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DWG to PDF – Convert your Drawing to PDF in 2019


DWG to PDF an important and handy tool that works out very well with the needs of a CAD Engineer. DWG is one of the important file formats in the CAD (Computer Aided Design)software.

It was initially created in the 1970s and was later developed in the 1980s. DWG is a native file format which has the capability of storing two dimensional and three-dimensional database.

It can also store images, graphics, entities etc. DWG file stores vector data and display it. The image database has some set of instructions which allows the CAD software to display the drawing on the workspace.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a document file format developed in the 1990s for presenting documents. PDF used for representing documents in a manner different from the manner it was originally created. PDF stores the complete string consisting of texts, fonts, images, tables.

Anyone using DWG is prone to the manipulations since one can easily edit, delete, add, modify any data or information in drawing format whereas in the case of PDF such complexities can be easily avoided as any changes in the file format are not permitted.

So DWG to PDF conversion would be highly beneficial.




  • 1. It is CAD drawing file format.
  • 2.File extension-.dwg
  • 3. It is a binary file which can store two dimensional or three-dimensional data.
  • 4. It is a native format associated with various CAD software packages like IntelliCAD, Draftsight, LibreCAD and Open design alliances.


  • It is the document file format.
  • File extension-.pdf
  •  It is a document file consisting of a string of graphics, embedded links, texts, fonts.
  • It associated with programs of Adobe IIlustrator, Ghostscript.

DWG format used by architects, engineers, designers. But this format cannot be fully trusted since files in such format can be easily modified and edited. So it is not a wise decision to keep any files in DWG format and share them.


PDF file format developed by Adobe is a safe way for any individual and industry to share the documents, drawings. It is a format where any modification, editing, and deletion is possible.

This format is widely used by industries and is present in every PCs and laptop. So it is necessary to have a conversion of DWG to PDF and this is possible by a DWG to PDF converter.

HOW TO GET ACCESS TO DWG TO PDF CONVERTER:-dwg to word converter online free

A number of online converters to convert DWG to PDF are available on the internet. These sites offer free conversion from DWG to PDF without downloading or installing any software.


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Such online sites provide fancy offers, graphics to eye-catch the visitors to the site. They guarantee simple and hassle-free conversion without minutes. These DWG to PDF sites are advertising like “Get your PDF format within minutes”.

There are some methods for these conversions:

METHOD 1 for DWG to PDF Online:

1. Click on any one of the sites featuring the conversion of DWG to PDF.

2. Choose the file to selected or browse the files to choose for DWG to PDF conversion.

3. Click and select the file. Click the “Convert Now”.It will show the time to take for completing the conversion.

After getting converted it directly gets downloaded into the PC or laptop. It doesn’t require any confirmation before getting downloaded.

METHOD 2 DWG to PDF Online:

Another process to convert DWG to PDF is following the same steps mentioned above but here some sites will ask the e-mail address. Once the mail address given, the site’s computerized administrator will send a verification link to the mailbox.

The user is then able to download the converted file.


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But here comes the question that while using these sites, the confidential information is safe or prone to any misuse. Before opting for any online websites for conversion one needs to thoroughly think since it is getting exposed to the free website.

That free website will capture the drawing file and sometimes the e-mail address, send it to the respective server. The user is unaware of the happenings of the file data. Thus it poses a threat to the security of the information of the file.

The file is thus prone to the virus which may infect the file data, laptop, and the server as well. These online sites ask for the file and recover the required converted file after some time.

Thus the user is clueless about the security of the file data. Some sites also ask for the e-mail address. This method invites unwanted emails to the mailbox.

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Next comes the resolution of the converted file. Since the file is getting converted to a desirable format(PDF) for free and at very less time, one can question the quality of the file format.

Few online converter tools convert the image to a less complicated and resolution format. While using the raster to vector conversion, they simply trace the image and then bring it to vector form.

These online tools to convert DWG to PDF  sites will assure the user that they are going to delete every data or file as soon as the conversion is complete, but on the fact side, no one knows actually what done to the information of the file.

It becomes more important to think regarding the privacy and security of the files when it is a confidential or personal file. So it must taken care that the online dwg to pdf converters must not store the data, drawings etc.

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One of the drawbacks of these online DWG to PDF converters is that they don’t support large files. They hardly up to 100 MB of the file. They have a process like the” number of conversions per day” allowed.


