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Intellicad 7.0b released by intellicad technology consortium


IntelliCAD 7.0b was released on 8/26/2011.

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the 100+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.0a release.


  • Fixed lineweight text in Print Style Editor dialog box.
  • Fixed print preview for drawings with changed UCS.

Blocks, attributes, and external references

  • ATTEXT exports varied values (block scales and number of decimals).
  • Blocks no longer disappear after using Xclip.
  • Precision error fixed when creating point block.
  • -INSERT command now accepts PYSCALE and PXSCALE keywords.
  • INSERT command string changed for preview scale.
  • Attribute inside blocks now moves properly when using the ENTPROP command.


  • Corrected the Thickness property for text entities.
  • Enhanced display of Multiline Text dialog box.
  • Zoom factor is now stored and recalled for MTEXT editor.


  • Fixed the DIMLINEAR command.
  • Fixed grip editing when working with DIMDIAMETER.


  • Gradient hatch properties are not copied correctly using MATCHPROP.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior for hatch scale.


  • Select using "PROperties" now filters selection.
  • ENTPROP command changes the scale of the block properly.
  • Properties fixed when editing Mline Scale of MLINE entity.
  • TrueColor fixed for Entity setting using the CHPROP command.


  • Improvements for BlockInsert entities for COM.
  • Implemented equivalent of DIVIDE command for COM.
  • Added VBARUN feature to load and run script in one command.
  • Function (VL-Directory-Files) now returns results in correct format.
  • Improved SSGET and selection filtering for LISP.
  • Fixed VBI infinite loop during runtime.
  • Fixed changing of DIMBLK value using the setvar LISP command.
  • Fixed sds_command call to EXPLODE using the RTPICKS argument.

Other fixes

  • Performance improved when removing large part of selection.
  • Fixed custom bitmaps on toolbars and positioning of new toolbars.
  • Audionotes fixed for Microsoft Windows 7 with UAC on.
  • POINT entity is inserted correctly now when ORTHO mode is ON.
  • Fixed use of CHAMFER when distance is invalid.
  • Trim with crossing window trim entities properly.
  • Fixed visibility of ACIS solid circular edges.
  • Eliminated multiple Icad directories in \Users\UserName\Documents\.
  • The MVIEW fit option fits the screen or layout properly.
  • Fixed the display of lineweight by index number for CHANGE/CHPROP/LIST.
  • Fixed FILLET in unique situation.
  • Fix for crash during DRAG_AND_DROP command.
  • Fixed extension when changing the graphics system using OPTIONS > Display, Browse.
  • UNDOCTL system variable is read-only now.
  • The Create option for LINETYPE command was fixed.
  • DIST command reflects AUNITS setting now.
  • Fixed view error when rotating 3D arrays.
  • ConvertUnit fixed. Null symbol was added to end of the string for correct unit file parsing.
  • Automatically close the Language Selection dialog box by double-clicking a language in the list.
  • Menu control displays properly now.
  • Fixed crash when dropping a text file on a drawing.
  • OLELINKS dialog shows links properly now.
  • Fixed display of empty frame for OLE2FRAME after roundtrip.
  • Fixed window display when adding a new layout after switching layouts.
  • Improved MOVE performance.
  • Improvements made to the crash handler to send more accurate data.
  • IntelliCAD shows ACIS entities correctly where it didn't before.
  • Fixed IntelliCAD display when selecting views in IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Corrected inactive OLE drawing object display in Microsoft Excel.
  • The maximum number of items for the ARRAY command can be set properly now.
  • Improved how EXTEND works with UNDO.
  • Fixed screen flickers on selection rectangle in some situations.
  • Fixed incorrect layout color in unique situations.
  • Installer prerequisites added to bootstrapper configuration for members to enable/disable. Also universal path to bootstrapper for x86 and x64 system is used.
  • MSPACE command now activates model space in a viewport.
  • ACIS functionality enabled with correct Modeler.dll.
  • Fixed display of prompt box after using toolbar.
  • Fixed solids preview.
  • Grips fixed for dynamic pan and zoom.
  • Zoom Window in MVIEW fixed.
  • Fixed display of entities when using EXPLODE.
  • Fixed offset of XLINEs.
  • GRDRAW: Added special layer in Icad device for temporary graphics which is merged in XOR mode to OpenGL graphics. GRDRAW performance is faster now.
  • NWUCS: Selected reference point for solid wedges and spheres corrected.
  • Mouse pan fixed after mouse wheel zoom.
  • Arrow keys now work properly when set for PAN command.
  • Improved usability for command execution and switching between viewports.
  • Selected reference points for solid wedges and pyramids were corrected.
  • Added leading '\n' to purge command initial prompt to clean up the command line.
  • Enabled regen on each update for raster images.
  • Added PEDIT to the list of commands in FEEDBACK.
  • Old hyperlink marker removed properly now when using MOVE command.
  • Internal and hidden commands are omitted from the command history now.