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DWF Viewer:

DWF  is a design web format which is used for small, free application that you can use to view and print the files. A DWF viewer is developed by IntelliCAD. DWF viewer helps you to open and print the design. It compresses highly rich files, who needs to view, edit or print.

Opening a DWF file in ActCAD:

 How to open a DWF file in ActCAD:

you can open DWF files in ActCAD to view, print or edit the design.

follow the below steps to open DWF file:

  1. open ActCAD Software > click on Run as Administrator.
  2. Click on > open drawing it will show one dialogue box.
  3. select file type> .dwf and enter the file name> click ok.
  4. it will open the DWF file in ActCAD software.

this is the easy process from ActCAD to open the DWF file for designing or viewing.

DWF viewer

In ActCAD there is an inbuilt DWF viewer which is developed by ActCAD team. we can open any formats DWF file using the ActCAD software.

  • DWFX file

It is the advanced version of the DWF file format. The DWFx runs on XML platform, so we can view or print with XPS viewer and XPS viewer is a free programme which is distributed by windows operating system.

  • Differences

DWF and DWFX files are highly rich files to view or print over the internet for the review you can open a single drawing or multiple drawings at a time into a single DWF or DWFX files. you can read the markups, plotting,  change your drawings, change markup status and republish to DWF or DWFX  for further design.

DWFx files are larger than corresponding DWF file. you mostly use the DWFx file format to share the design data with viewers.

Features of DWF Viewer

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

ActCAD DWF Composer is built on the same technology as ActCAD DWF Viewer, with the same easy-to-use interface offering real-time pan and zoom, layers, and access to object sheet properties.

  • LightWeight

DWF viewer is alight weight and it opens highly rich designs. DWF Viewer is smaller and quicker and it is the interface you are familiar with.

  • More than a Viewer

Measures distance, tools, list, mass area properties, and property palate details, measure with snap and tracking to ensure accuracy, print with plot styles, plot to pdf/jpeg/png.

  • Multi-sheet Navigator

Intuitively navigate sheet sets in the Sheet Set Navigator window. Select from thumbnail, list, bookmark, and markup views to browse a multisheet sheet set faster and more easily view and print on paper.

  • Hyperlink Support

Jump between sheets and views when hyperlinks are used, to browse as easily as you browse a website.

  • Sheet and Object Properties

Access properties of objects in a drawing and review status in the Properties pane, which lists sheet properties like sheet name, drawing author, and timestamp; object properties like door size, height, and materials; and markup properties displaying reviewer name, status, history, and notes.

  •  Real-Time Pan and Zoom

Use real-time pan and zoom with PanAround™ mouse support to easily navigate sheets.

  • Layer Control

Turn layer visibility on or off to see only the design information you need.

what software used DWF Viewer

DWF ViewerAdvantages of sharing DWF file

Nowadays for may projects and for team members, DWF  viewer is the format of choice. DWF file enables industries, an organization to connect with typical designs, project, product and workflows without compromising the accuracy, security, and intent of the original drawing.

DWF Viewer :

  • Complete

  1. DWF is a plotted file view of a DWG. there is no need for object enables, special fonts etc. Many organizations and shops accept DWF viewer files like plot files.
  2. DWF Viewer can contain entire projects of drawings, especially easy when using ActCAD software to publish a single drawing or sheet set of drawings.
  3. The free ActCAD DWF viewer will automatically read all past Dwf files. In ActCAD we can view, print or edit the DWF files.
  • Connected

  1. DWF Viewer can connect to engineers, industries, suppliers, buyers, architects,  and subcontractors its high metadata to recognize the project, product information.
  2. In ActCAD DWF is a smaller, compressed native file compared to DWG files, making them easier to transmit over the internet in DWF viewer.
  3. DWF files can be generated from ActCAD Products using ActCAD DWF viewer. this can be viewed by a single user.
  • Secure

  1. DWF file is a read-only secure format.
  2. ActCAD user includes or excludes from a DWF file.
  • Open

  1. DWF  is an open file format.
  2.  ActCAD promotes the DWF specification and makes available C++ libraries for any developer who needs to develop the design in DWF file format.
  3. DWF is based on other industry standards such as XML, ZIP\ZLIB, JPG\PNG.

Comparison between DWF and DWG

DWF users can do more than just view the design. they can do more in DWF (which will not happen with DWG in a viewer). Designers can turn data into a live data warehouse that collaborates with other enterprises.

