actcad 2020 professional
  • ActCAD 2020 Professional Upgrade from 2019

  •   4.9 (153 reviews)
  • Categories : 2D & 3D CAD Software
  • Currency : USD
  • Price :   $ 99
  • Latest IntelliCAD 9.1 Engine
  • Introducing Tool Palettes
  • Sysvar Manager directly inside ActCAD
  • Attach Digital Signature to DWG file & Validate it
  • Free Technical Support - Dedicated phone queue & support tickets
  • ActCAD compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 & above
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ActCAD 2020 Professional is a fully functional 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling CAD Software. ActCAD works on native DWG & DXF file formats. License valid for life-time and can be used in any Country.. ActCAD is meant for Engineers, Architects and other technical consultants. ActCAD is a native DWG & DXF CAD software to create and edit drawings. ActCAD is based on the technologies from IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC), ODA Libraries, ACIS 3D Kernel, Wintopo, ps2edit etc. ActCAD uses the most recently released version of IntelliCAD cad software to offer the best performance and features to its users. ActCAD as many add-on commands and features supplementing core IntelliCAD making ActCAD more productive than its competition. In addition, ActCAD CAD Software includes many other tools like Block Libraries (in the domains of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural, P &IDs etc.), Batch file converter, Units converter and many other productivity enhancement tools. ActCAD can open the .dgn file formats and saving them to dwg/dxf file formats. All dwg/dxf versions from R2.5 to 2018 are supported.

New Features of ActCAD CAD Software

  •  IntelliCAD 9.1 & ODA 4.2 Libraries
  •  Artisan Professional 3D Rendering Module
  •  New Hatch Dialog with Gradient Support
  •  Export 3D PDF to view 3D data in free PDF readers
  •  Improved performance to Create & Edit Blocks
  •  Native DWG & DXF Support : All Versions
  •  ActCAD Quick Start Guide
  •  New GATTE Command to edit Group Attributes
  •  New LHSECTIONS command with 1 click Drawing creation from CSV data
  •  New high resolution PDF Printer with Gradient Hatch Print support
  •  Many new commands like AIDIMFILPARROW, TCASE, TEXTFIT, TJUST, DIM etc.
  •  Many File Formats : DWG, DXF, DGN, DWF, SVG, PDF, OBJ, Images etc.

ActCAD 2020 Video (IntelliCAD 9.1)