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Intellicad 7.2a released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.2a Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the new 700+ fixes that were implemented since the initial 7.2 release.

Working with drawing files

  • Due to issues with AutoCAD shell extensions, any program running on the same computer where Autodesk® AutoCAD® is installed can experience crashes when selecting files. If you experience related issues, either install the fix for AutoCAD or uninstall AutoCAD.

Performance enhancements

  • Improved performance for drawings with underlays, including snap, pan, zoom, and entity creation.
  • Improved regeneration when working with linetypes.


  • Several fixes for print preview.
  • Fixed some cases where the print area was cropped improperly.
  • Improved pen widths.
  • Fixed printing of OLE objects.


  • Fixed lineweight of diameter and radius dimensions.
  • Fixed editing of dimension text when using STRETCH.

Snapping and tracking

  • Fixed issue with intersection snapping when drawing entities.

  • Guidelines improved for polar and entity tracking and all entity snaps are turned on.
  • Fixed entity snaps when using STRETCH.
  • Fixed snapping to grip points during grip editing.
  • Fixed nearest snap after changing the viewpoint.
  • Fixed entity snaps when using Polyface Mesh command.


  • Fixed cases where text inside blocks was not positioned properly.
  • Multiple fixes for exploding blocks.
  • Fixed insertion point of blocks with dimensions.
  • Fixed regenerating raster images in blocks.


  • Multiple fixes for SPELL.
  • Fixed text height issue when working with annotative text.
  • MTEXT dialog oblique display improved.


  • Fixed -HATCH with HPNAME set to a new pattern.
  • Improved handling of hatch display when pattern is to dense to display.
  • Fixed issue with custom hatch patterns.
  • Fixed issue when moving associative hatches.

Raster images

  • Fixed issue with negative viewing and printing of some raster images.

  • Image selection fixed when working with grids.

  • Transparent ZOOM fixed when working with the IMAGECLIP command.

  • Fixed the ATTACH command for raster images.
  • Image printing fixed when fading is set to 0.
  • Fixed use of positioning files for images.
  • Fixed \"keep aspect ration\" option for raster images.
  • Clipping fixed for images with rotated UCS.


  • Fixes for user input methods (ssget, getPoint, etc).
  • Fixes for sds_getpoint, sds_draggen.
  • Fixes for sds_sendmessage(L\" \").
  • Fixes for IcApDocument::fileName, IcApDocument::docTitle().
  • Fixed current Lisp command issue when the current document is closed.
  • Fixed Create / Register COM component inside .irx project
  • Fixed: icdbOpenAcDbEntity() returns eInvalidInput if openObject() fails, regardless of the reason for failure.
  • Item methods in VBA/VSTA begin at 0 (zero).

More fixes

  • Issues fixed for opening drawings with AEC objects.
  • Fixed loading of linetypes from icad.lin in reported cases.

  • Several fixes when using grips, including entity display, z-coordinate issues, and image frame display.

  • Cross polygon selection fixed for reported zoom levels.
  • Fixed DIVIDE when working with blocks.
  • Fixed OFFSET for ellipses.
  • Fixed selection of hidden shapes.
  • Fixed issues with CHSPACE command.
  • Fixed TRIM command when working with infinite lines.
  • Multiple fixes for rotation.
  • Multiple display fixes, including for ACIS objects, viewing multiple viewports, ZOOM+E, HIDE command, and grips.
  • Fixed issues with DVIEW command.
  • Fixed WP selection for non-world view.
  • Fixed cursor position during tablet use.
  • Fixed z-coordinate issue for Box command options.
  • Export to PDF improved.
  • Options > Paths/Files tab improved.

New system variables