  • ActCAD viewers view all

  1. View both 2D and 3D models in ActCAD DWF viewer.
  2. Zoom and Pan, 3D orbit helps you with ease performance.
  3. View 3D design file models in hiding mode.
  4. DWF  viewer we can view proxy entity.
  5. In DWF viewer we can view image attached.
  6. Multiple language fonts supported in DWF viewer.

Difference between DWF viewer & PDF:


DWF Viewer



Design Web Format, is a secure web format which is used for highly rich design to view.Portable Document Format, a generic format designed for textual-based document exchange.

Basic Functionality

Enables team members who do not use CAD applications to participate in digital processes by viewing building, GIS, or product designs.Preserves document integrity and enable businesses to simplify document processes.

Publishable from ActCAD?

Yes. DWF creation is a built-in feature of IntelliCAD design applications such as ActCAD, ActCAD based products,  ActCAD, Viewer software. Users can “publish” rich design data with a single click.Yes. ActCAD 2007 has the ability to plot to PDF.

Scalability for Design Data?

Yes. The extensible and highly compressed print-ready format supports multiple pages and design intelligence.No. Limited compression not architect for large data sets or design intelligence.

High Precision for Design Data?

Yes. A DWF Viewer can go as high as 2,147,483,648 DPI. As such DWF can measure the continental USA with a precision of +/- 2.4 millimeters when using the maximum DPI and paper size settings.No. A PDF for the Adobe Reader is limited to 2,400 DPI.

Multi-sheet Drawing Sets?

Yes. The user can publish multi-sheet drawing sets from multiple DWG source files to a single DWF file automatically. DWF also preserves design coordinates and sheet properties.Yes, but with significantly longer publishing times and resource consumption than DWF.

3D Models?

Yes. 3D can be published from IntelliCAD design applications or captured from non-IntelliCAD OpenGL applications.Yes.

Contains Design Intelligence?

Yes. DWF files are more than an electronic plot and can contain sheet, object, component, and mass properties, as well as markup data. A DWF knows a door is a door.No. Extra data is limited to markup data only. To a PDF, a door is a collection of poly-lines.

Optimum File Compression for Designs?

Yes.No. PDF files are often three-times larger, straining bandwidth and system resources, and slowing publishing and viewing times.

Open Access, Extensible to Other Applications?

Yes. The DWF Toolkit enables users to develop applications that read or DWF writer multi-sheet DWF drawings for free. In addition, the free IntelliCAD DWF Viewer API makes it possible for end users to embed DWF drawings in HTML and Office applications, or for developers to customize the viewer for use in third-party applications.Yes, but the developer will have to purchase a license to the libraries to create a PDF in DWF Viewer.

Preserve CAD Layers?

Yes, DWF Viewer automatically publishes only those layers the author intended as defined by the ActCAD layout. For security purposes, layer information is not published unless selected by the author.Yes, but only with the additional purchase of Acrobat Professional. Uses a layer selection tool separate from the AutoCAD layout, which can lead to standards violations. Layer information is published by default, creating a security issue where end-users may print a document with critical layers inadvertently turned off.

Print to Scale?

Yes. DWF Viewer Supports printing of both 2D and 3D drawings maps and models.Yes, with some caveats on large format devices.

Supports Different Scales per Viewport?


Supports Merge Control?

Directly.Indirectly through 3rd party software. This can introduce printing issues.

ActCAD-Based Views?

Yes.No. Supported by the raw file format, but not exported by Acrobat Professional.


Yes, automatically published by the ActCAD family of products and IntelliCADNo. Manually published by the family of Autocad products


Yes, with the free IntelliCAD Design Review.Yes, with the additional purchase of Acrobat Professional.

Copy Protection?

Available via the free AutoShred-DWF application from Pinion Software.Yes.

Password Protection?


Raster Graphics?


 Vector Graphics?


Free Viewer Available?

DWF Viewer (17MB download).
Design Review (27MB download).
Yes (20MB download).

Viewer Already Installed?

Possibly. Over 12 million users have downloaded and installed the free IntelliCAD DWF Viewer.Likely.


Windows; Other platforms supported via Project Freewheel and other third-party solutions.Windows, Pocket PC, Symbian, Palm, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris.


[Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish]Acrobat Reader: 30


                DWF viewer increase efficiency, enhance communication, reduce costs, improved performance, view, markup and annotate, Track and import changes and print.

It changes with your extended team and stakeholders, even if they don’t have the original design software. In ActCAD opens and views high-resolution drawings, maps, and models.

It measures parts, areas, surfaces, and dimensions for more accurate communication. You can add comments, information, and changes back to original design software to complete the review cycle.

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