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What is the Best CAD Viewer in 2019 ?

CAD Viewer:

CAD viewer is the process of opening cad files that are not having particular CAD software. Also to view 3D models and designs, we need CAD software. Here the CAD viewer used to view, edit, or print the designs without using CAD software.

ActCAD is one of the best CAD software for CAD viewer. ActCAD will immediately convince you because it provides powerful graphics and interfaces for all current formats for providing more information about the history and features.

CAD viewer allows designers, Engineers, members to communicate design information to anyone who needs to print or view design information. CAD viewer contains any combination of text, graphics, colors, and images.

The CAD viewer includes meta-data that captures the design format.

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autodesk dwg viewer online

Types of CAD viewer:

CAD Software having various types of CAD Viewer to open design, format and made changes to it without buying a complete package of CAD software.

  1. ActCAD viewer
  2. IntelliCAD Viewer
  3. Autocad drawings Viewer
  4. AB Viewer
  5. ZWCAD Viewer
  6. Bentley CAD viewer
  7. Vero software

ActCAD Viewer is one of the best CAD software among all other CAD Viewer software. It opens the design with high quality. Designers and organization are easy to communicate and share designs without losing any functionality.

They can use the designs without purchasing any cad packages. In online, there are different CAD viewers to open the designs but ActCAD is the good software.

Advanced 3D CAD viewer:

In ActCAD CAD Viewer we are having an advanced 3D feature to view or design files. The 3D analyzer version reads various interfaces like CATIA, NX, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, IDEAS, STEP, XT format and many more.
ActCAD having a beautiful professional version, in this version you have access to analysis the functions such as model comparison, collision, and clear detection, draft and undercut analysis and wall thickness checker.
The creation and animation of particular exploded view highlights the functions and conversion to JT and 3D PDF round of the functions into a unique product. In this version, 3D analyzer supports so-called “self-license transfer” with which individual license can transferred to various computers.
Let yourself get inspired by the expensive range of 3D view functions and discover a modern software that intuitive graphical design.

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3D CAD viewer with extremely powerful graphics:

Our CAD Viewer will immediately convince you because it provides powerful graphics and interfaces for all current formats providing more information about the history and features, Metadata as well as views and 3D master.
With 64-bit Power even large assemblies processed and handled with extreme speed. With the certified VDA Checker, the quality of the 3D model can checked.
The 3D geometries checked of the system and format and errors will displayed in the graphics window. 3D Analyzer is the only CAD Viewer that certified also as data quality checker according to VDA and SASIG standards.
The 3D Viewer has many advanced and innovative features like the extensive measuring and Redlining functions as well as the display of the history, features, parameters, PMIs, annotation, and metadata from native CAD data.
Discover our APP Style GUI with dynamic section cuts, custom views, and many other useful features. All details read from the CAD System like dimensions, comments and PMI can saved in our native CT format as well as in JT and 3D PDF. Additionally, the CAD Viewer also supports views and 3D master.

Compare 3D models using the CAD Viewers analysis functions:

The 3D Analyzer offers a variety of analysis functions such as wall thickness analysis, collision detection, draft- and undercut analysis, clearance check, and model comparison.
With outstanding functionalities users are now you can compare geometries, assembly structures, PMI, feature, and attributes and store the results in our native CT format or as a 3D PDF.
The CAD Viewer is an innovative and good choice for analysis of your 3D models. Also, we also offer products for geometry simplification or a Daimler JT converter.
CT Core Technologies also developing customized solutions for your process chain based on our out of the box products.
With our unique product line and our expertise as a specialized software manufacturer, we develop flexible solutions to streamline your CAD environment.

What CAD Viewer does?

Supported Formats

DWG, DXF, DWF, HPGL, IGES, STEP, PDF, and other  Vector and Raster formats to achieves.

autocad dwg file viewer


Easy-to-use settings for saving to PDF, DWG, DXF, BMP, PLT, and others.

