DWG Converter: The Perfect Solution for your Conversion in 2019

DWG Converter Introduction:

DWG Converter an effective tool for every CAD user for conversion of one DWG file format to another file format. This converter is a binary file format that used for storing two-dimensional or three-dimensional data.

It was created in the 1970s and was developed later in 1980s. The DWG files created by the CAD applications are used by architects, engineers, technical consultants.

The DWG files contain the vector image data that provides some instructions in terms of code on how to display the data onscreen.

DWG files contain all the data that a client puts in a CAD drawing.

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This information can include:

  • Designs
  • Geometric information
  • Maps and photographs

The .dwg document format is a standout amongst the most usually utilized file formats, found in about each outline condition.


DWG design is a standout amongst the most well-known configurations of CAD drawings, upheld by a dominant part of CAD programs. It is utilized for storing 2D and 3D drawings.

All the time drawings are utilized for making virtual introductions or distributing on the internet browser for demonstration purposes.

Such a need requires more typical picture arrangement, supported by internet browsers, with the goal that clients would have the capacity to see it on the web.

It is sensible to convert DWG drawings into JPEG or PNG format. When working with drawings it is critical not to contort their content, converted files ought to indistinguishable from their original sources.

DWG converter is precisely such a program, giving with the high-quality transformation of DWG files into one of the accompanying formats.


  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • SVG
  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • PLT
  • PNG
  • WMF
  • EMF
  • CGM
  • DXF

The DWG converter with such a wide selection of configurations for transformation fundamentally expands the openness or accessibility to drawings, making it compatible with any image viewer, internet browser or graphics editor.

DWG Converter was extraordinarily made to convert CAD drawings into distinctive realistic configurations or graphic drawings with the least endeavors and efforts required from CAD user.

You don’t have to know and learn any technical aspects or have some other exceptional aptitudes for using DWG converter, it is clear and straightforward, similar to any standard application that utilized each day in the CAD industry.

Regardless of such effortlessness used, the DWG converter offers a remarkable bundle of highlights and features, permitting bringing in DWG files into different domains, as well as changing their realistic attributes and even alter measurements, paper size and significantly more to get the outcomes most reasonable for user’s necessities.

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DWG converter is generally an option for any engineer or technical consultant for conversion of one file format to another like DWG to PDF, DWG to DXF etc.

It solves the problem of using any other online DWG converter for conversion to the required format. While converting the DWG to PDF, Enables the user to secure its confidential data in PDF format.

Thus it gives assurance of security of drawing data and prevents any editing or modification. Conversion of DWG to DWF enables a user to print, view, and review design information from a drawing file format.

Conversion of DWG to image gives the user the chance for converting the technical drawing to a visual image


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DWG converter enables the CAD user to convert a file format to the required file format.

1.DWG to PDF:

It converts the DWG file to PDF file format(.pdf extension) through DWG Converter ensuring any misusage of confidential files by editing or modifying any entity in the industry.

2.PDF to DWG:

It converts the document file format to drawing file so that any mistakes or errors in the drawings corrected. Any modification of entity data as per requirement made.

3.DWG to DXF:

It converts the drawing file to DXF format so that it can exchange data between different CAD applications.

Suppose in a company for developing a CAD model software is used and thus for analysis of model another software is used.

Thus to translate the exact set of data between software DXF format used.

4.DWG to DWF:

It converts the drawing file format to DWF format for printing, view, and reviewing the information.

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DWG Converter:

DWG files are broadly utilized as a part of the CAD business. In any case, the normal CAD work process requires attracting documents to passed between associates with various CAD programs, with varying CAD abilities.

This can include converting the DWG drawing into different formats like DXF, or changing over image documents and PDFs into DWG.

The change stages or conversion permutations are various.

Here are a couple of mainstream record changes including DWG; it needs to clarify when and why somebody would require such a file conversion, and offer a couple of suggestions for the procedure.

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Convert DWG to DXF through DWG Converter —and vice versa:

This includes opening the DWG file in CAD software and saving it as a DXF file. The primary most situation is to receive CAD drawing files in the DXF file format.

The DXF file format is a drawing exchange file and is regularly utilized for sharing drawing information between CAD programs.

You can directly stack DXF documents specifically into any CAD program, however, if your CAD program doesn’t support DWG, you’ll first need to convert it to DWG format utilizing a file converter or any CAD software with inbuilt DWG converter.

