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PDF TO DWG Converter:

PDF to DWG Converter is one of the most well-known file formats across the world. Practically every device in the market can support PDFs, making the format compatible for exchanging documents and design information.

However, while PDF files are easy to view, editing or modifying them is much trickier. If you wish to make changes in your design (edit, use, or re-purpose)  or any elements within it,  you’ll need to convert it to a vector image format.

Converting PDF to DWG means that you can edit your design in many of the most popular CAD Programs, including AutoCAD and ActCAD.

In this blog, you will get to know about various facts of converting any PDF to DWG.

Here you can find out the different ways/methods how can you convert a PDF to DWG. This can be done with a comprehensive study of each method and its pros and cons.PDF to DWG

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PDF File:

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PDF, or Portable Document Format, is one of the most commonly used file formats in the world. It is a standard file format for document exchange due to its compatibility with the devices.

PDF files are also popular in the CAD and design field due to their ability to store both raster and vector elements.

It doesn’t matter what hardware or operating system you’re using. PDF files will maintain the same data and formatting across devices.

If we look into many CAD file formats, PDF has the added advantage of being viewable without any specialist software.

All you need is a PDF Reader. You can view it in your PC, Tab or mobiles whenever you want.

PDF has the ability to support both raster and vector elements and smaller file size. ThesePDFs are a perfect choice for displaying the original design without any alterations.

You can even add comments or remarks to a PDF, making the format a useful part of the CAD workflow.

Moreover, it’s good for security reasons also, You can easily make it password-protected file so that only the intended user can see the drawing, Hence it provides flexibility to manage your files easily and keeping them safe and secure.

Moreover, how you can convert PDF to DWG you will get to know in the subsequent paragraphs.

DWG File:
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DWG (Drawing) is the native file format for AutoCAD, One of the popular CAD software in the market. Anyone who has ever worked with CAD will be familiar with this format.

DWG (from the drawing) is a proprietary binary file format used for storing 2D & 3D design data and metadata.

It is the native format for several CAD packages including, AutoCAD, ActCAD, ProgeCAD etc.

It was created around the 1980s. The DWG files created by the CAD applications are used by Interior designers, architects, engineers, technical consultants.

The vector image data that the DWG file contains, provides some instructions in terms of code. This tells us how to display the data onscreen. DWG boasts as one of the broadest range of features of any vector file type.

It is capable of supporting the full range of vector entities including elements specific to some CAD software, such as dynamic blocks and allows for both 2D and 3D graphics.

A DWG file is also usually smaller in size than an equivalent DXF file, mainly due to its binary makeup. The ubiquity of DWG amongst CAD users means that the vast majority of designers will be familiar with this format.

Nonetheless, though designed to be used with CAD Software, there are now many ways to view and edit DWG files including conversion from PDF to DWG.

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PDF to DWG Converter: 

PDF is the best and perfect format for sharing your designs. It is safe in the knowledge that any collaborators will be seen exactly, no matter what their operating system, hardware or software is.

However, it hits a major stumbling block when it comes to editing. PDFs are mainly very difficult to edit. That means they need to be converted to another format in order to edit.pdf to dwg converter free download for windows xp

Another issue is that PDF files can store both raster and vector elements. The raster elements in a PDF are, by nature, not easily editable.

In addition, their quality depends on the resolution at which they are displayed. When you alter the scale or zoom in, the image will lose definition and appear blurry which is not clearly visible.

Meanwhile, though PDFs can display some vector elements, the range of available entities is very limited. Most of the vector image editing software is incapable of editing PDF files.

In this case, if some CAD software has inbuilt functionality to convert any PDF to DWG. ActCAD is able to convert both the raster and vector elements in a PDF to DWG format. It ensures that you are able to edit the entire file.

By converting the PDF to DWG, you can also scale the image, and edit and reuse individual elements.

Comparison Between Manual Tracing and Automatic Tracing:

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Manual Tracing:

This process involves tracing over the entire image by hand. This can be done by using a mouse to trace over every line, or by using a tablet and graphics pen to draw over the raster.

This process has quite a few advantages. It has the added benefit of human understanding being the driving force behind it—conversion software won’t be able to figure out what a faded line means, and will just ignore it, whereas you have the knowledge of what the drawing should look like.

This means that you can work with images of any quality because you’re familiar with the drawing or you can make a well-informed guess.

There are a few setbacks to this process, however, as it can be very long and strenuous. The more complex the image is, the more time it will take.

Plus, despite the higher level of understanding, humans are still rather inaccurate—a computer is efficient and precise by comparison.

Automatic Tracing:

This process makes use of raster-to-vector conversion which detects the lines and edges of your raster image and redraws them as vector lines, curves, polygons, and other vector entities.

