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Intellicad 7.1a releases by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.1a Releases By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the new 250+ fixes that were implemented since the initial 7.1 release.

Open and save files

  • Fix for autosave of .dxf files.
  • The File Association Warning dialog box appears at IntelliCAD start-up if .dwg files are not associated with IntelliCAD. The FILETYPEASSOC system variable controls whether the .dwg file association is verified at IntelliCAD start-up.
  • Better handling of saving files when there is a lack of memory.
  • Fix for SAVEALL command.
  • Fixed issue when opening a drawing from IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Fix for DWGNAME when autosaving.
  • Fixed issues when exporting to a file with non-English filename and operating system.

Performance enhancements

  • Printing files with TTF fonts has improved print quality, reduced file size by 10x, and improved print time.
  • Using zoom/pan when scrollbars are turned on has a 2x performance improvement.
  • Displaying TTF fonts for REDRAW, PAN, and ZOOM has improved quality and performance.
  • General performance was improved for drawings containing a lot of polyline entities.
  • Dynamic zoom performance is greatly improved for large drawings with large coordinates.
  • Improved performance for font substitution.


  • Fixed print area when printing with VIEWTWIST.
  • Fixed issue when printing images.
  • Fixed issue when using -PRINT and choosing another printer.
  • Fixed Print Preview when previewing from the Print dialog box and when previewing certain files.
  • Fixed issues with Print Style Table Editor setting new colors and also using Form View.


  • Fixed issue with dimension deletion.
  • Fixed DIMALTF minimum value.
  • Fixed cancelling of DIMCENTER command.
  • Fixed crash for ENTPROP of dimensions.
  • Fixed DIMTEDIT when using DIMTMOVE.
  • Fixed issue when using DIMCONTINUE and DIMASSOC.


  • Groups added to IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Fixed issue with removing entities from a group.
  • Notification added when trying to edit groups located in external references.


  • Improved performance for MTEXT entities that contain complex fonts and a large amount of text.
  • Fixed text direction.
  • Fixed MTEXT rectangle when ORTHO is ON.
  • Fixed rotation angle when using TEXT command.
  • Fixed MTEXT line spacing factor after exploding block with MTEXT.
  • Fixed several issues with DTEXT dialog box.
  • Font loading improved.
  • Improved performance of TTF font rendering. Corrected TTF font substitution.
  • Dialog box fixed when editing dimension text using DDEDIT command.


  • Fixed precision of coordinate values when using the Properties pane.
  • Fixed lineweight default display.
  • Fixed localization issues with ENTPROP.
  • Double-clicking entities in paperspace now opens the Properties pane.
  • Fixed Property pane position after restarting IntelliCAD.
  • Fixed property selection display after creating a new drawing.
  • Fixed adjustment for raster image options Brightness/Contrast/Fade.

IntelliCAD Explorer

  • EXPLORER fixed to work with PDF underlays.
  • Current Viewport visibility column is sortable.
  • Fix for restoring the Explorer window.
  • Fix for attaching image files from Explorer.
  • Display of linetypes corrected.


  • sds_osnap() fixed for \"end\" mode.
  • sds_draggen() displays selection set.
  • (ssget) improved for screen redraw.
  • sds_trans converts from world to display now.
  • VL-STRING-SUBST Lisp function issues fixed.
  • Undef Lisp function fixed.
  • (trans) returns corrected result with 2D point.
  • Fixed selection of points in SDS applications.
  • Fixed VBILOAD, undoing VBA actions, VBA update of dimensions, issue with Add3DMesh method.
  • Added more flexibility for loading VSTA DLLs; new NETLOAD command and -VSTARUN.
  • CIcadApp::isTestDrive fixed.
  • IntelliCAD.Application.Quit() COM method fixed when using *.scr files.
  • Fixed issue with sds_command call to incomplete command.
  • Fixed issue with sds_command call to start MOVE command.
  • sds_command allows running of partial command.
  • Fix for selection set returned by sds_ssgetfirst function.
  • Fix for zooming and panning while using sds_ssget, sds_getpoint, and other similar functions.
  • Fixed issue on the EXIT command when sds_xunload is called within callback.

