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    ActCAD Rail Road Sections V3.0

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The railroad section software designing involves several concepts to be considered in which we find banking and cutting of the railway section playing an integral part. In the practical scenario, during the preliminary surveying, the auto-level used takes the coordinates of the area marking up the troughs and depressions with respect to the mean sea level considered.

These coordinates are further noted down and processed on an excel sheet which is later produced as a drawing format. Again the manual drafting of the drawing in CAD platform (replacing the stereotype hand drawings) requires lots of hard work and man-hours to produce the final output. Even after the careful and logical drafting of the railroad section plans there is the margin of errors.

In order to reduce the hassle experienced in manual drafting with errors, ActCAD v3.0 RailRoad Section software has incorporated the Banking and Cutting Module that just takes the coordinates from the Auto-Level in the Excel Format and drafts down the points to CAD Drawing with just a simple click. And as it is an automated process, you can be assured to have precision and error-free CAD Drawing output.

Top Reasons To Choose ActCAD v3.0 Rail Road Section Software

  • Very Low Price
  • Cost Effective
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Powered by IntelliCAD
  • Reducing Man/ Work Hours
  • Fast and Reliable Drafting
  • Eliminating Manual Drafting
  • Minimizing Margin of Errors
  • No Skillful Experience Required

ActCAD v3.0 Rail Road Section software

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Banking of Rail Road Section

The coordinates obtained from the Auto Level gives the draftsman the general idea to manage the depths and troughs in the proposed area where the railway track has to be constructed. It also gives the coordinates corrected up to the level where the track can be laid on a plane surface.

These coordinates are then taken down to the CAD platform for drafting and based on the Levels created, the areas and volumes of the depression fillings and troughs removal are calculated. Then after the proposed formation level is decided over the chainage of the track. These all information are laid down on the model space of a CAD Platform to come up with the railroad sections.

ActCAD v3.0 Rail Road Sections eases the work as you just have to find the coordinates correct; rest area calculation, volume calculation and proposed Formation Level of the Rail Road Section is automatically drafted by software in a fraction of seconds.

Cutting Of Rail Road Section

Cutting of Rail Road section refers to the area of the earth dug down to lay the railway track on a plane surface. This cutting of railroad section software depends on the pre-existing ground level available in the area of construction. The coordinates of the level of excavation up to the proposed levels are again obtained from the Auto Level.

These coordinates are then listed and processed on to an excel sheet. After several calculations with respect to the coordinates recorded, the area of the earth to be dug out and the volume of the excavation is estimated. These all things if manually done takes a lot of time and uses many skillful brains to work out the railroad section.

In such scenario, ActCAD v3.0 RailRoad Section software comes out very handy. No more skillful brains required. Record the coordinates and let the knowledge-based engineered software do the work automatically.

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