CAD Programs

CAD Programs

CAD Programs:

The ultimate requirement of any engineering firm in this modern technologically advanced era. With the passage of time, several new CAD programs got developed, equipped with specific and professional needed commands and functions.

This led to the increase in the competition for choosing the best CAD Software for engineers among the myriad of CAD Programs available.

Working with other data and CAD Programs:

Regular paper drawings serve only as a means of communicating information between the person who created the drawing and the person viewing the drawing. The drawings contain no more information than what is visually imparted by the creator and seen by the viewer.

IntelliCAD products like ActCAD and others offer rich opportunities for analyzing drawings and attaching additional data to them. For instance, although it is impossible to count the entities in the complex paper drawing, the task is simple in CAD.

IntelliCAD can count the number of entities in a drawing and compute area and also distance.

In addition to the information found in the CAD drawings, the information contains information. You can attach information that is not visible to the visible drawing entities and collect information for analysis in a database or spreadsheet. (Working with information in a database requires a CAD Programs from a third-party vendor, or you can create your own means of exporting the data in LISP or SDS. Or, you can also use VBA.)

IntelliCAD software provides us for in-place editing of Microsoft objects, such as those who created in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word software programs.

In-place editing in IntelliCAD software makes it easy and we can share data with other users and CAD Programs comfortably.

For example, you can include IntelliCAD drawings in files created using Microsoft Word, and you can insert files created using Microsoft Word into your IntelliCAD drawings.

Working with other CAD Programs and computers:

IntelliCAD offers great flexibility in its capability to be used with other CAD Programs. You can include an IntelliCAD drawing in a Microsoft Word document or insert a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing a parts list into an IntelliCAD drawing.

To include IntelliCAD drawings in other programs and documents from other  CAD Programs in IntelliCAD drawings, you either link or embed them.

You can also save IntelliCAD drawings in other file formats that can be used directly with other CAD Programs or send IntelliCAD drawings to coworkers via e-mail.

This section explains how to:

  • Save and view snapshots using CAD Programs.
  • Use object linking and embedding using CAD Programs.
  • Export IntelliCAD drawings to other file formats using CAD Programs.
  • Convert one or more drawings to other file formats using CAD Programs.
  • Use IntelliCAD data on other computers with CAD Programs.
  • Use IntelliCAD with the Internet using CAD Programs.

Saving and viewing snapshots:

For viewing drawings, you can save the snapshots. Saves the snapshot .emf,.wmf or .sld properly formatted to appear on the screen. A snapshot is not a drawing file. You cannot edit or print the snapshot; you can only view it.

Use of snapshots in the following ways:

  • Perform presentations by displaying snapshots of your images.
  • While working on a different drawing. Reference a snapshot of a drawing.
  • Present a number of snapshots as a slide show by using scripts.

You can create a snapshot by saving the current view as a snapshot. A snapshot does not include any entities on layers that are not currently visible.

To create a snapshot:

1 Display the drawing exactly as you want to capture it as a snapshot.

2 Do one of the following to choose to Make Snapshot:

  • On the ribbon, choose Tools > Make Snapshot (in Manage).
  • On the menu, choose Tools > Make Snapshot.
  • In the Tools toolbar, click  Make Snapshot tool.
  • Type snapshot and then press Enter.
CAD Programs
ActCAD 2018 Create Snapshot

3 In the Create Snapshot dialog box, specify the name of the snapshot file you want to create.

4 From the Files Of Types list, choose either .emf, .wmf, or .sld.

5 Click Save.

The current drawing remains on the screen, and the snapshot is saved to the directory that you specify.

Using data from other CAD Programs in IntelliCAD drawings:

You can include data from other CAD Programs in IntelliCAD drawings by using either embedding or linking. The method you choose depends on the type of object or file you want to include in your IntelliCAD drawing & what you want to do with it after it is there.

Embed an object into your IntelliCAD drawing when you want to keep all the data you work within one file or if you want to transfer the file to other computers.