More fixes

  • Fixed several localization issues including those when changing the language.
  • Several display improvements when editing and working with entities.
  • Fixed XREF preview.
  • Length of segment can now be typed in.
  • GRDRAW in XOR visibility is fixed on white background.
  • Fixed crash on explode of surface.
  • Shift in hatch location fixed.
  • Fixed LISPINIT system variable.
  • CUSTOMIZE: fix for working with .pgp aliases; fix for new keyboard shortcuts; fix for toolbar button images when importing .mnu file.
  • Copy option added to the ROTATE command.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with color selection when the background is white.
  • Entity highlight fixed when selected entity lies on top of unselected entity (XOR issue).
  • Fixed hatch area detection issue.
  • Fixed display of OLE items in reported instances.
  • Drawing area redraw fixed when a file dialog is active.
  • Fixed problem when exiting after applying materials and rendering.
  • Right-click on Layout tab includes From Template.
  • Changed default rotation for UCS command.
  • SNAPBASE accepts OSNAPS.
  • Fixed issue when using FLATTEN command with 3dpolylines or polylines.
  • Fixed _REFEDIT after performing undo.
  • Improved display of snap markers when using entity snaps.
  • Fixed editing capabilities of drawings when pasted into spreadsheet software.
  • Issue resolved when zooming and using entity snaps; issue resolved when zooming in and out on blocks.
  • -INSERT command now accepts keywords properly.
  • Fixed F3 and F8 behaviors when creating entities.
  • IMAGEATTACH: scale fixes, fix when working with entity snaps, fix for Keep Aspect Ratio.
    loss of display precision while moving entities at large coordinates.
  • FILLET: fix for filleting a 2D polyline and line; fix when using zero radius fillet; improved when working with large coordinates.
  • TRIM: improved when working with large coordinates and lines that meet but do not cross; fix for ALL option when working with polylines.
  • ORTHO: fixed during grip editing; fixed when using (getpoint) inside commands.
  • PURGE: fixed for Batch option; fix when using Explorer after using PURGE.
  • LIST command outputs Thickness property properly.
  • Fixed use of macro names with spaces for -VBARUN command.
  • Coordinates when using COPYBASE and PASTECLIP are fixed.
  • Fixed issue when using INFLINE command and the Bisect option.

Major Enhancements in 7.1a:

Keyboard shortcuts

Press Ctrl + 1 to open and close the Properties pane.

Copying entities while rotating

To copy selected entities while rotating, choose the Copy option while using the Rotate command.


On the Display tab, in Prompt Boxes Transparency (%), enter the percentage of transparency to apply to prompt boxes when they display.

Working with groups in IntelliCAD Explorer

In IntelliCAD Explorer, you can manage groups that exist in the open drawing, create new groups, manage the entities contained in a group, and change the settings of groups.

To display groups in IntelliCAD Explorer

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Settings > Explore Groups.
  • On the Settings toolbar, click the Explore Groups tool.
  • Type expgroups and then press Enter.

To create a new group using IntelliCAD Explorer

  1. In Explorer, do one of the following:
    • Choose Edit > New > Group.
    • Click the New Item tool.

    A new group is added as Anonymous.

  2. Type the name for the new group by typing over the highlighted default text, and then press Enter.
  3. Click the [+] tool to select the entities to be included in the group; click the [-] tool to select the entities to remove from the group.
    You can also click the Number of Entities column and choose Add Entities or Remove Entities.
  4. Press Enter when done selecting entities.
  5. To complete the command, close the window.

To modify a group using IntelliCAD Explorer

  1. In Explorer, select Groups.
  2. To rename a group, do one of the following:
    • Select the group, choose Edit > Rename, type a new name, and then press Enter.
    • Click the group name you want to change, type a new name, and then press Enter.
    • Right-click the group name you want to change, and from the shortcut menu, select Rename, type a new name, and then press Enter.
  3. To add entities to a group, select the group and click the [+] tool, select the entities in the drawing to be included in the group, then press Enter when done selecting entities.
  4. To remove entities from a group, select the group and click the [-] tool, select the entities in the drawing to remove from the group, then press Enter when done selecting entities.
  5. To make a group selectable or unselectable in the drawing, click Selectable for it.
  6. To reorder the entities in a group, select the group and click the Reorder tool, make you selections, then click OK. Click [?] for more details about the options in the Reorder Grouped Entities dialog box.
  7. To select a group in the drawing and have that group highlighted in the list of groups, click the Highlight tool, select the desired group, then press Enter. The appropriate group will be highlighted in the list.
  8. To complete the command, close the window.

Using VSTA

Running VSTA custom applications from IntelliCAD is similar to working with VBA custom applications. Use the following commands on the Tools > Visual Studio Tools for Applications menu for working with VSTA:

  • VSTA Add-in Manager (vstaload) — Manages the Microsoft® Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) programs.
  • VSTA IDE (vsta or alias vstaide) — Starts the Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) program and displays the VSTA window.
  • Load .NET Application (netload) — Opens the Choose .NET Assembly dialog box where you can specify a .NET .dll to load.

You can also type -vstarun in the command bar to run a VSTA method after a VSTA program is loaded.

New System Variables


Controls whether IntelliCAD checks at IntelliCAD start-up whether .dwg files are associated with IntelliCAD.

The value can be one of the following:

0 = Does not verify the file association of .dwg files at IntelliCAD start-up.

1 = Verifies the file association and displays the File Association Warning dialog box if .dwg files are not associated with IntelliCAD.

2 = Verifies the file association and automatically associates .dwg files with IntelliCAD if .dwg files are not associated with IntelliCAD.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0-2

Default:     1


Controls whether REGEN is used while zooming.

When large drawings with large coordinates are displayed in OpenGL, complex entities like text and polylines display with a reduced number of vectors which can cause a rough appearance. When REGENONZOOM is on (set to 1), IntelliCAD performs a cleanup after ZOOM to improve the display quality of these entities, however, this can also cause some performance degradation. Turning REGENONZOOM off (set to 0) will improve ZOOM performance but reduce display quality for large drawings with large coordinates.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (REGEN is not used during ZOOM), 1 (REGEN is used during ZOOM)

Default:     1