It has many advantages over manual tracing: for starters, it is a very speedy process—Scan2CAD takes mere seconds to convert! Meanwhile, OCR tools are perfect for dealing with any text that may appear in your PDF file and can convert it to editable text.

If you’re at the mercy of tight deadlines, and you’re working with relatively simple raster images, it’s definitely beneficial to make use of automatic conversion software.

Why you should avoid online converters:

Businesses on the go can’t halt production when files need to be translated. You need something safe, quick and reliable.

So what are your options? With abundant online converters, it’s tempting to simply perform a Google search and convert your file. But what are you opening up your business and private files to?

Safety Concerns:

Online PDF to DWG file converters boast high levels of safety but can you trust them? Most converters require you to upload your file to their server and then download the converted file. They leave you open to the possibility of carrying viruses and trojans to your computer or business server.
Further, online converters make assurances to keep your information safe. Do you really want to take the chance with sensitive and private files?

Not so easy to use:

In order to convert your file, many online converters require far too many hoops to jump through. Most require a membership which requires you to enter all your information to their server. They make you open up to unwanted e-mails from their service.

Once signed up, online converters do not always offer support for their products. They leave the users frustrated and making file conversion much longer than it should be.

So there should be software that can pride themselves on their high level of support and the fastest response time in the industry, generally responding on average within two hours.

Don’t always support large file sizes:

CAD files are large and pose compression difficulties during file conversion. Online file converters are not always equipped to handle specialized files like CAD. So, many customers turn to a CAD software which offers reliable CAD file conversion like PDF to DWG  Converter while keeping images to scale.

While online converters seem like a convenient solution and do have their place. ActCAD has inbuilt conversion software and tools. They provide peace of mind to businesses with their reliability, security and high level of support.

With the strong demand for conversion, a myriad of online PDF to DWG converters have appeared. Each of them claims to offer totally free conversion with great results, with no need to download any software.

However, it’s important to be wary of what online converters claim. Online conversion tools simply can’t offer the same processing power as a piece of software running locally on your PC could.

Without this extra power, online converters end up sacrificing the quality of their vector output, and some online tools use very simplistic methods for converting from raster to vector.

The end result is that you won’t be able to properly edit the converted vector image. This makes it useless in CAD software.

The online PDF to DWG converters are usually a waste of time. And still, they can also expose you to security and privacy risks. Security is paramount.

So let’s talk about a CAD Software which has an inbuilt functionality of conversion.

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ActCAD 2019 Professional CAD Software: 

ActCAD(inbuilt PDF to DWG)  is a popular and pretty nice 2D CAD drafting and 3D modeling CAD software used by architects, engineers, interior exterior designers,  professionals and in many Industries.

It is based on the latest IntelliCAD  Technology Consortium (ITC), Wintopo, ODA Teigha Libraries, ACIS 3D Kernel etc. ActCAD uses the recently released version of IntelliCAD 8.4b  to offer the best performance to its customers.

ActCAD software contains many important tools like  CAD converters like PDF to DWG, raster to vector and many more block libraries and which have blocks belonging to different domains in Mechanical, electrical, civil, architects etc.

According to the customer’s satisfaction, It is one of the leading CAD software. Full Functionality perpetual licensing and that too at an affordable price is the efficacious feature of ActCAD. It is driving the world towards it and has emerged as a powerful firm.

Conversion of PDF to DWG in ActCAD is very easy. You can select any PDF file to convert it from PDF to DWG or vice-versa.

We know to edit a PDF file is not an easy task and when it comes about a design. You can’t keep more effort with the confidential of that design.

So, basically what we need is a CAD software where this function should be inbuilt in itself. So, the user will not have to look after any other outside resources for converting PDF to DWG or other conversions.

Steps to convert PDF to DWG:

It involves 3 simple steps, you can go one by one.

  1. Open ActCAD and click on ” open PDF to Edit.

any pdf to dwg converter

2. Select the PDF file to  convert from PDF to DWG

pdf to dwg converter online

3. After selecting the PDF file, click on open it will be converted to DWG.

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After discussing the conversion of PDF to DWG  on the basis of various points we can conclude that the ActCAD software is the best option available for you to convert your files.

The confidentiality, security, standard of drawing and accuracy is maintained by CAD software with an embedded CAD Converters.

We can keep our drawings and open it in other devices. This is because almost every device is capable of opening a pdf file. This feature provided by the ActCAD.

So we can easily say that  ActCAD is more user-friendly and provides more flexibility to the user and more superior than other CAD software in many aspects and we can clearly visible from the above discussion.

It increases the turnover of industries and is proved as an asset to them. No matter if we talk about the cost, features, reliability everywhere ActCAD is leading. Dwg or Dxf, Raster PDF & Scanned PDF.

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