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Intellicad 6.6 released by intellicad technology consortium


IntelliCAD 6.6 was released on 9/1/2009.

Important Fixes:

As of September 2009, the following list details some of the fixes that were implemented for this release.

Open and save files

  • Drawings with multiple layouts and printer configurations now save much faster.
  • Some drawings did not load and convert polylines when PLINETYPE=0; this has been fixed.
  • Improved reliability when opening drawings from a network drive.
  • Improved opening files through Windows File Explorer.
  • Improved roundtrip for non-rectangular viewports.

Raster images (IntelliCAD Professional versions)

  • Adeko Raster now handles larger images with higher performance and less memory usage.
  • Adeko Raster provides better performance for more complex drawings with many images attached.
  • Crashes could occur during out-of-memory conditions for extremely large image files (300MB+); this has been fixed.
  • IMAGECLIP command line options are now compatible with scripts.
  • IMAGECLIP can now be called correctly from LISP.
  • AddImage COM API method is now working correctly.
  • Image/Attach dialog box did not always appear on top of the IntelliCAD main window; this has been fixed.
  • Fade option of image management no longer works in reverse.
  • Adeko Raster now properly supports FILEDIA when attaching image files.
  • Added the RASTERVERNUM system variable to determine the version number of Adeko Raster.
  • Improved support for images inserted with Hitachi Image manager.
  • Added support for additional image positioning files.
  • Image handling from LISP and the command line have been improved.

Blocks and external references

  • Dynamic block roundtrip improvements.
  • Performance increase in handling font substitutions for complex external references.
  • INSERT command no longer creates incorrectly scaled blocks when the z-scale is not prompted.
  • Block attributes no longer display the incorrect position (justification) when reopened in other applications.


  • Hatch boundary now handles more complex cases.

View drawings

  • Improved pan and zoom performance for large raster images.
  • Real-time pan or zoom no longer causes the loss of correlation between the crosshairs and the entity during some COPY and MOVE operations.
  • Improved display of table entities.
  • Fixed a GDI memory leak for the ZOOM command.


  • Print offset now stores in paper units.
  • The -plot command now consistently handles the advanced plot setting "Print Lineweights."


  • SDS: Some problems occurred in SDS applications when the XCrashHandler application was active; this has been fixed.
  • SDS: Deadlocks could occur when using sds_command to call Zoom and sds_ssget at the same time; this has been fixed.
  • SDS: sds_draggen() could crash when a NULL prompt was passed in; this has been fixed.

Other fixes

  • Entity Properties toolbar can now change an entity to reside on a frozen layer.
  • Polar tracking now works properly with Surveyor's Units.
  • Offset polyline now handles more complex cases.

  • In some cases keywords were not properly handled when combined with object snap input; this has been fixed.

  • Incorrect tablet configuration could cause random crashes; this has been fixed.

  • Some intermittent crashes occurred during mouse-over grip editing and drawing closing; this has been fixed.

  • IntelliCAD could crash when deleting linetypes from the IntelliCAD Explorer; this has been fixed.

  • Drawing change callbacks are no longer inconsistent.

  • New support for DIMTALN and MTEXT format \S~.

  • Attribute and AttributeDef objects now support the Locked property.

  • New enhancements to the User Coordinate System window.
  • A new UCS can now be created using the SETUCS command > Explore UCSes.

  • The Fillet Chain option now works for ACIS solids filleting.

  • A random crash no longer occurs for the XCLIP and XREF CLIP commands.

  • Rendering was improved for shape based linetypes.

  • Performance was enhanced for entmod of layer tables.

  • Offset command improved handling for properties and extended entity data.

  • Increased omode settings snap priority over polar snap settings priority when both are enabled.

  • Improved performance with very large sets of toolbars and menus.

  • Improved trim for some ellipse entities.