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Intellicad 7.2c released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.2c Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the new 200+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.2b release.

Working with drawing files

  • Fixed conversion for files on read-only network drives.
  • Export PDF includes U.S./Imperial units support.
  • Performance for SAVEAS doubled.


  • Fixed printing when using the Window option.
  • Print Preview fixed to display polylines in some cases where they were not visible.
  • Fixed printing for entities with thickness different from \"0\".
  • Printing with a header or footer (Tools > Options > Printing) uses \",\" character to separate left, middle, and right aligned text.

Snapping and tracking

  • Center snap fixed when snapping to arc segment of closed polyline.
  • Nearest snap fixed when using grid and Ortho.
  • Snapping fixed to work with circles of small radiuses.
  • Extension snap fixed in UCS for linear entities.
  • Parallel snapping fixed for external references.
  • Polar tracking fixed in NWUCS.
  • Snap INT fixed for multi-line entities.
  • Entity snap markers visible when they display for entity of same color using the OSNAPXORDRAW system variable.


  • MTEXT entity display accuracy improved in reported cases.
  • Text position fixed when changing text.
  • Alternate fonts fixed to be used for missing TrueType fonts.
  • Direct entry of Unicode codes is now supported in the Multiline Text dialog box.


  • Several SDS fixes, including: sds_ssget() for layers that are off; SDS function code fixed for commands called from SDS_CBCMDBEGIN callback; (ssget \"ALL) fixed.
  • Many fixes for VBA, including: Utility.WildCardMatch, Hatch.ApplyHatch, and get_ProductOfInertia implemented; fix for AddLeader method and Annotation property compatibility issue; fixed GetEntity recognition of OdDb2dPolyline; fix for Block.AddItems; fix for selection set filters; fix for situation of duplicate table record names; fixed parent block issues; fix for offsetting entities.

More fixes

  • Association fixed for aligned dimensions.
  • Selection corrected for 3D line grips.
  • Draworder fixed for exploded blocks.
  • Improved context menu when right-clicking drawing window, including the addition of recently used commands.
  • Fixed SPLINEDIT layer issue.
  • Clicking and holding down the middle mouse button now activates the Pan command.
  • ACIS library updated to version R23, ACISVER system variable fixed, and ACISOUT enhancements.
  • Fix for -IMAGE command when detaching.
  • Modified the order of entities in the selection set to be more consistent.
  • Performance improvement for DRAWORDER.
  • Fixed data issues when creating ATTDEF entities.
  • Added context menu when right-clicking user paths in Tools > Options > Paths/Files.
  • Rendering fixed when perspective is ON.
  • Fixed wipeout creation using entmake.just
  • IntelliCAD Explorer now works with additional image file formats.
  • Fixed hatch creation in active viewports.
  • Fixed the Flatten command when working with leaders.
  • Enhanced performance of RTPAN.

New system variable