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Intellicad 7.0c released by intellicad technology consortium


Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the fixes that were implemented since the 7.0b release.


  • Print styles fixed to properly use file type extension in file name.

Blocks, attributes, and external references

  • Attribute values support spaces using the -ATTDEF command.


  • Fix for DDEDIT command when specifying text lineweight and thickness.
  • Fix for Text / Justify / Style option.
  • Fixed incorrect text rotation that occurred in some instances.


  • Fix for -DIMSTYLE / Annotative option.
  • Fix for dimension style list values.


  • Fixed crash when editing a hatch origin.
  • Fixed hatch creation issue that occurred in some instances.


  • Fixed snapping (with enabled ASYNCSELECT) while zooming issue.
  • Snap option fixed for grids.


  • COM fix: Add3DMesh method.
  • SDS fix: (setq ss (ssget)) (COMMAND "-WBLOCK" "H:/CAD/TEMP.DWG" "" "Y" "0,0" "" ss "")
  • IRX and TX fixes:
    • IcGripsDrawer::invalidateGripPoints()
    • _IcadCommandThread() -> OdDbObjectId::safeOpenObject()

Other fixes

  • System variables: Fixed AFLAGS value after creating multiline text attribute; fixed variables that weren't accepting the "." value, fixed ACADLSPASDOC.
  • Preview displays for tolerances when picking points.
  • Limits checking disabled for LIMITS command when LIMCHECK = ON.
  • Fixed entry of shape names.
  • Slide image fixed when moving crosshair.
  • Fixed intermittent crashes, including when using Entity Properties toolbar after _CUTCLIP, when changing orthogonal model during grip editing, and when grip editing while using F6.
  • Entities in group selection fixed when using PICKSTYLE=2.
  • Entities selected for export fixed when exporting to WMF or EMF.
  • SOLIDEDIT command prompt fixes.
  • Fixes for the UCS dialog box.
  • Improved layer selection at prompt.
  • Fixed problem with mirroring entities for localized versions.
  • Fixed entry of segment lengths.