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Intellicad 2001 v3.3 released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 2001 V3.3 Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD 2001 v3.3 was released on 7/19/2002.

New Features

IntelliCAD 2001 v3.3 now supports the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

Important Fixes:

DWG format

  • Improved support for DWG 2000 and DWG 2002 format files.


  • Substantial stability improvements in the overall code with over 1,000 improvements in memory management.
  • Performance improvements with regen/redraw.

Print drawings

  • Print settings were improved.

More fixes

  • Better handling of TrueType fonts.
  • Better handling of entity snaps and complex linetype creation.
  • Fixes are included in the area of \"buffer-overrun\" errors.
  • Complex linetypes fixed.
  • Leader arrows can be printed.
  • Flyover snapping has been improved.
  • COM API: Common dialog boxes can be accessed from within the VBA environment in IntelliCAD.