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  • ActCAD 2020 BIM

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  • Includes all features of ActCAD 2020 Professional
  • Architectural Objects like Walls, Doors, Windows, Roofs, Slabs etc.
  • Structural objects like Steel sections
  • BIM tabs in Tool Palettes
  • Support for attaching underlays for RVT, IFC and RFA files
  • 2D Sections and Elevations from 3D objects
  • Convert Polylines to Walls with one click
  • Right mouse click options to Rotate Views
  • BIMATTACH command to attach BIM model as custom object
  • BIMPANE command to open the BIM pane to interact with BIM model
  • BIMPANECLOSE command to close the BIM pane
  • BIMIMPORT command to import BIM model and split it into TA objects where possible
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ActCAD 2020 BIM is a new product introduced by us this year. It has all the features of ActCAD 2020 Professional in addition to BIM realted features. It natively works on dwg & dxf file formats and supports many other file formats like STEP, IGES, DGN, PDF, etc. ActCAD BIM also support for attaching underlays for RVT, IFC and RFA files. This product is built on top of latest IntelliCAD 9.2 engine and ODA 4.3 libraries. Walls, windows, doors, stairs, roofs, slabs, floors, steel sections etc. are available as commands. Additional BIM tabs available in Tool Palettes apart from regular options. Licenses are perpetual and globally valid. Shift license between computers any number of times using self-license transfer option. Get sectional views and elevations very easily from 3D views. You can convert any polyline to wall with one click.

What you can do in ActCAD BIM?

  • Draw Architectural Elements: Create walls, doors, windows, railings, roofs, slabs, sections, etc. as native ADT objects in drawings.
  • Convert ADT data: Access ADT objects and converting them into desired format.
  • Work with native ADT data: Access, display, edit and create ADT objects.
  • View BIM files as external underlays: Attach .ifc, .rvt and .rfa files in ActCAD BIM.
  • Control BIM underlay visibility: Control object visibility by level, object type and individual component using the BIM pane.
  • Snap to BIM underlays: Pull accurate distances from points in BIM underlays or trace or draw on top of BIM underlays in custom applications.
  • Explode BIM geometry into mesh primitives: Explode BIM underlay geometry into ActCAD primitives for editing.
  • Convert between BIM formats: Convert between ADT formats .rvt, .rva and .ifc.

New Features of ActCAD CAD Software

  •  IntelliCAD 9.2 & ODA 4.3 Libraries
  •  Native support of DWG 2018 & 2019
  •  All New user interface with modern Black Theme
  •  Attach digital signatures to .dwg files and validate them
  •  Command options are now clickable in the command bar
  •  Native DWG & DXF Support : All Versions
  •  Introduced a Start Page while starting Act IntelliCAD
  •  Clean Screen On/Off in the status bar to hide most UI items
  •  Block Manager tool palette to manage Blocks between drawings
  •  Many new commands like resetui, cui, wssave, gradient etc.
  •  Introduced new in-place Block Editor for easy block editing
  •  New System Variable Manager to manage system variables

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