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Intellicad 6.1 released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 6.1 Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD 6.1 was released on 9/5/2005.

New Features:

Create rendered images

IntelliCAD uses new and enhanced rendering features to create higher-quality and more photo-realistic images of models.

Both IntelliCAD Standard and IntelliCAD Professional include the new rendering solution, while some versions provide additional rendering capabilities with a complete set of materials, backgrounds, lighting options, and render settings.

Format text

New formatting features are available when you enter text using Insert > Multiline Text. You can specify text color, first line indents, paragraph indents, right indents, and tabs.

Attach and record audio

IntelliCAD provides the unique ability to record audio notes, which are sound clips attached to entities and available for playback at any time. For example, audio notes in a factory floor plan can describe maintenance activities for specific areas of the factory and employees can play the audio notes to hear instructions.

Work with 3D solids

In addition to slicing and sectioning solids, you can now slice regions and bodies (typically sheets). This feature is available if your IntelliCAD version supports editing ACIS solids.

Use entity snaps

You can now snap to hatch patterns when using entity snaps:

  • Snap to the middle points and end points of hatch pattern lines.
  • Snap to the nearest point and perpendicular point on a hatch pattern line.
  • Snap to any intersection point or apparent intersection point where the pattern line intersects with other entities that are supported by entity snaps.

Use new system variables

New system variables include: AUDIOICON, AUDIOICONCOLOR, and AUDIOICONSCALE.

Imprtant Fixes:

Multiline text

  • The text height for multiline text is saved correctly now when exiting the MTEXT command dialog box.
  • The formatting for the MTEXT command (Bold, Italic, and Underline) now works correctly.
  • You can now use both begin and end curly braces appropriately with the MTEXT command.

  • MTEXT entities can now be used as a cutting edge with the TRIM command.

Entity snaps

  • Extended intersection snap now works properly.
  • IntelliCAD snaps are no longer stuck on a single location and they no longer require that the snap be reset.


  • When moving hatches, any associated boundaries move with the hatch.
  • The ARRAY, ARRAY3D, MIRROR, and MIRROR3D commands now work with hatch entities.
  • Hatch scale is saved correctly.
  • Solid hatches utilize all spline knot boundaries correctly. This also fixed minor problems with the display of Kanji characters.
  • If a hatch entity has the same name as a hatch pattern in the ICAD.PAT file but contains a different definition, that entity\'s hatch definition is no longer redefined on save.
  • Hatch entities work better with the CHANGE and ENTPROP commands.
  • Enhanced performance when working with dense hatch patterns, including patterns that are too dense to display.
  • Dynamic dragging is approximately five times faster when dragging inserted blocks that contain hatch entities.


  • User-defined complex linetype patterns are now saved and displayed properly.
  • IntelliCAD now works properly when multiple linetypes are imported at the same time.

Print features

  • User-defined print style tables are now saved in C:\\Documents and Settings\\user\\My Documents\\Print Styles per Microsoft® Windows® logo requirements.
  • The Print Style file name dialog box now disallows invalid file names.
  • Long file names are now visible in the Print Style Table Editor dialog box.
  • The options on the Printing tab found in Tools > Options are now unavailable when no drawings are open.
  • IntelliCAD now works properly when print style settings cannot be detected.

ACIS and 3D solids

ACIS primitives are created with the current color setting now (not always BYLAYER).

Match properties

The MATCHPROP command copies the polyline width if all segments of the source polyline are the same width.

Entity properties

  • The ENTPROP command allows you to change the width of a polyline correctly.
  • Relative paths now work properly for entity hyperlinks.


  • Zoom Extents calculates the view correctly when entities are extended outside of the current view.
  • You can view changes made with DVIEW without an additional REGEN.
  • OLE objects remain visible even when links are broken.
  • Dynamic mouse wheel zoom centers the zoom properly on the cursor location when using multiple monitors.

  • All nested MINSERT entities now display properly.

  • VPLAYER freeze now works properly for entities in paper space.
  • Constant, invisible attributes now display properly when ATTDISP is ON.
  • IntelliCAD consistently displays lineweights in model space viewports.
  • Previously, if IntelliCAD could not properly display a single entity within a block, it would not display any of the remaining entities within the block definition. Remaining block entities now display when a single block entity cannot properly be displayed (for example, if a HATCH entity was too dense to display).

Command bar

  • The performance of command bar line scrolling has been greatly improved.
  • The command bar no longer randomly displays duplicate entries.
  • The command bar stores its size correctly if you vertically resize it.

API calls

  • Entmod will now correctly create and display attribute entities.
  • VBA Select method works correctly in IntelliCAD for large selections.

More fixes

  • IntelliCAD Explorer works correctly when deleting dimension styles or text styles.
  • Block definitions are added to the block table when a block insert is cancelled.
  • The AREA command correctly reports the perimeter (not the circumference) of spline entities.
  • XCLIP boundaries are no longer deleted when saving drawings.

  • Performing certain operations on selected WIPEOUT entities now works correctly.

  • Extrude works properly on entities created with the RETANGLE command.

  • SOLID entities now properly honor entity color when DXF files are imported into IntelliCAD.
  • The Load/Unload status (DXF group code 280) of image definitions is now saved properly.
  • Grip selected entities can now be unselected by using the shift key (shift-pick, shift-window, shift-crossing).
  • IntelliCAD includes improved handling of the sortents table when it contains references to deleted entities.
  • Exploded blocks with a negative scale factor in one axis no longer rotate ellipse entities incorrectly.