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Sometimes it may happen that the user has to upload many numbers of files all together but this feature is rarely available in some premium or professional software packages. Other features of such sites are editing tools and support resource.

Engineers, Architects, designers use CAD for their purpose. So they regularly need to convert the DWG to PDF format either by the inbuilt converter of the CAD software or the free DWG to PDF converters available online.

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Open the CAD software with inbuilt DWG to PDF converter which can convert any dwg to pdf format. Then click on the converter option and choose or browse through the browse option for the file to converted to PDF format.

The user can convert DWG to PDF either from the model-space(the working area/station) or by clicking on the layout.

Click on the CAD logo and choose the print(or Ctrl+P). Click the OK option. Then within the plot space choose the file to converted, Windows layout.

Choose the paper kind from paper size drop down box and then from the scale option choose the dimensions of the drawings.

Then, from the printer or plotter section choose the required PDF.

The user can customize printing settings by clicking on the properties button.

1. Click on Properties tab and then on custom print option.

  1. Click on OK and choose the place for saving the downloaded file.

Conversion of DWG to PDF:

dwg to png


  1. Select all the layer of the drawing that needs to printed and it must be sure that all layers in the drawing need to selected. If the drawing is an e-Drawing then it is not required to select the layers.
  2. Click on the Print option in the file option given in the top menu bar.
  3. Click on the virtual printer from the drop-down menu list. Choose the required virtual printer.

(If it is an Adobe virtual printer, then it will named as ADOBE PDF-it comes installed with Professional Software)

Click on the Print option, Select the file name and click on the save option after selecting the required folder from the dialog box.

dwg to pdf printer

Another method comes for converting DWG to PDF exporting DWG to PDF file:-

In this method after the drawing is complete, we can export the drawing file to PDF to scale, by clicking on the icon and then choosing the DWG file to saved in PDF format.

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While exporting the file it will open a dialog box which will ask information regarding paper size, fonts, the title of the drawing etc. In this dialog box, the output tab gives the location of the file that will saved.

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Using this method will ensure greater clarity of the drawings in required PDF format. Exporting DWG to PDF doesn’t require selecting any specific plot. It exports entire drawing to a PDF format which is very convenient for sharing and preserving purposes.


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ActCAD is a 2D and 3D CAD drawing software which used by architects, designers, engineers for their respective use of designing software.

It based on the latest technology of IntelliCAD 8.4b, ACIS Spatial 3D modeling etc. It is thoroughly used for editing and modifying drawings.

ActCAD is quite beneficial for easy and quick completion of drawings since it has a ActCAD block library which contains 5000+ blocks of mechanical, electrical, civil, P&ID domains.

Among the various CAD software present, it’s Self License Transfer mechanism makes it stand out. This mechanism enables a user to shift the license key from one PC to another PC anywhere in the world. ActCAD is a perpetual license software that is valid globally.

To make every job easy for the users, it has a DWG to PDF converter which does the conversion to required format with full assurance of security and good resolution of the file format.

Accessing the DWG to PDF Converter:

  • In ActCAD the user can access the DWG to PDF converter by the command PRINT or pressing Ctrl+P.
  1. A print dialog box will appear.
  • Choose the ActCAD PDF printer and the print style can customized to monochrome, Icad.
  • The dimensions need to chosen.
  • The user can preview the drawing in the layout before clicking OK option.

The  PDF file is then saved on the location chosen by the user.


It is essential for the users to think regarding the security and privacy of the files when they are using free online sites to get the required format.

So it is better to use a CAD software that has an inbuilt converter keeping the safety point of view in focus. ActCAD is the best option to use as it gives the best DWG files and provides the conversion to PDF file format.

ActCAD is a 2D and 3D CAD drawing programming which utilized by draftsmen, designers, engineers for their particular utilization of outlining programming.

It depends on the most recent innovation of IntelliCAD 8.4b, ACIS Spatial 3D displaying and so forth. It is completely utilized for altering and adjusting illustrations.

ActCAD is very helpful for simple and snappy finishing of illustrations since it has an ActCAD block library which contains 5000+ blocks of mechanical, electrical, civil, P&ID domains. Among the different CAD programming present, it’s Self License Transfer system influences it to emerge.

This feature empowers a client to move the permit key starting with one PC then onto the next PC anyplace on the planet. ActCAD is an interminable permit programming that is substantially all around.

To make each activity simple for the clients, it has a DWG to PDF converter which does the change to the required configuration with the full affirmation of security and great determination of the record organize.

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