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Intellicad 7.0 released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.0 Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

New Features:

Interactive Graphic Elements

  • Selection crossing/window shows transparent colorization.

  • Selected entities appear in color during dragging.

  • Point indicators to help in graphics creation (e.g., when drawing a 3-point circle).

  • Paperspace sheet color.

  • Automatic creation of mview viewport on initial activation of Layout tab.

User Interface

  • Pulldown menus include support for re-organized commands and the display of icons.

  • Several dialogs include 24-bit icons or have been re-written.

  • New docking properties pane with the ability to pin or hide the window.

  • IntelliCAD Drawing Explorer is enhanced with 24-bit icons, improved layer handling with multi-select support, icons in the list control, and improved usability.

  • Improvements in handling blocks, views, dimensions, and text styles.

  • Improvements to snap and selection.

  • Multiple windows can be open with different views or layouts.

  • Paperspace supports non-rectangular viewports.

Display Devices

  • New support for choosing a display device directly from the status bar.
  • Choose between DirectX, OpenGL, and the computer\'s default device.
  • Three new system variables for managing display devices: GSCURRENT, GSPRIMARY, and GSALT.

Graphics Display

  • Real-time hidden-line and shaded viewing.

  • Display gradient hatches.

  • Improved draw order and dragging in color.

  • Non-rectangular viewports.

  • Display proxies in blocks and xreferences.

  • Display ADT and Civil 3D objects.

  • DWF and DGN overlays.


  • IntelliCAD 7 is now using DWGdirect as its internal database; the DRX interface is available for developers to create custom entities. See the sample DRX applications.

  • Support for Visual Studio Tools for Applications.

  • SDS/ADS now supports UNICODE.

More New Features

  • Direct integration with the DWGdirect libraries allows for faster ODA updates.

  • New Page Setup Manager.

  • Enhanced Print dialog.

  • Export STL files.

  • LAYBYENT command allows you to select an entity to control layer settings or VPLayer settings.

  • REFEDIT command allows you to edit blocks even if they are in external drawings (Xrefs).

  • GSCURRENT allows you to change graphics display devices.

  • Options dialog allows you to change languages on the fly.

  • Dozens of new hatch patterns.

  • New FEEDBACK command for users to send in feedback.

  • Direct access to Developer Help from the Help menu.

  • Direct access to the User Guide PDF from the Help menu.

  • Support for visual styles.

  • New 3D orbit command for easier dynamic rotation and 3D viewing.

  • New dimension styles.

  • Ability to display print styles in paper space.

  • Support for associative dimensions.

  • Support for relative paths for images and Xreferences.

Performance Enhancements

  • Opening and saving files.
  • Real-time rotating, hidden line, and shading.
  • Double buffer display.
  • Because DWGdirect is the database, more modern data structures are used which are faster (maps and vectors verses arrays).
  • Demand loading features as DRX applications, including the Properties pane, IntelliCAD Explorer, External Reference Manager, Image Manager, solids creation/editing, mesh entity creation, and more.
  • The drawing database is persistent and this speeds access for saving, printing, layout issues, etc.