Editing or Drawings

Work with layers, blocks, dimension and text styles, snap, etc. CAD Viewer allows editing not only standard CAD formats like DWG and DXF but also vector files: PLT, SVG, CGM, etc.

The application is a full-functional CAD platform that allows managing layers, blocks, dimension and text styles, adding other files to the drawing as external links and other standard operations.


Convert pdf files into editable dwg file formats.

 autocad drawing viewer online

Measuring of 3D models

Measures distance, height between faces, surface area, and curvilinear edge radius.

Measuring of 2D drawings

Intuitive measuring of segments, areas, perimeters, and angles. CAD Viewer allows measuring the distance between two points, area, and perimeter with a possibility of fast intuitive settings of the scale factor for measurements.
The calculator isn’t needed anymore! make several clicks and the results will displayed on the screen. If needed, you can copy them to a document or continue measuring and return to them later.

free cad file viewer

 Batch and multipage print

CAD viewer had an opportunity to print out all drawing layouts or an A1 layout on A4 printer.

 free autocad viewer

Batch conversion

Save selected files to the different format with specified parameters.

File comparison

Compare the contents of DWG and DXF files to trace changes

Markups to  the drawing

Add comments and markups to the file. To add commentaries and notes to the loaded drawing, you can use the special mode, Redline. In this mode, the main drawing isn’t edited; all the notes overlay the file


Transform drawing coordinates to geographical ones.
This is a special command that intended to transform the coordinates of the drawing and correlate them with the state coordinate system or any other coordinate system. This feature is convenient when working with maps and georeferencing a building.
 We have a drawing of a building to georeference that created in the custom coordinate system.

Work with drawing formats

Copy, print and save drawing formats.


It is sometimes very difficult to find the needed drawings among thousands of files with similar names. The subprogram ‘Thumbnails’ makes the search easier by displaying drawings as thumbnails in a separate window.

By looking at a small image of the contents of the file, it is easy to find the necessary drawing.

free autocad file viewer

System requirements

High speed combined with a small distribution package.


User and self-license transfer.

Advantages of sharing  files in CAD viewer

Nowadays for may projects and for team members, CAD  viewer is the format of choice. DWF file enables industries, an organization to connect with typical designs, project, product and workflows without compromising the accuracy, security, and intent of the original drawing.

CAD Viewer:


  1. DWF is a plotted file view of a free DWG. there is no need for object enables, special fonts etc. many organizations and shops accept CAD viewer files like plot files.
  2. DWF can contain entire projects of drawings, especially easy when using ActCAD Software to publish a single drawing or sheet set of drawings.
  3. The free ActCAD CADviewer will read all past DWF files. In ActCAD we can view, print or edit the DWF files.


  1. DWF can connect to engineers, industries, suppliers, buyers, architects, and subcontractors its high metadata to recognize the project, product information.
  2. In DWF is smaller, compressed native file compared to DWG files, making them easier to send over the internet.
  3. DWF files can generated from ActCAD products using ActCAD DWF viewer. this can viewed by a single user.


  1. DWF file is a read-only secure format.
  2. ActCAD user includes or excludes from a DWF file.


  1. DWF is an open file format.
  2. ActCAD promotes the DWF specification and makes available C++ libraries for any developer who needs to develop the design in DWF file format.
  3. DWF based on other industry standards such as XML, ZIP\ZLIB, JPG\PNG.

CAD viewer view all

  1. View autocad dwg both 2D and 3D models in the ActCAD Viewer.
  2. Zoom and Pan, 3D orbit helps you with ease performance.
  3. View 3D design file models in hiding mode.
  4. DWF  viewer we can view proxy entity.
  5. In DWF viewer we can view image attached.
  6. In DWF viewer many language fonts supported.

Why ActCAD CAD Viewer?