You can embed data from programs that support object linking and embedding. For example, if you want to distribute data about a department’s computer equipment along with an IntelliCAD drawing of the department’s floor plan, you can embed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into the floor plan.

When you embed data from another program, IntelliCAD becomes the container for that data. The object embedded in the IntelliCAD drawing becomes part of the IntelliCAD file.

When you edit the data, you open its program from within the IntelliCAD drawing. Any changes you make to the embedded data exist only in the IntelliCAD drawing, so it is not necessary to keep that data in a separate file.

If the data does exist in a separate file, the original file does not change when you modify the embedded object in IntelliCAD. Also, changes to the original file do not affect the embedded object in the IntelliCAD drawing.

To embed another CAD Program’s object into an IntelliCAD drawing

1 Open the file that contains the data you want.

2 In the file, select the data you want to embed in the IntelliCAD drawing.

3 Choose that program’s command to place data on the Clipboard.

Usually, you choose Edit > Copy.

4 In the IntelliCAD window, display the drawing in which you want to embed the object.

5 Do one of the following to choose Paste:

  • On the ribbon, choose Home > Paste (in Clipboard) or choose Edit > Paste (in Modify)
  • On the menu, choose Edit > Paste.
  • In the Standard toolbar, click the Paste tool.
  • Type paste and then press Enter.
CAD Programs
ActCAD 2018 Insert Object

The data on the Clipboard is pasted into the drawing as an embedded object. The object appears in the center of the view, but you can select and move it by moving the cursor.

Using IntelliCAD data in other programs:

You can use any of the following methods to include IntelliCAD data in a document

created in another CAD Programs:

  • Embedding
  • Linking
  • Dragging
  • Exporting
  • E-mailing

The method you choose depends on the capabilities of the other CAD Programs & how you want to work with the IntelliCAD data after you’ve placed it in the other document.

Each method except exporting uses ActiveX to integrate data from different CAD Programs. With ActiveX, you can open IntelliCAD drawings from within the other program to modify the IntelliCAD drawings.

When you embed an IntelliCAD drawing, it becomes part of the other program’s document file. When you edit the drawing, you edit only the version that is embedded in the other document.

Embedding is useful when you don’t want to maintain a link to the IntelliCAD drawing for the data you include in the other document. Edits made to the new drawing do not affect the original drawing.

To transfer the file to other computers, you can transfer all the data in one file, but embedded objects increase the file size.

From within a document in a program that supports ActiveX, such as Microsoft Word, you can either create a new embedded IntelliCAD drawing or embed an existing IntelliCAD drawing.

To create an IntelliCAD drawing in another document

1 In the document, choose Insert > Object (or the equivalent command for that program).

2 In the dialog box, click the options for creating a new file.

3 Under Object Type, choose IntelliCAD Drawing, and then click OK.

4 Create the IntelliCAD drawing.

5 If IntelliCAD is running in its own window, choose File > Exit.

If IntelliCAD is running within the other document (in place), click somewhere in

the document outside the IntelliCAD drawing to close IntelliCAD.

6 To edit the IntelliCAD drawing from within the document, double-click the drawing.

Using IntelliCAD data on other computers:

Within IntelliCAD there are two ways to move drawings and related files to another computer:

  • Create a package that contains all related drawings and files. This option uses the eTransmit command and is best for moving multiple drawings or a drawing that has supporting files such as external reference files and font files.
  • Send a drawing through e-mail from IntelliCAD. This option uses the Send Mail command and is best for moving single drawings.
  • Packaging drawings and files for use on another computer Use the eTransmit command to package together drawings and their related files, such as external references and fonts.
  • The resulting package can be a self-extracting .exe file, a .zip file, or a separate folder that contains the files. The eTransmit command uses transmittal setups to define how packages are created, with options for file naming, password control, whether to include fonts and more.

The default transmittal setup is named Standard, which you can modify. Or you can

create new transmittal setups.

