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actcad intellicad cad software advantages

Indian cad software

Indian CAD Software

ActCAD is a fully-loaded Indian CAD Software developed primarily in India. ActCAD is a native dwg, dxf CAD software and support many other file formats such as dgn, stl, collada etc. ActCAD uses latest IntelliCAD engine as its back end with several add-ons. There are many features are improvements in this Indian CAD software to make it more productive and user friendly. Below are some of the improvements in ActCAD Indian CAD Software:

  • ActCAD Auditor and Batch Converter
  • Dr.KLN Drawings Converter for PDF and PS files
  • Table Feature
  • Arc Aligned Text
  • Import Points Cloud Data from CSV
  • Capture points to CSV
  • Export Block Attributes to Excel with one click
  • P&ID Label maker
  • Change Number Text Values
  • Raster to Vector converter
  • Units Converter
  • Breakline and many more

ActCAD Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a registered Indian Company which holds professional memberships in many Organizations like IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, 3D Spatial for ACIS kernel, ODA etc. It has the main development center in Hyderabad, India to develop Indian CAD Software i.e., ActCAD.

ActCAD CAD Software is available in both 64bit and 32bit versions. It is recommended to use our 64bit versions in order get best performance. Also, to suit the user requirements, the Indian CAD Software is available in below variants:

  • ActCAD Professional - 64bit & 32bit (for Windows Vista and above)
  • ActCAD Standard - 64bit & 32bit (for Windows Vista and above)
  • ActCAD Classic - 64bit & 32bit (for Windows XP and above)

Below are the unique advantages of Indian made CAD Software, ActCAD:

  • 100% Genuine & Legal
  • Global validity of Licenses
  • Self-license Transfer
  • Lowest Global Price
  • Best and prompt Technical Support
  • Many in-built features like PDF coverter, Image converter etc.
  • Familiar interface, commands, icons, shortcuts etc. - No special learning needed
  • Quick order processing with in one hour
  • Regular improvements to the software and patch releases
  • Rapid development due to low Software Development costs in India
  • Email notifications to users about improvements, bug fixes etc.
  • ActCAD is the very active member which closely works with IntelliCAD in terms of Development, QA, bug fixes etc.
  • Very light weight
  • Low hardware requirements

Though ActCAD is an Indian CAD Software, it is available all over the World at very low prices. ActCAD CAD Software supports 13 International languges like English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, German, French etc.

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ActCAD Software

ActCAD brings Global Collaborated Technology Expertise to you at very affordable life-time price. ActCAD is powered by latest IntelliCAD 8.4a, Open Design Alliance Tiegha Libraries and ACIS technologies. ActCAD has many enhancements, features and commands on top of IntelliCAD core. The add-on features, express menu commands allow ActCAD to become more productive for day-to-day projects. ActCAD works very closely with IntelliCAD on Development and Quality Assurance. Thanks to our highly automated test and build systems to keep our costs minimal. IntelliCAD was started in 1999 and has over 1 million trusted users now using IntelliCAD world-wide. ActCAD is a commercial member with active role in Release Committee and Board of Directors of IntelliCAD.

System Requirements:
Free Technical Support

ActCAD has a dedicated Technical Support team which handles all technical queries in a quick time-frame. You can send an email with problem description to "" and you will get prompt reply with a solution or work around. Alternately, you can submit your support ticket on our Support Page.