CAD Viewer

In ActCAD CAD Viewer we can view 3D models and 2D drawings, you can use ActCAD  CAD viewer with tools to search for objects, measures distance and areas and print drawings to Scale with full fidelity, on every desktop.
You Can open DWG Drawings and DWF files with the same quality as the authoring software. There will no changes in designs. You can open compressed rich files in the ActCAD viewer.
With the millions of users, ActCAD  CAD viewer is the most powerful software for viewing. You can view over many file formats, including 3D model and raster images.
You can explore models with clip volume to slice them through models. navigating, zoom and pan in touchscreen models of windows.


Analyze models by changing their visual display based on object attributes. View and navigate hyper models and their embedded plans, sections and elevations. You can also view DXF, DWG and DWF files.

When a shop sets out to land a job, a typical early step in the process is for the potential customer to send a CAD drawing of the part to the shop for quotes.


These drawings can arrive in any one of many formats. Rather than maintaining each of these CAD suites to allow viewing of whatever file format may come its way, the shop might use a CAD viewer package that will open these drawings for viewing.

While a CAD viewer provides limited functionality in how it interacts with the drawing (it’s not intended for editing), it gives the user the capabilities for part analysis, dimensioning and labeling for a good overview of what the end product will need.

ActCAD Software:

ActCAD software has recently released a high-speed 3D viewer that directly displays and evaluates 3D CAD files without the need for the original CAD application. is designed to efficiently import and analyze all file types and sizes, often in half the time it takes to open a file in its original CAD application, the company says.

Users can build virtual unified prototypes or 3D models imported from a range of file formats, including CATIA, NX, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, STEP, IGES, UG and many more.

Cad Software:

The software saves the native CAD data in its own lightweight format, meaning manufacturers can carry out tasks such as calculating surface areas and volumes and measuring thickness, dimensions and angles without requiring the original CAD information.

The smaller file sizes allow users to easily send 3D parts to colleagues and subcontractors via the Internet, where the recipients can immediately display and work on the model.

CAD viewer:

When sending the file, the user exports an executable file that allows the recipient to use a light version of the software for viewing. No additional software needs to be downloaded or codes activated.

The software is designed for ease of use to allow staff who are not CAD experts to still be able to take advantage of the range of 2D and 3D measurement functions using predefined selection modes such as points, 2D entities, planes, and surfaces.


Measurements can be automatically included as entities and anchored to characteristic points of the part. Entity labels automatically pivot to remain visible at all times.

Specialist functions allow more experienced CAD users to recover point clusters from 3D measuring equipment or machine probes and to quickly check revisions against the original CAD geometry.

CAD Geometry:

Point files also generate for sending to 3D measuring equipment and CNCs.
Annotation features allow users to add dimensional and geometric measurements, notes and labels directly to the 3D model. Ideas, observations, instructions and change requests can be easily conveyed, minimizing the need for 2D drawings.

 CAD Solution:

A range of analysis tools often associated with full CAD solutions is available to assist with quoting, diagnostics of any potential difficulties, assembly notes and preparing 3D models.
The inside of parts and assemblies can explored with high-performance dynamic sectioning. With a mouse or spaceball, the section plane can rotated and panned or can follow a guide curve.

Curvature Radius:

Curvature radius and plane face analysis provide accurate production times, and draft angles and undercuts can calculated and displayed quickly, even on large components.
Predefined scenes, including views of the model and different orientations, along with notes and dimensions, can added.
Timeline animations are set up by initiating basic movements such as translation, rotation or following a guide curve.

Dynamic Collision:

Dynamic collision analysis ensures real-time control of mechanism interoperability or process control.
Screen captures illustrate technical documents and assembly sheets, and a large number of images can be readily managed and distributed.
This collaborative viewing software provides access to the full set of core functions to allow shop personnel to visualize, analyze and share files, but access protection ensures that only designated staff can open and work on the files.


Also,  to viewing various CAD files, I recommend ActCAD is one of the best CAD software for CAD Viewer.

In ActCAD CAD viewer we can open 3D models, DWG files, DWF files. 2D designs and much more without losing any quality of design. ActCAD Supports all formats to open, edit, change the files.


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