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ActCAD is a fully-loaded Indian cad software developed primarily in India. ActCAD is a native dwg, dxf CAD software and support many other file formats such as dgn, stl, collada etc. ActCAD uses latest IntelliCAD engine as its back end with several add-ons. There are many features are improvements in this Indian CAD software to make it more productive and user friendly.

ActCAD Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a registered Indian Company which holds professional memberships in many Organizations like IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, 3D Spatial for ACIS kernel, ODA etc. It has the main development center in Hyderabad, India to develop Indian CAD Software i.e., ActCAD.

Below are some of the improvements in ActCAD Indian CAD Software:

  • ActCAD Auditor and Batch Converter
  • Dr.KLN Drawings Converter for PDF and PS files
  • Table Feature
  • Arc Aligned Text
  • Import Points Cloud Data from CSV
  • Capture points to CSV

ActCAD CAD Software is available in both 64bit and 32bit versions. It is recommended to use our 64bit versions in order get best performance. Also, to suit the user requirements, the Indian CAD Software is available in below variants:

  • ActCAD Professional - 64bit & 32bit (for Windows Vista and above)
  • ActCAD Standard - 64bit & 32bit (for Windows Vista and above)
  • ActCAD Classic - 64bit & 32bit (for Windows XP and above)

cad software

ActCAD 2019 Professional

2D & 3D CAD Solution


ActCAD 2019 Professional

$399 $299

What is CAD Software ?

CAD! An acronym that stands and abbreviates for Computer Aided Design or Computer Assisted Design. It is often referred to as CADD where it speaks about Computer Aided Design and drafting. CAD Software out stands as one of the most important asset to any engineering, consultancy or other technical firms. In this era of technology driven systems and processes, CAD Software has evolved to be the best partner to an engineer as it replaced the tiresome manual drafting with an automated process of doing the same.

CAD Software gave the new angle to visualize an engineer’s plan before it was getting actualized. It now gave the power to analyze and explore the design ideas and feasibility condition of the plan in the real world. CAD Software provided the platform to engineers where they could draft down their imagination, photo-realistically render and walk through the models and come out with best of their kinds based on the requirement. The use of cad software has also marginalized the errors in the drawings that was very common in case of manual drafting. Now the CAD Software generated files could be saved, preserved and shared without the fear of data loss or mishandling of the data.

The main objective of coming out with a technology that was coined as cad software were as follows:

  • Minimizing the time frame of a project
  • Increasing the productivity of the Designer
  • Improving the Communication with better documentation power
  • Creation of Database
  • Analysis, Modification and Optimization of a Design

The first CAD Software was developed by Autodesk named AutoCAD. With comparison to the product from Autodesk, many other organizations evolved which also provided the same CAD Platform to work on. Whether the drafting may be in two dimensional (2D) or three dimensional (3D), whether the user is a Mechanical Engineer or a Civil Engineer or an Electrical Engineer; the prime requirement is a CAD Software. CAD Software now have a large diversity of products based on nature of work, suiting with the engineering background of the professional etc.

In this article, we would be discussing about the different aspects of choosing the best CAD Software that needs to be analyzed before moving forward to own a CAD Software.

Types of CAD Software :

Talking about the CAD, two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) CAD are the most commonly used types of CAD.

Two Dimensional CAD: Two dimensional CAD is the most familiar one with all the users. The 2D CAD Models are two-dimensional drawings, flat which provide overall layouts, dimensions and information that is needed to reproduce a subject. These type of drawings are widely available in the industries like aerospace, landscaping, civil engineering, interior design etc. 2D CAD is also accepted vividly in the sectors of fashion designing. Very Low Price : With Full Features & Functions. Export 2D PDF and .bmp files from drawing. ActCAD offers Full LifeTime Validity after purchasing the ActCAD CAD Software License. There is no need of renewal. ActCAD will not offer any renewal packs.

Three Dimensional CAD: Comparing with 2D CAD, Three dimensional CAD also has the same uses as that of 2D CAD. But still 3D CAD is having a distinction as it makes the subject more informative, with greater detail about the components of a physical object individually. 3D CAD tools available in the CAD Software which enables us of making 3D objects and models, has improved graphic display capabilities. These feature allows us to create 3D realistic images with the use of 3D CAD Software. It also has the capabilities of applying multiple light sources, rendering designs from different angles and rotate them in any three dimensions.

Aspects to choose the Best CAD Software:

Assessing your Needs: In the myriad of CAD Software applicable to different segments of engineering, the first and foremost criteria to choose the best CAD Software is its need assessment. Need Assessment now includes choosing the software based on its intended user. As discussed earlier about the types of CAD software available, the user first analyses its suitable CAD Software based on the industry it is working in. The CAD software are now available with dedicated package for civil, mechanical, electrical etc

If you are an architect and you are finding a CAD software, then the primary feature you would be looking forward is that whether the CAD Software includes a block library. Additional feature, they also look forward to an advanced 3D rendering tool that would allow them to walk through the model and analyze the sustainability of the subject in the real world

If you are a civil engineer, you would look forward to use the CAD Software to access the dimensions of the subjects and have a complete layout of the floor plan. If the CAD Software includes some of 2D CAD tools like Mark Up, DWG viewer, importing and exporting DWG Files (of different version), PDF conversion tool etc., this features would really count up on choosing the CAD Software for yourself.

