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Intellicad 7.0a released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.0a Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the 200+ fixes that were implemented since the initial 7.0 release.

Open and save files

  • Fixed SAVEAS at command prompt for ASCII DXF.
  • File types fixed in localized version of Open dialog box.
  • File saved to correct format after using _wblock command.


  • Default Print output path fixed for My Documents folder.
  • Paper area corrected when user changes printer driver.
  • Zoom levels in Print Preview mode are improved.
  • PRINT command saves previous plot now.
  • Fixed printing of shaded boxes that required wireframe printing.
  • Fixed printing to limits that printed from the upper right.
  • PC3 support improvements.
  • Print preview fixed for hiding entities in a block located on non-printed layer.

Blocks, attributes, and external references

  • Fixed WBLOCK dialog for pre-selected blocks.
  • Several fixes and improvements for attributes, their entity data, and attribute flags.
  • Exploding a block with an attribute positions the attribute definition now.


  • Default MTEXT color fixed.
  • Fixed justification for Text entities.
  • Fixed lost TAB characters when editing MTEXT.
  • Fixes for MTEXT background fills.
  • Fixed the color of MTEXT when pasted from another application.


  • Fixed issue with dragging dimension text.
  • Fixed DIMJOGLINE command issue.
  • Fixed the position of Dimlin when selecting side of a rectangle.
  • Fixed dimension styles with leaders directed \"over dimension line, with leader.\"
  • Fixed text placement when updating dimensions.


  • Added function icedAddObjectContextMenu.
  • Fixes for vl- string functions.
  • Fix for registering LISP functions using IRX.
  • Fix for LISP (read) of escaped symbols.
  • LISP fixes for functions \'entdel\' and \'entnext\'.
  • Fix for SDS function \"sds_getvar\" that returned type RTLONG instead of RTSHORT for integer variables.
  • Calling sds_command from a non-ICAD thread.
  • sds_ssget to return RTCAN if user presses Esc at selection prompt.
  • Fix for (command \"._dimstyle\") that opened a dialog.
  • (entget) for leader entity now returns complete data list.

Other fixes

  • Improvements to CHPROP command, including highlighting during use and using repeatedly.
  • Layer selection fixed when attempting to select frozen layers.
  • ENTPROP now changes block attributes in paperspace and modelspace properly.
  • Default log path was corrected to support Windows 7 User Access Control.
  • Toolbar fixes include display of context menu and import/export detailed XML format.

  • Several improvements and fixes to the FILLET command.
  • Fixed BHATCH issue with UCS.
  • Fixes for ARRAY polar angle and 3DARRAY polar angle.
  • 3DPOLY command now prompts properly for closing the polygon.
  • Entity snap icon displays properly during grip operations.
  • CUT and COPY no longer cause deadlock issues.
  • FLATTEN command preserves entity layer now. FLATTEN also fixed for 3D polygons.
  • AREA now supports IMAGE, TEXT, and MTEXT entities.
  • Fix for moving 3D solids.
  • Fix for ZOOM command with windows.
  • Fix for DGNATTACH command.
  • Fix for NEWWIZ command when specifying a template to a bad file name.
  • -INSERT command now uses command line properly.
  • Page Setup icons fixed in localized version of Explorer.
  • Fixed crash for GROUP command when reordering entities.
  • Fixed crash with ARRAY command when using with large text.
  • Several fixes for PEDIT command, including decurves, fit, and join.
  • Fixed using \".\" to set string sysvar to empty value.
  • Performance improvements to EXTEND command.
  • Fixed OFFSET command issues.
  • Fixed crash when deleting a linetype.
  • Fixed INSERT command scale issues.
  • Fixed EDITLEN Undo option.
  • True Color specification fixed for ENTMAKE.
  • Fix for creating a 3D face on the current layer.