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    IntelliCAD 6.1 Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

    IntelliCAD 6.1 was released on 9/5/2005.

    New Features:

    Create rendered images

    IntelliCAD uses new and enhanced rendering features to create higher-quality and more photo-realistic images of models.

    Both IntelliCAD Standard and IntelliCAD Professional include the new rendering solution, while some versions provide additional rendering capabilities with a complete set of materials, backgrounds, lighting options, and render settings.

    Format text

    New formatting features are available when you enter text using Insert > Multiline Text. You can specify text color, first line indents, paragraph indents, right indents, and tabs.

    Attach and record audio

    IntelliCAD provides the unique ability to record audio notes, which are sound clips attached to entities and available for playback at any time. For example, audio notes in a factory floor plan can describe maintenance activities for specific areas of the factory and employees can play the audio notes to hear instructions.

    Work with 3D solids

    In addition to slicing and sectioning solids, you can now slice regions and bodies (typically sheets). This feature is available if your IntelliCAD version supports editing ACIS solids.

    Use entity snaps

    You can now snap to hatch patterns when using entity snaps:

    Use new system variables

    New system variables include: AUDIOICON, AUDIOICONCOLOR, and AUDIOICONSCALE.

    Imprtant Fixes:

    Multiline text

    Entity snaps



    Print features

    ACIS and 3D solids

    ACIS primitives are created with the current color setting now (not always BYLAYER).

    Match properties

    The MATCHPROP command copies the polyline width if all segments of the source polyline are the same width.

    Entity properties


    Command bar

    API calls

    More fixes