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Intellicad 7.1 release by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.1 Release By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

New Features:

Multiline text

  • Multiline text options menu supports stacked text, overline text, number/list settings, background settings, and more.
  • DDEDIT supports editing dimension text.



  • Enhanced ability to print using previous print settings regardless of IntelliCAD sessions.
  • Increased zooming capability for Print Preview.

Performance enhancements

  • Opening and saving files.
  • Displaying images.
  • Selection and deselection.



  • IntelliCAD 7.1 uses Teigha for .dwg files version 3.4.1 from the Open Design Alliance (updated from version 3.2). DRX programs and extensions are now named TX.


More features

  • Support for Parallel entity snapping. Note that the PARALLEL command was renamed to OFFSET to support Parallel entity snaps.
  • Layouts can be copied between drawings in IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Exporting to a .pdf file allows setting of portrait or landscape orientation and accepts a paper size in inches in addition to millimeters.
  • Clipping an image in Professional versions can be inverted, that is, the hidden portion can be either inside or outside of the clip boundary.
  • Type SETVIEWSIZE at the command prompt to set the IntelliCAD screen size.
  • Dimension style names can be edited directly in the Dimension Style dialog box without having to click Rename.
  • Use the DGNATTACH command to attach .dgn files.

 New System Variables

  • Removed BLOCKCACHESIZE (IntelliCAD now uses the Teigha block cache, which does not have the ability to set the minimum size).
  • Renamed HELP system variable to HELPPREFIX.

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the 440 fixes that were implemented since the 7.0b release (750 fixes since the 7.0 release).

Open and save files

  • Improved performance for opening files with complex polylines.
  • Removed \"Missing External File\" prompt during save.


  • Fixed display of drawings with extremely large units that could display jagged text and arcs.
  • Fixed cursor XOR problems when background color matched cursor color.
  • Cursor display fixed when resizing the drawing window.
  • Fixed display issues after using COPY command.

Selection and entity editing

  • Fixed changing orthogonal mode during grip editing.
  • Improved preview for MOVE command in paperspace.
  • Selection rectangles removed after selection is finished (SELECT command).
  • Temporary graphics for grips and snaps were not always cleared properly.
  • Coordinates updating faster while dragging an entity.
  • In some cases NODE snap did not work for point entities.
  • Fixed End entity snap to modelspace entities from paperspace.
  • ESNAP improvements for aperture area, priority order for Intersection and Tangent snaps, performance in paperspace, temporary esnaps.
  • Fix for \"Show snap setting on cursor\" option.


  • MLINE justification/alignment changed with Properties command.
  • Fixed: auto hiding the Properties docking dialog breaks layout preferences stored in registry.
  • Properties of views are updated correctly now.
  • Fixed changing the scale of a block with attributes.
  • Fixed: editing of multiline properties.
  • MATCHPROP fixed for a leader\'s dimscale.


  • Fixed double-clicking hatch entities.
  • Lost associativity for hatches was fixed.
  • Improved mirrored hatch.
  • Fixed problems with editing hatch origin.

Text and multiline text

  • In some cases DDEDIT could rotate TEXT incorrectly.
  • Incorrect line spacing in MTEXT.
  • MTEXT editor improvements: default zoom level in dialog box, better font display, stack b/a feature, relative font size precision.
  • Improved grip editing for TEXT entities.
  • TEXT input works as expected now when clicking left mouse button while typing.
  • Fixed: setting TEXT height to 0 in property pane leads to error.
  • Fixed: DDEDIT command can reset text lineweight and thickness to 0.
  • Improvements to working with text styles after PURGE and REGEN.
  • Fixed display of Thai language character.

3D entities

  • Centroid of 3D box, wedge and frustum is now in world coordinates.
  • Computation of the frustum area is correct.
  • 3D blocks can be created with color by block.
  • Fixed extruding for 3D face objects.
  • Added drag line when drawing height of cones and cylinders.


  • Printer paper size setting respected during print changes; custom paper size fixed.
  • Print scale units respected during paper size changes.
  • Fix for print style color editing.
  • Shade, Wireframe setting fixed for pen settings.
  • Printing preview better matches selected window.
  • Changing current page setup affects current layout.
  • Hidden line removal fixed for printing.
  • Apply to layout option updates layout immediately.
  • Corrected use of header and footer in some cases.


  • Fixed how IntelliCAD handles inserting an unsupported image type.
  • Improved Detach in Image Manager.
  • InvertClip option is now available.
  • Fixed display of an image\'s path/location in Image Manager.
  • Fixed display of monochrome images.
  • Fixed image resolution quality for large images.


  • ICAD.LSP is performed whenever ICAD opens a drawing. (ACADLSPASDOC=OFF)
  • Fixes for GRREAD lisp function.
  • Improvements and fixes for GRDRAW.
  • Fixed ICAD main view redraw while running IRX/SDS with modal MFC dialog.
  • oddbEntLast() is now paperspace/modelspace aware.
  • Fixed: ssget filter ignores case for names but checks case for generic text.
  • Improved IcEdInputPointMonitor.
  • Improved performance of sds_grvecs function.
  • Performance improvement for entmod function.
  • OdDbBlockTableRecord::assumeOwnershipOf() fixed.
  • Fixes for sds_draggen.
  • Fixed: ATTDEF and WBLOCK commands do not not suppress output if run through LISP (command) interface.
  • Fixed HandleToObject with invalid handle.

More fixes

  • Some older release 12 drawings with MLEADERs were not rendered correctly.
  • Resolved conflicts between commands and system variables with the same name.
  • Can\'t select Settings->Drawing Units->Angle Direction->Clockwise.
  • Fixed: polyline creation with BULGES.
  • Fixed UCS option for changing view to plan view.
  • Exporting to WMF and EMF respects selected entities.
  • ENTER repeats cancelled commands by default.
  • Improved copy with basepoint.
  • NEW command displays an error dialog if BASEFILE is set to none (\".\").
  • Default Spelling and Color paths use User folders, not Program Files.
  • Value of WNDPTEXT fixed, affecting PMTHIST command.
  • Fixed UNDO of layout creation; fixed recall of local commands.
  • Layer toolbar now allows setting XREF layers as current.
  • FONTALT supports TrueType fonts.
  • Fixed range for TSPACEFAC system variable.
  • Fixed: PICKAUTO=0 doesn\'t work correctly in some cases.
  • ZOOM command fixed in non-World UCS.
  • Fixed: working with special hidden viewports on layouts.
  • Improved accuracy for point selection, window selection.
  • Fixes for MULTIPLE command.
  • Improved draworder for COPY and MIRROR commands.
  • Improved dimension style compatibility.
  • Fixed value of AFLAGS system variable after creating multiline attribute.
  • When starting an edit command, now displays the number of selected entities.
  • -XREF command allows you to display the File Open dialog.
  • Exporting to a .pdf file is fixed for some cases where the output didn\'t match the preview.
  • EXPLODE command works for blocks with a solid hatch.
  • Fixed FILLET command when inserting an inverted arc segment and when joining filleted pieces to a lightweight polyline.
  • EXTEND command accepts window selection.