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What is a Drafting Software?

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Drafting Software, an invention during the late ’60s, was one of the greatest achievement of that era. It is working as an aid in the field of design and provides us with an increased capability.

It assists us in creating, modifying, analyzing and optimization of a design. There is an assurance of high production rates, improved quality & documentation. Drafting software provides service for Mechanical engineers, Civil engineers, Structural Engineers and others.

There are many benefits of drafting software over manual drafting. Those are interference checking, layouts, a database for easy storage, accuracy in design and many others.

Drafting software provides the designer with the ability to perform engineering calculations efficiently. It also helps in advanced designing, which is not possible to design manually with this level of accuracy.

There is a justification for every complication in the design with at most accuracy. Drafting software even helps the customer to lower product development costs and shorten the design cycle.

Finally, it enables designers to create a layout of their drawing. This allows them to print and save it for future editing.

History of Drafting Software:

In the last centuries, descriptive geometry has developed a lot with the help of modern engineering drafting. The drafting techniques made a huge leap with the introduction of drafting machines, but still, it didn’t change till WWII.
During the war, efforts were made to innovate real-time computer drafting. There were many people who used to focus on the automation of engineering design. But two people, in particular, were responsible for setting the stage for what we know today as Drafting software. Those two pioneers were Sir Patrick J. Hanratty and Sir Ivan Sutherland.
It was then in the ’60s when Patrick J. Hanratty made one of the greatest inventions in the history of design. He introduced DAC(Design Automated by computers), the first CAD System which uses interactive graphics.
After a few years of the above invention, Ivan Sutherland performed a miracle in the field of 3D modeling and visual simulation.
He wrote a thesis on “Sketchpad-A man-machine graphical communications system”. It allowed the designers to draw on CRT using light pens. To Know More…

Benefits of Drafting Software:

There are many important benefits of DRAFTING SOFTWARE. Let us see all these one by one:

1. Increased accuracy in calculations:

The calculations offered by drafting software are more accurate when compared to the calculations done manually. The accuracy in drafting software is also reflected by the accurate estimates of the materials and costs, and better scheduling.

2. Standardization of procedures:

Drafting software help in standardization design, drafting and documentation procedures. This removes all the confusions about the procedures to follow for the same. They will be similar for all objects.

3. Ease in understand drawings:

With Drafting software, you can have various views. One can see the drawings in isometric vies, oblique view, orthographic view and others. These are very important features for the newbie or those who are seeing the drawings for the first time.

4. Improvement in procedures for making engineering changes:

The drafting software works as a database for the design. These allow the designer to make slight changes whenever required. Drawings can be accessed with a much faster speed than the one in the drawing vault.

With drafting software, one can also keep track of all the changes that happen in the design of the product. They can also revert back to any previous design very easily. Comparison between the previous and present designs can happen easily using drafting software.

Free SoftwareList of Top Available CAD Softwares:

Comparing Different CAD Softwares:Facility Plan

 Tips to Choose Drafting Software:

Which Software to Choose? What are the points we need to consider while buying CAD Software? Is the Software are you have bought embedded with the latest technology? Can I get proper support?

There are many questions that may arise while we buy Drafting Software. Why let yourself regret your decision? So :

While we choose a Drafting Software let the solution to your question make the decision about your purchase. There are many features that are unique and essential and are to be kept in mind.

The main four criteria’s to be kept in mind while choosing Drafting Software:

  • Personal Satisfaction

  • Cost Effective

  • Technical Criteria

  • Features

1. Personal Satisfaction:

You are the one using the software, so You must be the one who should be benefitted. Thus personal satisfaction is the most important point that should be observed.

You must know what you are using and whether it satisfies your work demands. So you should first take a trial and evaluate the drafting software. If it meets your wants, it should be purchased.

2. Cost Effective:

Price, a very important factor for any customer while having a purchase. Pricing of Drafting Software are hidden which may not be discussed while you purchase.

Therefore we need to know about the hidden costs. Here is some overview of the pricing in CAD software:

3. Price of the software:

It is the genuine price of the available software but still varies from software to software. You can choose the most affordable software with required features.

4. Upgradation Charges:

We need to upgrade our software. These allow us to go through the latest technology available in the market. We need to pay for each upgrade.
5.Annual Licencing:

There are many software available with annual licensing where you need to pay annually. Even there is an option for perpetual licensing which is valid for lifetime.

So while buying any Drafting Software we must check the features along with the price, and choose the best one.

