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Intellicad 7.2b released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.2b Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the new 450+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.2a release.

Working with drawing files

  • Fixed crash resulting from auditing files in some cases.
  • Improvements to auto-saving.


  • Fixed reported cases where printing or print preview caused a crash.
  • Fixed Display Print Styles to update display properly.
  • Fixed printing on large custom paper sizes.


  • DIMARC added to the Dimensions menu and toolbar.
  • Update added to the Dimensions menu and toolbar.
  • Fixes for DIMRADIUS and DIMCENTER for blocks.

Snapping and tracking

  • Fixed ORTHO priority when ETRACK is enabled.
  • Fixed issue with OFFSET while also entity snapping.
  • Fixed Parallel snap when working with both Parallel and Extension snaps enabled.
  • Improvements to activating multiple snaps from the command line.
  • Quadrant snap and entity tracking issues fixed when working in UCS.
  • Entity snapping fixed for entities in paperspace.
  • Fixed POLAR for a rotated UCS.
  • Entity snaps fixed for plane surfaces.


  • Fixed rotation issues during block insertion.
  • Fixed issue when inserting uniform-scale blocks.


  • Multiline text improvements: Select All, right-click to paste without formatting, clear all formatting.
  • Multiline text justification improvements.
  • Fixes where formatting differed in editor and drawing (mtext).


  • Fixed case where hatch disappeared after copying or moving it.
  • Fixed using the Stretch command with hatches.
  • Improvements to hatches that displayed with low density.
  • Improvements to hatch prompts.


  • Sample application added for VBA.
  • For LISP commands, fixed F8 ORTHO toggle.
  • Fixed: SDS command calls from LISP leave CMDACTIVE in wrong state.
  • More of the many areas that were fixed for SDS: missing SDS_CBDOCCHG notification when closing a drawing, sds_nentselp fails when looking for polyface mesh, sds_initget/sds_getpoint combination should return RTKWORD, sds_dispobjs returns 2 vertices chains for PFACEs.
  • Some of the many areas that were fixed for VBA: colors, entity filtering, InvertMatrix method, dimension styles, line offsetting, xdata. Some of the methods implemented: get_Centroid, get_MomentOfInertia, get_Volume.
  • Fixes for sds_draggen().

More fixes

  • Crashes fixed during Layout switching in some cases.
  • Loading a .mnu file from a path with a dot symbol.
  • Double-click enabled for moving to paperspace while other entities are selected.
  • Fixed several issues when working with grips.
  • Improvements for working with OLE objects.
  • Fix for arc entities, including the Follow option.
  • Default toolbar layout improved in main window.
  • New toolbars: Zoom and Draworder. Some commands moved from the View toolbar to the Zoom toolbar.
  • Fixed display of Drawing Settings dialog box in non-English languages.
  • Zoom Object command added.
  • Fixed Zoom Dynamic for NWUCS.
  • Color selection fixed for cases where a crash was caused.
  • Multiple issues with wipeouts fixed.
  • Added recent command list to the context menu for right-clicking in a drawing.
  • Fixed issues handling large number of groups in IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • PURGE command now works with unnamed groups.
  • Fixed EXTRUDE for entities with large coordinates and for extruding regions on a closed polyline.
  • Fixed MASSPROP command for UCS.
  • Fixed issue when drawing boxes with negative Z value.
  • Fix for Convert to Mesh (3DCONVERT).
  • Hyperlink icon display improved.
  • 3dSolid materials fixed when rendering in gray color.
  • Fixes for the Stretch command.
  • Fix for entity display when layer color changes.
  • Fixes for Zoom Dynamic.

New system variables