RGB colors used for attractive presentation on your design.

AutoComplete commands

The Best CAD software ActCAD having the AutoComplete of Commands. It is very useful to the designers for fast execution.

No need for typing full commands and it will help you for not known commands by completing the command automatically. You can enter the starting letters and it will show the related commands and variables.

Select the commands from there. If you don’t want you can disable the autocomplete command from the menu.

Best CAD Software ActCAD supports both 32 & 64-bit installers on your windows operating system. 64-bit Operations will be faster by comparing to 32-bit software especially in large drawings. 32 bit will take some fraction of seconds slow to load the file than 64 bit.

Latest improvements in ActCAD:

  1. All new CUSTOMIZE dialog.
  2. Added Select Similar command.
  3. ActCAD display on 4k and high resolutions monitor.
  4. Implemented new multi-lines.
  5. Improvements made to MTEXT editor.
  6. Introduced new text command.
  7. Add new filter option in LAYER command.
  8. All new system variables.
  9. Several improvements to ACTCAD API.
  10. Features improvement and bug fixes.
  11. Improved zoom and PAN performance.
  12. New brake line command introduced.
  13. Add new quick leader command.
  14. Implemented BURST command.

Why choose best CAD software ActCAD?

  • Self License Transfer.
  • Native DWG & DXF file formats.
  • Global Validity License.
  • High Speed and Smooth performance.
  • Lifetime validity of the license.
  • Available in both 64 bit & 32 bit.
  • Familiar interface, commands, shortcuts.
  • Regular improvements and updates.
  • More than 5000+ Inbuilt block libraries.
  • Inbuilt PDF converter.
  • Inbuilt image converter.
  • Add-on productive tools.
  • Multi-user packs and corporate licenses.
  • Cost savings.

What is the Best CAD Software for Cost Saving?

Comparing to other CAD software’s, ActCAD is one the best CAD software for saving your software cost. ActCAD helps to make your dream projects real by providing quality and best software.

You can get the license for below your margins than compared to other CAD software. You will get the lifetime validity licenses without any renewals and different support packs. We have made a flexibility to purchase ActCAD from online.

What is the Best CAD Software for Global License:

ActCAD provides global licensing on all our cad software versions. You can purchase the license from anywhere and you can use the license key anywhere throughout globally.

This unique feature is useful to shift your license from one computer to another computer with one click. By deactivating the license from one computer and activate the license key on another computer.

ActCAD software can install any number of times there is no specific time limit for activating the licenses.

Before activating the license key make sure that you connected to the internet or not. We use internet protocol for activating the license key.

Available software versions in ActCAD:

  1. ActCAD 2019 Professional (Latest Version Both 2D & 3D)
  2. ActCAD 2019 Standard. (Both 2D & 3D)

what is the best CAD software

ActCAD having both 32bit & 64 bit on all versions. The licenses remain the same for both operating systems.

You can download ActCAD the best CAD software from this download link.

What is the best CAD software for Technical Support:

ActCAD is the best CAD software for Technical Support. We are having free technical support to our clients. No need of purchasing any add-on support packs as compared to other cad software.

Our team works on E-mail support and as well as telephonic support. You no need to worry about technical support. A technical team gives a free and prompt reply to our clients.

If you are not able to reach on the telephone, you can drop an E-mail to Support Mail, we solve your issues ASAP. The query is big it may take some time. You can directly reach our support team for any technical related queries.


Technology has become a miracle for designing the best CAD software design for design engineers.

Our ActCAD software is a perfect platform for 2D drafting & 3D modeling which meant for engineers because it is lightweight software and very professional computer-aided design for multithreading concept.

ActCAD software had been using by experienced engineers and bridges the gap between both capability and price.

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What is the best CAD software

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