Creating a package that contains drawings and related files

To package drawings and their related files

1 Do one of the following to choose eTransmit ( ):

  • On the ribbon, choose the Application button then Export > eTransmit, or choose Output > eTransmit (in Export).
  • On the menu, choose File > eTransmit.
  • Type etransmit and then press Enter.
CAD Programs
ActCAD 2018 Collects related files and packages them together for transfer to another computer.

2 Review the available files in the list. The files display in either hierarchical format (click the File Tree tab) or in a table (click the File Table tab).

3 Mark the files to include in the package; unmark the files to exclude from the package.

4 To include files that are not listed, click Add Files, navigate to and select the desired files, then click Open.

5 In Select, a Transmittal Setup, choose the transmittal setup that defines how you want the package to be created. The transmittal setup specifies the package filetype (.exe, .zip, or folder), file naming, and more.

6 To view or create a transmittal setup, click Transmittal Setups. For more details,

7 Optionally enter notes to include in the transmittal report.

8 Click OK.

The package is created.

Using IntelliCAD on the Internet:

You can use IntelliCAD to access the Internet and exchange drawing information and perform other tasks, including:

  • Add hyperlinks to a drawing.
  • Publish drawings to the Internet.
  • Drag drawings (.dwg files) directly from a Web site into IntelliCAD.
  • Access the Internet during a drawing session.

CAD Programs in IntelliCAD:

Another way to customize IntelliCAD is to add custom CAD Programs written in several programming languages that run on IntelliCAD: TX, LISP, SDS, DCL, and VBA.

You can use CAD Programs written in AutoLISP without any changes. Additionally, you can first use many ADS programs to use with AutoCAD after you first use the IntelliCAD run-time libraries to reset them.

Many AutoCAD third-party CAD Programs are compatible with IntelliCAD.

Using LISP routines:

IntelliCAD supports the LISP programming (CAD Program) language and is compatible with AutoLISP, the implementation of the LISP language in AutoCAD. This means that you can load and run any AutoLISP program (CAD Program) written for use with AutoCAD.

To load a LISP routine

Advanced experience level

1 Do one of the following:

  • On the ribbon, choose Tools > Load Application (in Applications).
  • On the menu, choose Tools > Load Application.
  • Type appload and then press Enter.
  • Drag and drop the LISP file into IntelliCAD.
CAD Programs
ActCAD 2018 APPLOAD command to load programs

2 In the Load Application Files dialog box, click Add File.

3 Select the LISP file that you want to load, and then click Open.

4 Click OK.

To run a LISP routine:

Advanced experience level

1 Do one of the following:

  • On the ribbon, choose Tools > Load Application (in Applications).
  • On the menu, choose Tools > Load Application.
  • Type appload and then press Enter.
CAD Programs
ActCAD 2018 To automatically load a program each time you open ActCAD


IntelliCAD has been prevailing in the CAD industry since long providing CAD solutions to people. It may have got several good products by its members but it is wise to choose the IntelliCAD product after judging all the matters discussed above.

In the end, I would like to conclude by expressing my views on an IntelliCAD product. From the above discussion related CAD Programs, all are included in the ActCAD software to make the user work easily and very comfortable.

If I was asked to recommend an IntelliCAD product, then I would be suggesting to go for ActCAD. With so many additional features and functionalities with so much flexibility in Licensing Mechanism, it should be the best choice for everyone.

ActCAD provides the latest technology and moreover the latest CAD engine from IntelliCAD (8.4a as on 12/10/17). Its Self License Transfer mechanism and Global Validity of Licenses come of utmost importance to the professionals who travel all around managing their business and organization.

It has enhanced Block Libraries which helps to draw and makes the drawing more presentable and with more ease. It also has inbuilt Raster To Vector Converter which makes the image file to vector form that allows us to make some manipulation to the existing image files and save as different drawing formats.

ActCAD can also convert PDF to Drawing Files and the vice versa quickly without changing any entities in the drawing. It is the best CAD available to us at a very affordable price.

It has many other features which enhance our productivity and makes us realize our return on Investment & also rated as the Best Indian CAD Software and has more than 1 million Happy Customers worldwide.

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