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Intellicad 6.5 released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 6.5 Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD 6.5 was released on 7/7/2008.

New Features:

Performance enhancements

Performance has been enhanced considerably when using real-time zoom, real-time pan, and saving drawings.

Toolbar and menu icons

The IntelliCAD user interface has been enhanced with new 24-bit icons for all color toolbar icons and menus.

Use polar tracking

Polar tracking is a new tool used to help you draw with precision. When polar tracking is turned on, guides display on the screen automatically at specified polar angle increments.

Check the spelling of text

You can check the spelling of single-line text, multiline text, paragraph text, attributes, attribute definitions, and dimension text. Additional features include loading dictionaries from different sources, including various languages, and adding your own words to a custom dictionary.

Copy multiple entities

Now it’s easier to copy multiple entities. IntelliCAD defaults to prompting for additional copies of selected entities during the Copy command.

Work with additional image formats

The number of image formats available for drawings has been expanded. You can include images in the following formats: ECW, JPG 2000, ERS, ALG, HDR, DAT, DOQ, FST, NTF, ASC, IMG, DEM, DDF, DT0 and DT1, and HDF (including MET, L1R, and L1G).

Layer toolbar

You can now use the Layer toolbar to specify layout-specific layer settings. The Layer toolbar dynamically sizes, making it easier to manage large layer lists or drawings with long layer names.

VBILOAD command

A newly implemented VBILOAD command allows you to load a VBI file.

Customize the status bar and menus using DIESEL

You can use DIESEL from the command line, in MNU menu files, and in LISP to customize the status bar and menus.

Use new and enhanced system variables


Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the approximately 200 fixes that were implemented for this release.

Open and save files

  • IntelliCAD uses the DWGdirect 2.5.2 libraries.
  • IntelliCAD uses new DaVinci libraries.
  • When opening a DWG 2006 file created originally in Autodesk® AutoCAD®, the ATTRIB no longer changes in IntelliCAD. Also, hard pointer is no longer changed from LEADER to MTEXT.
  • QSAVE works properly now when zoomed in closely in a drawing.
  • Saving a drawing after exploding its contents no longer produces errors.
  • In some specific cases, the following items were inconsistent when opening and saving drawings, which have been fixed: VIEWCTR, ACIS solids, elliptical arcs, splines, text thickness, draw order.
  • Improved behavior when attempting to reopen an already opened drawing file.

Import and export files

  • When exporting to PDF, IntelliCAD now includes external references and OLE objects.
  • Exporting to 3D DWF works correctly now.
  • OLE objects are exported to PDF files correctly now.

Raster images (IntelliCAD Professional versions)

  • Attaching a raster image now properly releases memory.
  • Stretching images with clipped boundaries could cause IntelliCAD to crash.
  • TFW positioning files are used correctly.
  • Images can now be attached that have non-English file paths.
  • Image file sizes no longer change when saving drawings.
  • Images that cannot be found or loaded no longer cause delays on REGEN.
  • Fixed problem when attaching invalid images.
  • You can now attach images even when FILEDIA is turned off.


  • Inconsistencies in distinguishing layers named \"0\" and \"00\" have been corrected.
  • Layers in external references now appear on the Properties toolbar.


  • Fixed block selection when block is coincident with a line.
  • Files created with the WBLOCK command save preview images now.


  • DIMFAC implemented for dimension tolerances in Dimension Settings dialog.
  • In some cases, dimension positions were incorrect; this has been fixed.


  • ASCII line text characters interpretation problem fixed.
  • In some cases entering multiple DTEXT entities resulted in only the last entity being created; this has been fixed.

View drawings

  • Zoom Extents fixed to work properly in drawings with proxy entities.
  • Fixed viewing inconsistencies when zooming in and out in paperspace.
  • Fixed viewing inconsistencies when undoing changes made in paperspace, if model space has a view twist applied.
  • Anonymous blocks did not display properly in some cases; this has been fixed.
  • Block attributes now display properly during drag operations.
  • Significant performance increase for toolbar controls when running certain LISP and SDS routines.


  • IntelliCAD no longer changes the current directory after loading a printer configuration file.
  • Fixed print preview and printing of specific attributes.
  • Print Preview now displays print offsets correctly.
  • Drawings print correctly with 1 to 1 scale.


  • COM: Fixed problem canceling an active command.
  • COM: Layouts can no longer be assigned a duplicate name.
  • COM: Plotmanager.setpapersize, Plotmanager.Getpapersize, and Points.Add now work properly.
  • LISP: Using the Lisp entity snap nearest function in a drawing with an XREF underlay containing an empty MTEXT entity, IntelliCAD no longer hangs.
  • LISP: Implemented RGB color support for the CHPROP and CHANGE commands.
  • LISP: LISP environment settings are preserved per drawing when opening additional drawings.
  • DCL: problem with dlg_slide_image fixed.

Other fixes

  • Specific drawing was unable to load as an external reference until fixed text height was set to 0.
  • Full color persists for layers after turning layers on and off.

  • Hiding three-dimensional entities could fail inside viewports.
  • Entities with Xdata attached can now be trimmed and edited properly.
  • IntersectWith now works properly with ray entities.
  • AUDIT works properly for drawings that contain external references.
  • Regions created from polylines that contain arc segments are exploded correctly.
  • Fixed crash after using CTRL+V after UNDO.
  • Fixed problem when running a command and switching between two drawings.
  • Fixed trimming a circle at very large coordinates.
  • WIPEOUT command fixed to better hide lines.
  • Fixed crash when undoing the deletion of certain proxy entities.
  • Fixed problem inserting a block containing a wipeout.
  • Linking problem fixed for entities with a hyperlink assigned.
  • Problem with loading hatches fixed.
  • Search path order for finding drawings fixed.
  • Snapping to a point twice no longer causes crash.
  • TABLET command allows non-interactive input and wrapping of tablet calibration and other routines.
  • Significant startup performance improvement when digitizer is installed but disconnected.
  • Improved hatch stability for certain complex boundary conditions.

Technical Notes:

Crash handler

IntelliCAD now has crash handler capabilities using the error reporting systems from Adeko and Microsoft.

Language packs

Ten language translations are available for portions of the IntelliCAD user interface. The language translations do not cover all of the software, but they provide a starting point when implementing various language packages.