It’s an amazingly straightforward process, which involves opening the DWG file in the software with inbuilt DWG converter and saving it as DXF file.

There are two other CAD file formats that are available– DXB (a binary file utilized for plotting) and DWF (a publishing file used for distributing designs and drawings over the Internet).


The steps followed for conversion are the same. Do take note of that the DWF can’t completely recover or converted into a standard DWG drawing. The converted yield won’t have the full pre-vision of the original.

While converting between CAD files, the user must check what CAD object types supported by the DWG Converter software.

The user will guarantee it safeguards the majority of the elements in the drawing, for example, arcs, polylines, font types, curves, embedded images and so forth.

Likewise, it should be noted to characterize the treatment of these entities, for instance, DWG Converter enables you to pick whether to convert curves into splines or numerous arc segments, contingent upon your CAD software prerequisite.

Convert DWG to PDF through DWG Converter:

If the user has a DWG drawing file that has to imparted or shared to associates, colleagues or companions on the web, PDF files are the approach.

Everybody can see PDF files utilizing a free dwg viewer file, and they are easy to annotate. You can convert DWG to PDF within CAD software having an inbuilt DWG converter.

A feature that will prove to useful during DWG to PDF conversion the capacity to incorporate metadata (title, keywords, add bookmarks, and so on.), with the goal that your PDF is accessible and listed.

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Convert PDF to DWG:

Let’s consider the reverse scenario – receiving a PDF drawing format. PDF files are drawings that can read-only, so it is not a suitable file format if the recipient needs to edit the drawings directly.

In order to edit PDF file, you have to first convert it to the DWG file format.

The first question to consider while converting PDF files to DWG is whether the PDF files contain raster or vector information. Vector information is easy to extract, raster information less easy to extract.

In the latter case, the conversion software i.e the DWG converter has to convert images to vector format first. Which brings us to the next conversion process.

Lots of CAD users use DWG/DXF files as an intermediary file format. It also supports conversion of DWG to PNG, DWG to JPEG format.

Convert image files to DWG:

This file conversion is common when you have a printed version or hard copy of drawing that you would like to digitize.

By checking, scanning and converting over the outline or sketch into DWG format. You can reuse entities of the drawing and save time creating the drawing sans preparation from scratch.

This is the hardest sort of conversion of all as includes tracing the picture and replicating with new CAD entities.

This procedure called raster to vector conversion or image tracing.

Using the DWG converter the images are converter DWG file format. Various editing tools are available in DWG converter which eases up the conversion procedure to a great extent.

After converting the image to DWG, you can edit the vector using DWG converter complete suite of vector editing tools.

Convert DWG to an older version format

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Say you acquire a drawing from a vendor in DWG 2013 document layout. But you are using any old CAD software version on your computer.

To open the drawing, you would need to convert the DWG document into an older version of DWG. DWG Converter can deal to convert And documents among versions R2.5 to R2018.

DWG converter can handle all of the file conversions mentioned above. The converter allows you to convert any file into DWG without opting for any other online converters or using separate.

DWG converter software packages and the resulting file can use with any CAD program just like any other drawing file.

It is always a good option to go with CAD software. Which has an inbuilt DWG converter for making conversions from one file format to another convenient.

Using available online DWG converter or purchasing another DWG converter package is not the easy and right solution.

Such usage DWG converter would provoke the chance of security invasion since one cannot get the assurance that information safeguarded.

So, it poses a high threat of files getting affected by viruses.

ACTCAD DWG Converter:

ActCAD is a 2D Drafting, Designing and 3D Modeling CAD software supposed for Engineers, Architects, Designers and other technical consultants.

It is a local DWG & DXF CAD software to create and edit drawings. Productive tools like DWG converter, raster to vector converter. Batch file converter, units converter and plenty of different productivity enhancement equipment.

All DWG/DXF variations from R2.5 to 2018 supported in ActCAD. It has an ActCAD converter that can convert DWG files to DXF or DGN file format in the add-ons tabs.

You can either choose a single file or a number of files for conversion. After selecting you can select the location for storing the converted file format.

Thus the required file format can use according to the need. ActCAD supports DGN, DWG, DXF file formats. It can open DGN file and save them as DWG or DWG files.

Now it is the choice of the users whether to choose software with inbuilt DWG converter which will save time and money or buy any additional software for conversion process which will make the entire process clumsy and uneconomical.

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