Always count on a trial version of the software. Some companies restrict some of the option and provide only limited feature in the CAD Software. So the user is not able to test the software completely before making the decision.

ActCAD provides fully functional free trial version of ActCAD 2019 Professional ensuring the users to access its full features before deciding to own it. With this the user gets full clarity and confidence on the capability of the CAD Software after the purchase.

ActCAD 2019 Video (IntelliCAD 8.4b)

ActCAD IntelliCAD 8.4a autocad alternative cad software program

Engineers when look forward to share and access file with associates or clients, the commonly used file format is either PDF, DWG, PNG, JPEG, DWF, DXF etc. As all CAD Software takes the common input of .DWG file, there is no hassles faced. But the situation arises whether the CAD Software grants access to open a file of all versions of DWG. If not then what to do? ActCAD 2019 Professional also has the answer for the issue. ActCAD incorporates a feature called ActCAD Converter which allows the user to convert and save existing DWG/DXF version to any desired DWG/DXF Version. As ActCAD is a native DWG/ DXF software, there is no fear for data loss.

CAD Software is available with a variety of Licensing Options; Perpetual License, Subscription based License, Territorial Licenses etc. CAD Software with perpetual license are preferred comparatively more among the other licensing options available. The user gets assured to the use software without any worry of territorial restrictions and gets a permanent and Lifetime License. However they have the option to upgrade their existing software with the latest one available.

ActCAD provides perpetual licenses which globally accessible and valid for lifetime.

Determining the Budget: As the market and diversity of the CAD Software is huge, same is the confusion and decision factor of choosing the best CAD Software with a correct price tag. The user has to determine its budget to be invested as it CAD Software is one of the essential asset to a firm or individual. CAD Software with an array of products attached with a price tag ranges from a simple 2D CAD Software (priced relatively less to advanced CAD Software) to full featured and advanced tools options included CAD Software. So the user has to plan for his CAD Software that would suit to it work practices and reflects its professional needs.

Its Add-on features like Audit Drawings, Extracting Block Attributes, Capturing CAD Points to CSV,P & ID Label text etc with Express Tools makes the work for the CAD Software engineer easy and comfortable.

ActCAD 2019 Professional lists an USP of the software i.e. Self License Transfer. With the availability of the feature, the user now can shift his license from one PC to another irrespective of his location. Self License Transfer: Just he needs to deactivate from the existing PC and activate in another desired PC to make the ActCAD 2019 Professional as per his or her convenient location. You can get the detailed overview of the feature from the image attached below.

Operational and Technical Criteria: Now the user is half way done choosing the best suitable CAD Software. He also looks forward for some technical assistance and assurance that can gain his confidence on the CAD Software and creates a win win situation both for the user as well as the CAD application Company. The user relies on the Support Team of the CAD Software to have its issues and bugs fixed in a quick time frame. Technical Support team plays an additional role as a deciding factor to the best CAD Software.

ActCAD 2019 Professional CAD Software provides a free and prompt technical support. It also has a dedicated technical support team which ensures to resolve the issue faced by the user in a quick time frame.

Conclusion : Choosing the Best CAD Software one of the most important and vital investment for a firm. ActCAD helps to make your professional projects real by providing a quality and best software. You will get the lifetime validity licenses without any renewals and without any support packs. Among the entire CAD design software ActCAD is useful for 2D drafting and 3D modeling with advanced features, toolbar's, and familiar interface. Our ActCAD software had been using by experienced engineers. There is much other software in the market but ActCAD bridges the gap between both capability and price. Many CAD software are available in the market like AutoDesk, but picking out the right one is difficult. ActCAD gives the right solution for many professional CAD software users. IntelliCAD has been nourishing many CAD software but the one I find to be the Best Software is ActCAD. ActCAD works on latest IntelliCAD 8.4b with many improvements, advanced features & bug fixes. ActCAD Software are available for Architecture, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, MEP etc. ActCAD has been successfully excelling the chart of the CAD Software with all-round performance. With its Add-on Features, Express Tools and Licensing Flexibility; it has been the highest recommended software by many users world wide. As said earlier about its licensing mechanism and being feature-rich , helps it stand out from the rest and I chose it to be the best CAD Software among all. It also has a dedicated development team which will give their best to work on CAD program as per the requirement from the user. Comparing to other CAD software, ActCAD is one the best CAD design software to save your software cost.

Though ActCAD is an Indian CAD Software, it is available all over the World at very low prices. ActCAD CAD Software supports 13 International languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, German, French etc.

Contact us today for more information and avail the advantages of Indian CAD Software technology.