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Intellicad 6 software released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 6 Software Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD 6.0 was released on 5/3/2005.

New Features and Enhancements:

Several performance improvements on fatures as below:

True Type Fonts



4X (400%)
7X (700%)



50X (5000%)

Zoom extents


7X (700%)
10X (1000%)
7X (700%)

Hatch Patterns


50X (5000%)

LISP Performance
10X (1000%)
Symbol table search
7X (700%)
7X (700%)
Model space
Block display
Paper space
4X (400%)
4X (400%)
4X (400%)
3X (300%)

Assign print style tables

The following printing features have greatly enhanced your flexibility and control over the printing process:

  • Previously you could use the PenMap/Width mapping to associate colors with specific pen widths on your printer. New print style tables allow you to still specify color-based settings, but also allow you to specify pen widths, linetypes, and lineweight regardless of color.
  • Print style tables (.ctb and .stb files) are stored in files; you can share the files across multiple drawing files or with other users.
  • Print style tables affect numerous existing features, including: New Drawing and New Drawing Wizard; Properties and Entity Properties toolbar; Change; IntelliCAD Explorer (Layers); Drawing Settings > Entity Creation tab; Status bar; Options > Paths/Files tab; Options > Printing tab; and Print > Advanced tab.

There are also several new commands for print style tables: Print Style (printstyle), Print Styles Manager (stylesmanager), Convert Drawing Print Style Tables (convertpstyles), and Convert CTB Print Style Table (convertctb).

Manage external references

Attaching and working with external references is now easier with the new Xref Manager. You can view a detailed list of the referenced drawing, or you can view a hierarchical display that shows how drawings are nested and related to one another. Quickly attach, detach, reload, bind, open, and change the path for all external references in the current drawing.

The Xref Manager allows you to use the same external reference features as in previous versions of IntelliCAD, but in a more efficient manner.

Work with 3D solids

IntelliCAD Standard version now supports viewing and limited editing of 3D solids, including moving, rotating, and scaling. IntelliCAD Professional version still allows you to create and more completely edit 3D solids.

Use entity snaps

The existing Intersection Snap has a new Extended option, which snaps to the logical location where two entities would intersect if they were of infinite length.

The new Apparent Intersection Snap tool snaps to the intersection of two entities that are not in the same plane but seem to intersect in the current view. You can also use its Extended option, which snaps to the logical location where two entities would intersect if they were of infinite length.

Customize more options

The following features are new to the Tools > Options dialog box:

  • General tab — Set the default save format. Specify how drawings are opened.
    Paths/Files tab Specify search paths for print style tables.
  • Display tab — Use Up/Down arrows in the command history. Show or hide the Model and Layout tabs. Show or hide scroll bars.
    Profiles tab Create and manage drawing environment profiles.
  • Printing tab — Specify headers and footers for all drawings. Assign default print style table settings for new drawings.

Save and restore drawing environment profiles

Customize the settings that control your drawing environment, and then save and restore those settings in a profile. For example, if you prefer working with custom menus and toolbars, you can save these settings as your own profile.

Profiles can be helpful if you have multiple users with different preferences, or if you are a single user who works on various projects that require unique settings. You can even export your profile and bring it with you when you work on a different computer.

Navigate model space and paper space

Use the enhanced Model/Paper Space control in the status bar to switch more efficiently between model space and paper space on either the Model tab or a Layout tab.

You can also change the display of the Model and Layout tabs in the following ways:

  • Show or hide the Model and Layout tabs.
  • Reorder the position of the Layout tabs.

Work in the command bar

In the command bar, you can do the following:

  • Select text, and then right-click to copy, cut, and paste.
  • Press Ctrl + K and Ctrl + L to move forward and backward in the command history.
  • Use the Up and Down arrows to scroll the command history, if enabled by choosing Tools > Options.

Choose single IntelliCAD sessions

Use the new Single Session command (type singleton) to choose whether IntelliCAD can be started one time or multiple times simultaneously.

Use new system variables