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Intellicad 7.2 released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.2 Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

New Features:

Performance enhancements

  • Graphics device performance improved using OpenGL for graphics cards that support it properly. This greatly improves dynamic pan, zoom, redraw, and rotation, especially for large files.
  • File size and print time reduced for PDF printing.
  • Grip handling, trimming, and extending improved for splines and polylines with very large segment counts (5,000+) due to improved geometric functions for complex curves.
  • Divide command performance improved.
  • Dynamic display performance improved in large drawing files using new ZOOMDETAIL and DRAGDETAIL system variables.
  • Snapping for large drawing files improved.
  • Dynamic dragging improved during entity creation and modification in large drawing files.
  • Memory consumption reduced for raster images.

Entity snapping

  • Use entity snap tracking.
  • Use new entity snaps: Parallel Snap, From Point, Temporary Tracking Point, and Midpoint Between 2 Points.
  • Snap to the center of a polygon (closed polyline).

Working with other files

  • Import .dgn files.
  • Export Collada format files (.dae files).
  • Insert underlays from .pdf, .dgn, and .dwf files.
  • Attach MrSID format files (.sid files).
  • Specify files and paths for working with IntelliCAD using the new Paths/Files tab interface in the Options dialog box.


  • Clip layout viewports.
  • Right-click a Layout tab includes From Template.



  • IntelliCAD 7.2 uses Teigha version 3.5.1 from the Open Design Alliance (updated from version 3.4.1).
  • New (starttransaction) and (endtransaction) LISP functions.
  • New SDS functions for working with graphics planes: sds_getviewplanedc, sds_releaseviewplanedc, and sds_cleanplane.
  • .NET libraries available to load using the APPLOAD command.


More new features

  • Purge unused drawing elements using the new Purge dialog box.
  • Find and replace text.
  • Use the Notification Manager located in the lower right of the IntelliCAD window to view messages and alerts about drawings and running IntelliCAD.
  • Use updated selection filters to better select entities by property, type, proxy, and more.
  • Manage layers using utilities at the command line: LAYCUR, LAYDEL, LAYFRZ, LAYISO, LAYLCK, LAYMCH, LAYMCUR, LAYOFF, LAYON, LAYTHW, LAYULCK, LAYUNISO.

New System Variables


Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the 600+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.1 release.

Open and save files

  • Fixed .dwg files saved in 2004/2002 format.
  • Fixed QSAVE operation after SAVEAS.
  • Fixed QSAVE operation with .dxf files.
  • Improvements made to drawing recover after a crash.


  • Zooming fixed for close-up work with point entities.
  • Autoregen fixed for zooming on large coordinates.
  • Render issues fixed when copying entities.
  • Render command fixed for open polylines.
  • Render issue fixed for hatches and images.
  • Render command fixed for entities with thickness.

Selection and entity editing

  • ORTHO fixed for inserting blocks and stretching with grips.
  • Fillet command improved when working with large coordinates.
  • Array command fixed when working with a rotated UCS.
  • Tangent and perpendicular snap order fixed when working with other snaps.
  • Polar tracking fixed with intersection snap.
  • Extension snap for arcs fixed to use arc path.
  • Offset command fixed for complex polylines and closed polylines.
  • Divide command speed improved for splines and polylines.
  • Stretch command improved when working with dimensions.


  • Fixed issues where hatches were saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed application of ICADISO hatch patterns.
  • Improved copying of hatch properties.
  • Hatch associativity fixed for polylines.


  • Improved dimensions when the text gap is large.
  • Fixed the landing with leader when dimtad=1.
  • Radius and Diametric dimensions improvements when dimtix=1.
  • Dimension Update improvements for display.
  • Dimension command fixed for blocks.
  • Leader text fixed to display correctly in other dimension text.
  • -DIMSTYLE Restore fixed.

Text and multiline text

  • Text and multiline text improved printing results.
  • Text fill fixed for printing of TTF fonts.
  • Fixed issues with multiline text and background masks.
  • Fixed display in Multiline Text Editor for reported fonts.

3D entities

  • Solid box and solid cylinder creation fixed.
  • Improved creation of large cones.


  • Improved size of print job files.
  • Fixed delay when changing paper size.
  • Previous plot option available for page setups in Print dialog box.
  • Fixed \"Print without print styles and lineweights.\"
  • Various fixes for the print mask.


  • Improved memory usage for images.
  • Fixed loading issue when image is missing from specified path.
  • Fixed detachment issue for deleted images.


    • Created new COM method that returns process id.
    • Created .NET sample for non-VSTA libraries .
  • LISP:
    • Returned version of MASSPROP command corrected.
    • Fixed the changing of hatch patterns using LISP.
  • SDS:
    • sds_setview fixed for paper space.
    • sds_nentselp fixed for returning entities.
    • sds_ssget issue when called from a callback fixed.
    • sds_entsel fixed for returning cancel on RMB.
    • sds_dispobjs() fixed for blocks.

More fixes

  • Fixed various crash scenarios.
  • Polygonal viewports fixed when visualized using file \"Graphic.cfg\".
  • Fixed problem detaching erased xrefs.
  • Fix for GRIDCOLOR.
  • Fix for MASSPROP using the number of an entity in a set.
  • Fix for BLIPMODE and working with points.
  • Fixed problem when inserting shapes using default parameters.
  • CHSPACE command improvements.
  • Fixed issue with editing a block inside a block.
  • ATTEDIT command displays the names of attributes correctly now.
  • OLE fixed to paste images correctly and to open a new drawing when double-clicking paste-clipped entities.
  • Copying and pasting proxies fixed.
  • HPGAPTOL fixed.
  • The linetype definition is not full if create a new linetype based on the current one
  • Linetype definition improvements.
  • PEDIT command fixed to convert line and arc entities to polylines with correct layers.
  • Fixed issue with deleting the last layout of a drawing.
  • Fixed Undo option for the Polyline command when Orthomode is turned on.