Best Price Available6. Technical Criteria: 

The drafting software we use must be technically sound so that we are benefitted. The technical criteria include:


Technology is something which we all will want to be the best in our software. The Drafting Software ’s available should provide the user with the latest technology.

It must not get obsolete after several years and ensures good performance. The latest technology must provide the user the latest set of features for dynamic usage.

For example, IntelliCAD uses the latest technology in the CAD software.( ActCAD , TrueCAD).

Floor Plans


License validity and boundaries play a vital role in decision making. The Drafting Software has some tenures of their usage. It may limit the user to work on the software for a limited period of time.

Drafting Software is also available with territorial boundaries. It restricts the user to perform with the Drafting Software in the certain region only.

 1. Annual Subscription:

In this licensing tenure, the Drafting Software is only available to the user for the maximum of 1 year or 365 days. After which the user has to pay an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) and or pay the full software cost which is the latest version available.

2. Software as a Service:

In this licensing period of time, the user takes up the software on a contractual basis for some period of time. It is also called as Software as a Service.

3. Perpetual Licenses:

This licensing system is very cost effective and hassle-free. Its tenure lasts for a lifetime and in between, there are no extra charges or AMCs asked by the Drafting Software Companies.

4. Territorial Licenses:

In this Licensing facility, the user is only able to use the Drafting Software within the regional boundaries available to the drafting program. It gets locked or inaccessible if tried to access beyond the prescribed region.

It is always better to choose software in which you don’t have any obligations for licensing, irrespective of time and location. You have to pay the one-time amount for the Drafting Software while purchasing and work without any restrictions.


ActCAD is available with perpetual and a globally valid license. These provide the organization with the flexibility to use the Drafting Software anywhere in the world.

It is also compiled with a Self-License transfer Mechanism. It provides flexibility to the user to shift the license from one PC to another without any least count.

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The Drafting Software we use, must be a user-friendly software. The features we must look for, are:


Drafting Software may be software for any background, but they don’t like to work on a changed interface. A changed interface is normally not acceptable by the draftsmen or the user of the drafting software.

So Drafting Software must be providing them with the familiar interface with no special learning curves.


The Best Drafting Software must be compatible with all the versions of DWG and DXF files available. All the old R2 drawing files to the latest file format should be accessible through it.

And also there should be regular modifications on the product for it to become compatible with the latest trends.

CAD Viewer


The drafting software must use commands which updates as per the trend. It must be robust and dynamic. It must change on the demand from the user for the latest updates and customizable.

Must support different computer programming tools so that the faces no work limitations. This is one of the significant features of the Best Drafting Software.


The Best Drafting Software is the primary need for any production or manufacturing process. Best CAD software must be efficient enough to enhance the performance level. What factors should it own to do so? Drafting Design

  • Block Libraries.
  • Conversion tool.
  • Inbuilt Image to Vector conversion tool.
  • Units Converter.
  • Calculator etc. , are some of the essential tools readily available to make it happen.

So the drafter has to be decisive enough while making a purchase. They must be able to identify the Best Drafting Software so that they are future ready with the Drafting Software for their investment.

Updates and Enhancement:

The Drafting Software we use must incorporate with the latest updates. The team should work dedicatedly round the clock in enhancing the software with the latest technology more and more.

Thus, for the best performance of the software, it must update with the latest technology available.

Computer aided drafting

Technical Support:

There should be prompt Technical support available for our help. We as an engineer, draftsman or anyone do not have splendid time to look over the software issues ourselves.

Better the support team, better for you as a customer. The technical team should also be prompt and engaged in keeping the customers updated with the latest technology.

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Drafting Software’s development brought a revolution in the manufacturing, designing and production industry. It helped the engineers and draftsman increasing their precision when compared to the manual process.

Now we have a much easy and safe documentation process. It reduced the cost of production and even making the job of the designer easy. Thus for a firm, the most vital decision is in investing in the correct software available.

There are many benefits of drafting software over manual drafting. They are interference checking, layouts, a database, accuracy in design and many others.

Drafting software provides the designer with the ability to perform engineering calculations efficiently. It also helps in advanced designing, which is hard to design manually with this level of accuracy.

There is a justification for every complication in the design with at most accuracy. Drafting software helps the customer to lower development costs and shorten the design cycle.

Finally, it enables designers to create a layout of their drawing. This allows them to print and save it for future editing.

Hence, think wisely before you buy your Cad Software because it decides the future of you and your company.

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Harshit Agarwala

A Mechanical Engineer Graduate from National Institute of Science and Technology. Currently working as Senior CAD Engineer and Channel Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific Region for ActCAD LLC, USA